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Tahith Chong
Gender Male
Ethnic Dutch
Job Dutch Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org DutchU21 National Team
Club as Player xxxx
  Manchester United


Agent Erkan Alkan

: 2019 08 02 Romelu Lukaku isn’t short of pace, and he has the data to prove it. Diogo Dalot was at the head of the pack with a top speed of 36.43kph, with Lukaku just behind him on 36.25kph. Tahith Chong, Marcus Rashford and new signing Daniel James, renowned for his explosive pace, rounded off the top five

2019 09 06 Retrieve

[Tahith Chong has suggested that his long-term future will lie at Manchester United, with a new contract at Old Trafford being discussed] Of course we are talking, but it’s still too early to say anything about it. The season is still long and we will see what happens. There are a lot of competitions coming up and I will focus on that

[Discussing the message he has been given by his manager] Ole tells me to keep working hard and my chances will come. That’s nice to hear. There are a few players who left and I’m climbing up the pecking order. It’s always nice to come back to the Netherlands, but in the end I have to do what I find best for myself. That’s why I decided to stay

2019 09 15 Retrieve

[Manchester United youngster Tahith Chong has revealed he is hopeful of getting more playing opportunities in the Europa League this season] When Ole Solskjaer took over, the young players were lifted. I felt I was dreaming when he gave me a chance in the game against PSG. It’s something I dreamt about when I was a kid in the West Indies and I still have the picture in my mind when Marcus Rashford scored the crucial goal for 3-1 in injury-time. But at the end of the day it is all down to me. I have to deliver and grab every chance which the manager gives me

2019 10 29 Retrieve

[Tahith Chong says Manchester United’s youngsters have faced a lot of learning curves this season] All of us really are having a lot of learning curves and are gaining a lot of experience up to now. It has been amazing really and, just thinking about it, being a first-team player is something you dream about. The younger lads are coming up as well, so it’s really good. Training is a different level as well now. Definitely, the training and the games are tougher, stuff like that, as you progress, but you keep training and keep playing games and you’ll get there. You start getting used to the tempo of the game and, like I’ve said, it’s been a good experience for us

[Asked how he adapts to the pace of first-team football when coming off the subs’ bench] It is one of the things you get used to. The tempo coming into the game as well. The tempo is already there and it’s: ‘Okay, now I’m coming on, I’ve got to get used to it and get into the game straight away’. It’s all a learning experience and I’m really enjoying it. Obviously, it depends on the game really and how the game is going, stuff like that, but your instructions are based on how the game is going. Every game has different instructions. The manager tells you, as well, to go out there and enjoy your game and do what you’re good at

2020 03 09 Retrieve

[Tahith Chong signs new Manchester United contract] When I joined Manchester United as a youngster, it was a dream come true. It is an honour every time I pull on the shirt and represent this club. I am working hard every day to improve and I know this is the perfect environment to develop my game. The opportunity to learn from the manager, his coaching staff and the world-class players here is fantastic. I am delighted to sign this new contract and really grateful for the chance to prove myself here for many years to come

2020 04 06 Retrieve

[Tahith Chong hails Manchester United teammates] I would say I still have a lot of improvement, a lot of things I want to improve as a player. I would say I still have a lot of improvement, a lot of things I want to improve as a playerI would say I still have a lot of improvement, a lot of things I want to improve as a playerI would say I still have a lot of improvement, a lot of things I want to improve as a player

When United come, United is one of the biggest club’s in the world so it’s almost impossible to say no to. So, I think when United came, it was no to everyone else and just discussing ‘am I just going to stay in Holland or is it United’. I think the other options weren’t even there

2020 04 13 Retrieve

[Manchester United youngster Tahith Chong says he was inspired by the togetherness at the club when he first joined as a 16-year-old] Most inspiring? I think there’s a lot. I think, for me, coming to the club at 16, it was just how everyone was. It’s the togetherness of United. When I first came, just seeing that United is one big family. And it genuinely is. For me to see that was just amazing at 16

I think there are a few names in there [as inspirations]. I’d probably have either Ronaldinho or Ryan Giggs. Messi, Ronaldo. I’d probably say Arjen Robben as well. I don’t think there’s any player I tried to model myself on. I think you look at players and you see them do stuff and you try to copy that in a way, but I’d probably say Ryan Giggs is one of them. Or Arjen Robben is one of them as well

[While he may not model his playing style directly on either Giggs or Robben, Chong’s description of himself was reminiscent of both players] A direct winger, always looking to beat his man, really. That would probably describe me the best, I think