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Name Tammy Abraham
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org England National Team
Club as Player Chelsea

2019 07 27 Retrieve

[Abraham has been given the No.9 shirt for next term as the forward trio use pre-season to try to earn a chance to start away at Manchester United in the first Premier League game of the campaign] I am honoured to wear the No. 9 shirt at Chelsea. It was a fantastic performance by everyone. I spoke to the manager and he asked me if I am ready to take the No.9. I said I am ready. I am glad he offered the No.9. I think football brings a lot of pressure but it strives me on. It gives me that extra belief to go on and do well

2019 11 03 Retrieve

[Tammy Abraham says a training ground focus on improving his understanding with Christian Pulisic paid off in Chelsea’s confident 2-1 win at Watford] He is a good player to play with. We have been working in training on movement for when he crosses it or I cross it. We know where we are going to be in the box and it is just about getting the ball to him

[Still, two goals ultimately proved enough for Frank Lampard’s men to claim a seventh successive away win in all competitions] We dominated the vast majority of the game and credit to Ben Foster, he made some great saves in the first half and the second half as well. In the last 10 minutes they were in the game, they got their penalty and they created a few chances at the end, but it was great spirit we showed out there to take all three points. We go away and we expect the home crowd to support their team and we know there is no room for error, so we have to be on our game. Every time we go away we are always hungry and we want to disappoint their home crowd and that is by us winning. It is always nice on our journey back home to be happy so we want to win and play well as a team

2019 11 08 Retrieve

[when asked who was the club’s best youth player in an interview last season] Jeremie Boga, he is someone we always believed in

2019 11 09 Retrieve

[Abraham notched his tenth goal of the season against the Eagles, which puts him level with Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy in the race for the Golden Boot] It wasn’t our best game today, you can see that. The most important thing was that we got the three points. At half-time the manager said we need to stay focused as the chances will come and we came out in the second half much better and got the two goals. Crystal Palace are a good side. They defend well as a team and in the first half, they frustrated our style of play. Second half we believed and we didn’t change our style of play, we just wanted to play attacking football and we got the two goals. The No.9’s who have been at Chelsea have been world-class strikers and it was a big task for me to take on but I was ready, I felt ready in myself and I’m wearing it and I’m proud to be the No.9.

2019 11 15 Retrieve

[Tammy Abraham echoed Mount’s thoughts as he came off the bench to score his first international goal for England in the 7-0 rout] We had an incident today with Joe. We’re all England, players or fans, we need everyone to be together. At times like that we need fans to lift us up and help us, really. Going into tournaments like that, we need that. We said after the game that it was unacceptable. We don’t need that. He’s a great player. Things happen in football, things happen between team-mates. It’s just about dusting yourself off and moving on. As you can see, we’ve all moved on from the situation here. We’re thinking positive

2019 11 15b Retrieve

[Tammy Abraham is dreaming of winning Euro 2020 after England’s 7-0 victory over Montenegro] I believe so [that we can win the Euros]. Bigger dreams, hopefully. Being at the Euros, winning it, top four or top two in the Premier League, just believing! The sky’s the limit. Hopefully, hopefully - I don’t want to jinx myself

It’s just about maintaining it, not just for the rest of the season but for many years, hopefully. I’ve always believed in myself to score goals. There’s still a lot in my game I need to develop but I can’t complain. It’s going well. There’s going to be a lot of praise, you just have to stay focused, ignore some bits and use some bits to lift my confidence. I’m just going into every game, believe in myself, block everything out and focus. That’s what you need as a player to get to the top level. To always believe, even in tough times

[Abraham insists it is a dream to train alongside a player of Kane’s quality as he battles him for starts in the Three Lions shirt] It’s always been a dream for me to be on the same pitch as him. Every day, I watch him, learn off him. To be on the same pitch with him, training with him every day, watching and learning off him, it’s always nice to have that type of player to learn from. It’s [great] for me to add to my game. You saw today, his great finishing - even in training, you can see his professionalism. He wants to be that best, to have someone like that to look up to is a dream

2019 11 27 Retrieve

[Tammy Abraham says Chelsea’s Champions League duel with Valencia on Wednesday is their biggest game of the season so far] We know this is our biggest game of the season so far. Training hasn’t been different, we have all been enjoying it, we have been focused. We have to pick ourselves up after the Manchester City defeat and we know we have to give our best performance to win

Before Valencia, some of us were warming up together and it didn’t feel real. We were in the Championship before. The little details need to be there, and Wednesday is a massive game. Leave it all on the pitch. For many of us, [playing in the Champions League] is a dream come true. We don’t want to stop now. We have to keep pushing. You have to improve

2019 11 27b Retrieve

[Tammy Abraham is hopeful that he won’t have to miss much time after an injury scare against Valencia] It’s much better, much better than when it happened. At the time I was fearful of the worst obviously, but I got in and was able to walk again, move about. I’m thankful, hopefully it’s not too long. I’ll have a scan tomorrow to see what the news is but hopefully it is just a bruise. It was a knee near my hip arena, hopefully it’s nothing too serious

2019 12 04 Retrieve

[Abraham, though, never had any doubts over his ability to thrive at Chelsea] I heard a lot of things about the cursed No.9 shirt at Chelsea but I was willing to take that upon myself and change it. It’s a dream come true for me and, in the next 15 years, I want to create a legacy so I can sit back when I retire and know I made myself proud as Chelsea’s No.9

2019 12 10 Retrieve

[Tammy Abraham looking forward to more Champions League action in 2020] I’m very excited to be in the next round. We came into the match needing to win and thankfully we did. Now I can’t wait for the next round

It’s just about getting into the box. Luckily for me I was in the right place at the right time. For us it is about sticking with it. We started so well, sometimes we just need to kill off games and to do that we need to score more goals

2019 12 11 Retrieve

[Tammy Abraham insists that Chelsea are ready to pit their wits against ‘the best teams in the world’ after reaching the Champions League knockout stages] This is exciting, very exciting. We’re never ones to back down from a challenge. We want to play against the best teams in the world and play in the best stadiums in the world. No fear. We’re ready for anyone. I would love it if it is playing at the Nou Camp or somewhere I’ve never played before.

From our first game in the competition we realised how big it was. It’s a massive achievement for us to be through to the last 16. And it means the world to me; it’s a dream come true to have watched the Champions League as a young kid growing up and now to be playing in it myself. But now it’s also about knuckling down and focusing on the Premier League until the New Year

2019 12 22 Retrieve

[Tammy Abraham has praised his team-mate Antonio Rudiger for getting on with his match after he was allegedly racially abused by a Tottenham supporter in Chelsea’s 2-0 away win] No he hasn’t [spoken to me about it]. I was on the other side of the pitch when it happened but I was aware of what happened. It didn’t affect his performance. He is a strong character. It goes to show he is a fantastic player and he overcame it.

To be honest, I don’t know [how we end these incdients]. Everyone is doing as much as they can to make a stop to it but there’s going to be one or two people who are always going to remain the same. For us, it is about staying together. As you can see, the Spurs players as well came to comfort Toni. So it is nice for us to stay together and let football do the talking

2019 12 23 Retrieve

[The sheer domination enjoyed by Chelsea’s 3-4-3 formation] Yes, it does [change my game in 3-4-3]. I think there is a bit more running but nothing I can’t handle. We felt like today the formation was going to help us beat Spurs and it worked. It was about everyone knowing their roles and sticking together as a team, defending as a team and attacking as a team. Today, we only had a short amount of time to practise on this formation but we did it before against Wolves and we had confidence it would work

From the beginning of the game, he said he has always loved this rivalry between Chelsea and Tottenham. If he could, he would have stepped on that pitch today and play. He just wanted us to go out there and leave it all on the pitch and from minute one, that’s what we showed

2019 12 29 Retrieve

[Jorginho rejects red card claims after scoring equaliser at Arsenal] I give credit to the boys, I give credit to Jorginho. The first 30 minutes they dominated the ball, they were popping us in midfield, then this man (Jorginho) comes on and it was a whole different ball game. Him coming on lifted the whole team and the second half was a better performance

2020 01 12 Retrieve

[Tammy Abraham delights with his side’s attacking efforts in Saturday’s 3-0 victory over Burnley] We know our home form wasn’t too great and we had to make it right. Coming off the back of Arsenal and drawing at Brighton, we knew we had to give a performance, especially for our home crowd, working hard every training day up to this game. It paid off. As you could see, we enjoyed ourselves out there. We had to give a performance and that’s what we did. We worked in training at getting in the box, creating chances, different movements, and we did that in the game. Hopefully it continues

[Abraham says that tally could have improved further against Sean Dyche’s side] We wanted to score goals, everyone wanted to score – I should have had a hat-trick myself. On another day we score more goals in the game. That’s what we have to build on. This is one win, but we still have a lot of games to go.

We know the competition is high in the Premier League and we have to just keep doing that. To do that, we have to keep winning games and hopefully we’ll do that as much as possible

2020 01 13 Retrieve

[Tammy Abraham is ready to rival Manchester United star Marcus Rashford and in-form Southampton forward Danny Ings for the right to provide England cover for Harry Kane] Of course I look up to Harry Kane and I’m gutted he’s injured but hopefully he’ll be back for the Euros. There is an opportunity and that’s the world of football but there’s a load of competition as well. I look across the board and see Marcus Rashford, Danny Ings, a lot of strikers scoring goals.

Jamie Vardy is another talented striker, he has an eye for goal and he’s one of the players I’ve grown up loving. I’ve got to steal his ideas and make them my own but if he comes back [from international retirement], then he comes back. Hopefully, I’ll still be there either way. I’m always ambitious and it’s always at the back of my mind. Growing up, I always wanted to play for England and now I have the opportunity so I’ll try to grab it with two hands.

There’s probably more pressure being Chelsea’s number nine but I’m enjoying myself and I just have to keep doing that. It’s about staying focused on Chelsea, going out there every game and doing my best, getting the wins and then I can focus on the summer with England

[on Chelsea’s performance aside Burnley 3-0 at Stamford Bridge] We have to make the stadium rock. We’ve got tough games coming up but I’m always confident that we can go out and enjoy ourselves. A lot of people say the fans are quiet but they want to come and watch beautiful football. Recently in our home games, we haven’t been doing that but you could see against Burnley that we were playing beautiful and the fans were behind us

2020 02 02 Retrieve

[Tammy Abraham reveals he WANTS Edinson Cavani to join Chelsea as he could ‘learn’ from veteran striker] The players we were talking about coming, like Cavani and other top class strikers, have been around in the game for many years. It would have been nice if he had come. He would have been someone I could have learned from and stolen his ideas to add to my own. It didn’t happen though and for me it gives me that extra push and desire to claim my position and be as best as I can. Playing for a club like Chelsea there is always going to be pressure. For me it is about being in the right place at the right time and believing in myself and my abilities as well. I am sure I will score a few more. I like the pressure and I play under pressure

2020 02 02b Retrieve

[Abraham wanted Cavani to join Chelsea so he could steal PSG striker’s secrets] The players we were talking about coming in, like Cavani and other top-class strikers, have been around the game for many years. It would have been nice if he had come. He would have been someone I can learn off and steal his ideas to add to my own. It didn’t happen though and, for me, it gives me that extra push and desire to claim my position and be the best I can. I think playing for a club like Chelsea, there is always going to be pressure. For me, it is about being in the right place at the right time and believing in myself and my abilities as well. I am sure I will score a few more. I like the pressure and I play under pressure. I can’t complain, it has been a great season so far. I would like to push on. I would like to push on in the Champions League. Also, there are still massive games coming up. I just have to be ready for them and take my opportunities

[Giroud was left out of the game at Leicester] He is like a big brother to me. His attitude to me has been great. In training, we are always doing finishing and we have a competition after training as well. It is nice to have that because I have grown up watching him because he is a fantastic striker. He has been encouraging many of the young lads. These things happen in football, sometimes you are at the top and sometimes you are not. It is about staying professional and as focused as you can to keep trying

It is good to be back involved and back on my feet and now we have a break to try and get better. My ankle is still painful but sometimes as players, you have to play through pain. For me it just about getting out there and helping the team.

The medicine started to wear off in the second half but I will take this break to recover. I am always eager to help the team as much as possible, even if I am not feeling 100% like today. Now it is the break and we have time to reflect about football for a week and come back all guns blazing.

I am definitely in favour of it [having the break]. I can’t wait. It is needed really after a long, hard first few months of the season. It is time to recover and get our bodies back to normal. It can [help England in the summer], it is our first time ever trying it and we are buzzing.

I need some sun and plan to put my feet up and relax in Dubai. We have had a lot of ups and downs. We started off well, we had a spell when we were losing a bit and now we are starting to pick up our form. This break will do us good because we have some massive games coming up. Mentally and physically, we all need this. It was getting to that point in the season where people start to get leggy and a few injuries come in. But with this break now we can take time off and recover our minds and bodies

2020 03 06 Retrieve

[When asked if he expects to be fit enough to figure for his country] Yes, definitely. I’m almost fit. There’s still a bit to do. I’ll get there soon. It’s a recurrence. [The problem was] playing on it and aggravating it even more. It is still like a swollen ball really but it is getting better day by day. The club wanted me to go to Barcelona. They just wanted different eyes, a different mindset on this situation. He told me what was wrong, exactly what the Chelsea physios said and he recommended some stuff for me to do. I’m doing physio right now. This time, I just said ‘I’ll just come back when I’m 100 per cent’ instead of coming back and going again

The March internationals could be [a great chance] if it did come into my hands. I am ready for it. I have to step up and do what I do best. I’ve spoken to Marcus. Harry Kane is someone I’ve always idolised. Hopefully he can be back because he is a player that England definitely need and Marcus as well. They are both great young talents. I’ve watched England on TV [at tournaments] and actually going to the Euros would be a dream come true. But first of all, it’s about knuckling down at Chelsea

2020 05 05 Retrieve

[How Chelsea built the best youth teams since the Busby Babes] My youth career just gave me confidence. Knowing I could score goals – it comes naturally. I just put it into every game I play, take chances and score goals. It helped give me that confidence I show now

2020 05 15 Retrieve

[Tammy Abraham admits to having taken inspiration from Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan while watching ‘The Last Dance’ on Netflix] Watching this motivates me and there’s one thing that caught my mind. Michael Jordan lost a game and he made up things in his head about what someone said to him. That person didn’t actually say it but he used that to go into the next game and to drive him on to be the best. The incident did happen against Liverpool where I missed a penalty and received a lot of abuse and for me it’s just like Michael Jordan, it’s about coming out and proving them wrong. It’s about being at this club, being the main man, being the striker. My dad spoke to me at breakfast and he said, ‘I know you’ve watched Michael Jordan and you’re motivated to go back to football. When you’re ready go out there and do the best you can’. I miss football, just miss scoring goals, seeing the fans and being with my team-mates, having a smile on my face. If it’s safe to do so, I want to finish the job. If not, then go into the next season

I’ve stayed in good shape. I’m a young lad and I don’t feel I ever lose fitness. If there was a game tomorrow, I’d say I’m ready but I know a 90-minute game is different to going on the bike and doing 20 minutes or 30 minutes outside running. The tempo is different. You need a few sessions

[England international Abraham said of a difficult situation] Germany have planned it out well. The coronavirus has not been as big as it’s been in England. I feel they’re going the right way. As players, we’ve just got to be patient and wait for the clubs, the Premier League and the government to come to a decision about whether it’s safe for us to do so. We’ll take it on from there. If they bring back the Premier League then it’s clearly safe enough to do so. If they don’t then it’s clearly not

2020 05 20 Retrieve

[Tammy Abraham has expressed his concerns around returning to training during the pandemic due to his father Anthony having asthma] My dad has asthma, so if I was to return to the Premier League and, God forbid, I do catch this disease and bring it home, it’s the worst thing possible. The last thing I need is to catch the virus myself or be in contact with anyone with the virus

2020 05 29 Retrieve

[Tammy Abraham is aware that he has big boots to fill as Chelsea’s No.9] When I was at Swansea, I had very few chances and if I didn’t take them I knew that was it. That’s my only chance and I didn’t take it. It was hard to take. That season I lost a lot of confidence, I was beating myself up a lot. It was my first Premier League experience and it was tough. We started off playing well and scoring goals but then it got to a stage where there was a lack of chances, we weren’t playing well, losing a lot of games. That was something I had to learn about really quick because it was so different from playing for the Chelsea youth teams

I know my abilities and what I’m capable of doing. The next season, my plan was to remain in the Premier League but it didn’t happen that way. Thankfully, I went to a good club like Aston Villa, I could build that confidence back and do my thing there.

In my head, I knew that if I didn’t score then it could be my last starting chance gone. When I scored, the emotions just got to me. I ran over to the manager and I was thinking ‘I’ve just scored my first goal for Chelsea!’. That’s when the confidence started to come back. I scored the winner in that game as well so from there the confidence came back gradually. The Chelsea fans started to believe in me and I could kick on. As a striker, you need to believe in yourself and have that confidence. Being Chelsea’s number nine, you’ve got big boots to fill so I need to believe that I’m the man, that I can score and do well for the team. You need that feeling going into every game

2020 06 13 Retrieve

[Tammy Abraham has revealed that Fikayo Tomori persuaded him to ‘stay on the pitch’ in order to grab his first hat-trick for Chelsea at the start of the season] It was one of those feelings where you score in two consecutive games so you’re not under pressure to score. In my head, I felt there was no pressure. Fikayo had already scored a banger, then my first chance came and I took it. Then there was another one and I scored again, so we were in a great position at half-time. I said to Fikayo, ‘I’m tired, man, I might just tell the manager to replace me’. Fik was like: ‘Stay on the pitch, try and get your hat-trick’ because it was the second game in a row I’d scored two goals. I came out for the second half and then I just remember I was one-on-one with Conor Coady and the confidence that I had inside me took the tiredness away, I did that skill to get away from him and scored. After the game me, Mason and Fikayo were all talking and realising that we’d all just scored for Chelsea in the Premier League, so it was crazy and amazing feelings that day.

2020 06 25 Retrieve

[Giroud’s revival & Werner’s arrival: Abraham faces fight to be Chelsea’s main man] That was one thing that stuck in my mind. Michael Jordan lost a game and he made up things in his head about what someone said to him. It’s about coming out and proving them wrong. It’s about being at this club, being the main man, being the striker