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Name Taribo West
Gender Male
Ethnic Nigerian
Job Nigerian Footballer
  Christian Pastor


Org Nigeria National Team
  Shelter in The Storm Miracle Ministries of All Nations
Club as Player Paykan FC
  Partizan Belgrade
  FC Kaiserslautern
  Derby County
  AC Milan
  Inter Milan
  Obanta United


Shelter in The Storm Miracle Ministries of All Nations It is Taribo West’s own ministry

2013 04 04 Retrieve

[Taribo West defences himself after Zarko Zecevic accuses him of lying, saying he was actually 40] My personal records have been in the hands of Obanta United and the professional league since the 1990s and, all along, I have used my true age

2017 09 21 Retrieve

[In January 2000, Taribo West moved to AC Milan after being frozen out by Inter, but only played four games before being shown the door. This came as quite the shock to him, who felt that he was the best defender at the club, better even than the legendary Paolo Maldini] In 2000, I played the African Nations Cup with Nigeria and when I returned Maldini was injured. I played the games in his place but I was told clearly that nobody could force out Maldini because he was a godfather in the club. No one could take the place of Maldini. I was in shock. At the time they told so many lies about me because they wanted me out. During the four games I played, I was always the best player on the field, yet my contract was not renewed

2018 12 18 Retrieve

[West, who played alongside the likes of Laurent Blanc and Sabri Lamouchi, said that his earnings were so low and could be compared to playing ‘for free’. He admitted that not understanding the French language was a major part of the problem as his agent represented his own interest] I played in Auxerre for free. I was playing under a contract for five years without knowing the content and conditions binding the contract. After the third year, Arsenal, Juventus, Glasgow Rangers and Sevilla Betis came for me

I went to the coach starting that I wanted to leave but he sat me down and showed me my contract terms with Auxerre. I saw the details of what I had signed. Where my fellow defenders were earning as high as 120,000 French francs, I was going home with 3000 French francs

I wanted to set Auxerre on fire that day. Immediately, I called my manager who was turning me left and right [while] enjoying himself in Senegal

[West said the issue persisted when he switched to Italy to join Serie A giants Inter Milan in the summer of 1997] One day I went to see my coach after training where I met a certain manager who told me about five clubs were interested in signing me up. On the table, I saw Arsenal, Juventus, Glasgow Rangers, Betis Sevilla and Inter Milan. He began to make calls and Inter was the destination, I signed the contract papers without knowing its content yet again