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Sue Campbell
Gender Female
Ethnic xxxx
Job FA’s director of women’s football
Desc xxxx


Org FA

2019 07 07 Retrieve

[Manager Phil Neville claimed defeat in the semi-finals would represent a major disappointment for this team] I remember the first day I spoke to him on the phone, I’d never met him before. I was speaking to see whether he would apply for the role. We must have talked for an hour and a half and I put the phone down and I just looked up and said, ‘That is who I’m looking for’. I could sense it. Just his emotional intelligence, his winning mentality, his absolute commitment to the women’s game in terms of wanting to grow women coaches.

[Phil Neville has defended former boss Mark Sampson’s tenure while in France] I think people underestimate the quality of that 2015 team. People talk about them being underdogs, and I don’t like the reference to the style of football they play. People referring back to 2015 as a team that didn’t play great football, played long ball and all the negatives - they actually got to a semi-final of a World Cup, and I think Mark Sampson deserves unbelievable respect, and those players. They didn’t just kick every ball long, they played good football. I think if I was in that 2015 team, I’d be saying actually, you try and beat what we did

2020 03 24 Retrieve

[Tokyo 2020 Olympics pushed back by a year due to coronavirus pandemic] The health of everyone - players, staff and supporters - is our foremost concern and our international sporting calendar must respect and respond to that priority above all else. We are therefore fully supportive of the IOC’s decision to postpone the Olympic Games.

With the Home Nations coming together as Team GB Women’s Football, we have been planning for - and very much looking forward to - the Olympics this summer. However for the time being our shared focus must be on staying safe, looking after our friends and loved ones, and following the advice of Government and our incredibly committed and brave frontline health professionals.

Of course our minds are also focused on the UEFA Women’s EURO and we are in constant dialogue with UEFA in respect of that tournament. We know all our partner organisations have the health and wellbeing of athletes and support staff at the heart of their decision making and we await further information from UEFA in due course.

Rest assured we can look forward to celebrating our sport in happier and safer times to come

2020 04 24 Retrieve

[Phil Neville to leave role as England head coach when contract expires in 2021] In light of the impact of current global events on the sporting calendar and in the best interests of the England Women’s team, both parties were in agreement that our shared priority was to ensure the Lionesses have continuity of coaching going into the home EURO and looking towards the 2023 FIFA World Cup. Once football returns after this difficult period, Phil will continue his work with the Lionesses on the further development of his squad. I will support him fully with that important task whilst moving forward with the crucial succession planning process. We will now discuss next steps with the British Olympic Association and the home nations with regard to Team GB Football and we are not in a position to make any further comment at this time

2020 07 06 Retrieve

[England international Fern Whelan calls on FA to do more for black female players] You can’t solve a problem if it’s not visible. That’s the main point - you need to know the answer to the question. I can collate the data to know how many [BAME women] are playing in the Championship, how many are playing in the WSL. But again, unless that is officially put down, and the data delved into, [it can’t be found]. Do we have more [black women] playing in the south, where there are more clubs, or less in the north, where there may be issues over access? So it’s important to collect the data yes, but to actually look into that data as well, see what you can get from that, and make changes accordingly