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Sudarat Keyuraphan
Spelling Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan
  Sudarat Kayurapan
  Khunying Sudarat Keyurapan
Gender Female
Ethnic Thai
Job Thai Politician
Desc Sudarat Keyuraphan was Pheu Thai party’s prime minister candidate in March 2019 Election. She was considered as Pheu Thai chief strategist


Political Party Pheu Thai

2019 03 24 Retrieve

What concerns people the most now is cheating in the election because it will distort people’s will. It will distort what people really want in this election

2019 03 25 Retrieve

[her party is working to form a governing coalition] As we have said before, the party with the most seats is the one that has received the confidence from the people to set up the government

No matter the outcome, whichever party obtains the majority vote should get to form a coalition government first. We don’t want to fight with anyone for power.

2019 03 27 Retrieve

We want to stop the regime from hanging on to power. We have obtained the majority and received consensus from the people

[Pheu Thai leader Sudarat Keyuraphan said that between the seven parties had 255 seats between them, enough to secure a majority in 500-seat house of representatives and form a government] Right now are are starting with seven parties. We want to demonstrate that our goal is to stop NCPO power, then we will discuss with other parties to help us. But we already have a majority

[In the absence of an official winner, both Pheu Thai and the pro-military party Phalang Pracharat, which was formed by the junta as a way to hold onto power through the ballot box, have claimed victory in the election] Last time the military took power through a coup, this time they are trying to do it through manipulation. Our main mission is that we don’t want any more chaos. We want to move forward following the people’s voice. We got the majority so we will proceed to stop the NCPO