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Takeshi Okada
Gender Male
Ethnic Japanese
Job Japanese Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Coach Japan National Team [Head Coach]

2009 12 21 Retrieve

[Japan Coach Takeshi Okada Unsure About Mitsuo Ogasawara] I think he’s someone with tremendous individual quality, and his name is always on the list. But we don’t put together a squad by simply picking the 23 best players. We have to think about the balance of the first XI. Maybe there will come a time when we need Ogasawara. But who knows?

2010 02 07 Retrieve

[Coach Takeshi Okada Standing Firm As Japan Are Booed Off The Pitch In Tokyo] I’m not saying I’m completely satisfied with this result or the performance. But at this point in the year, when the season hasn’t even started, I just don’t see this as a huge problem even before the World Cup. It’s a shame because we were out to win, but I thought we showed considerable improvement from our last game. We gave away a penalty and there was almost an own goal, but apart from that, I thought we defended well. I think we have to accept the boos. But we’re doing everything we can for the World Cup, and that’s my job

2010 05 24 Retrieve

[Under-Fire Japan Coach Takeshi Okada Told To Carry On After South Korea Defeat] It’s our second loss to them this year and it’s definitely a responsibility issue. I asked the president if he wanted me to stay on, and he told me do it. I still have my confidence, but I told him, ‘You’re going to get a lot of heat for this.’ But he has told me to keep going. We’re in the business of getting results, and I’m responsible. We’re in the business of getting results, and I’m responsible. We wanted to finish the first half at 1-1 but it was hard to find a goal after giving up the first goal to our opponents. We may have to change the way we start the game, starting the game rather defensively. The players gave it everything they had but we have lost twice in one year to South Korea and I feel very sorry about that. ‘It is our job to get results and we couldn’t do that and I feel responsible. We just have to move forward and keep believing in ourselves

2010 05 28 Retrieve

[Despite all the criticism, and a withering attack from Japan’s 2002 boss Philippe Troussier, Okada is convinced that he is on the right track] Japan Coach Takeshi Okada Not About To Change Despite Criticism. Sometimes you are going to have players injured or out of condition or unavailable or whatever but I have no intention of making any major changes to what we have been doing. I still think this is a team that is capable of going places. The most important thing is to keep repeating what we have been trying to do until now

2010 06 18 Retrieve

[Japan Coach Takeshi Okada Has Strategy To Beat Netherlands] We now have a Japanese style of playing although it doesn’t mean that in terms of technique or skills, there has been an improvement. But we have been focusing on our strategy to beat the world-class teams. We realise this is a sophisticated team but we believe we have a chance to win tomorrow. We shouldn’t feel small even though Holland have big name players in the team. We want to address this challenge with the overall power of this team. That win has given us a big boost in confidence. The players are focusing on playing with the same determination tomorrow

2010 06 19 Retrieve

[Japan Coach Takeshi Okada Admits Team Lacked Bite Against Netherlands] During the first half we were not only concentrating on the defence. We expected the Netherlands to be frustrated but defence alone was not enough. So I told our players to be very courageous and aggressive when we had the ball

2010 06 29 Retrieve

[Japan Coach Takeshi Okada Announces Retirement Plans] In terms of how we played in the tournament I am very happy. This team has made Japan and the whole of Asia proud. About losing today, I take full responsibility. As the coach, I feel I should have been done more. We played too deep - [Keisuke] Honda was isolated today. Again, I take full responsibility

[Several mini team-talks took place throughout the entirety of the game - both on the pitch and off - and the coach revealed that he merely gave his boys a verbal pat on the back before adding] We have to score to win

[Okada revealed that he will more than likely retire from his post as Japan’s manager seeing as their World Cup hopes have now been dashed] I have nothing left now - I think I will retire from the job

2012 02 07 Retrieve

[Former Japan coach Takeshi Okada says China’s potential lured me to the Super League] I think Chinese football has so much potential to improve. So I decided to come here. Another reason is the Chinese economy improved so fast, I don’t want to just see what the media reports, I would like to be in China to feel it for myself. Greentown is the first Chinese club which invited me, so I chose it. I have prepared well mentally. There were wars among China, Korea and Japan before, but it was history. How do we clear up these unhappy feelings? I come to China to take this club, my hope is using football as a tool to set up a better relationship between Chinese and Japanese fans. Chinese footballers have a pure feeling for football. But they can’t keep attention for the whole 90 minutes match. Their match is always interrupted. When they lost the ball first, they would feel quite low

[As for his plans at Hangzhou in 2012, with Shanghai Shenhua spending big on well-known foreigners, Okada said he was content with his current squad] Greentown company has some funding problems so we don’t consider to chase them [big-name foreigners]. Anyway we already have got some really good foreign players. They do quite well in CSL