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Tata Martino
Gender Male
Ethnic Argentinian
Job Argentinian Football Coach
Desc The four years Gerardo Martino spent in charge of Paraguay remains the Argentine’s longest spell in a job and the ex-Barcelona and current Mexico boss will have some happy memories of that time. Reaching the World Cup quarter-finals in 2010 and the Copa America final the following year will stand out in his mind, but so too will the important 1-0 victory over Argentina in 2009. Near the end of the qualifying campaign for the tournament in South Africa, Tata orchestrated a 1-0 win over an Albiceleste team coached by the legendary Diego Maradona and consisting of Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero and Javier Zanetti.


Club as Coach Mexico National Team [Head Coach]
  Paraguay National Team [Head Coach]

2016 02 13 Retrieve

[Gerardo Martino recalls a strange altercation with the Chile forward during their time at Barcelona] I had a problem with Alexis Sanchez. We were just about to start an exercise in training. He was 50 meters away. I called him: ‘Ale, Ale.’ And he started sprinting towards me as if it were a match. I thought, ‘What’s up with him to make him come so fast?’ So I asked him: ‘What’s up? Are you crazy?’ And he said, ‘Well, as we’re fighting…’ ‘Who’s fighting?’ I asked him. And he said, ‘Didn’t you see the paper today? That’s what it says so, well, I thought there was a problem’.

2019 06 04 Retrieve

[How will Mexico replace Hirving Lozano at the Gold Cup?] Our medical staff, understands that there’s an injury and that can keep you out for a certain amount of time. The time our doctors think really differs from that of those at PSV and what we’re going to make is make a decision without any type of risk. If at any time time we think the player is risking something, he automatically will be out of the competition.

2019 06 05 Retrieve

[Tata Martino can apply Atlanta United lessons to Mexico roster headaches] The last time I was here, when we came to promote these two friendly matches I had lunch with the president of the club. At night, a few of the players came to have a coffee and chat a bit. They’re really great memories. Honestly, it’s really difficult to detach yourself and not have the connection with all the people, whether from the club or the city, after having had the last two beautiful years.

The reality is the important absences we have has opened the door for us to be able to see some other players, including some young players that we’d been wanting to see. If the majority of players were here, they probably would’ve been left out. Surely, the guys weren’t going to have this opportunity. Some players’ absences open the door to others, and it’s up to them to be able to take advantage of the opportunity they now have. But, no matter what, those who are here are all players who I’m interested in having. That’s why we didn’t do a 40-man list. We had what we needed to have, keeping in mind those who couldn’t be here because of different circumstances

2019 06 06 Retrieve

[Edson Alvarez injury in Venezuela friendly puts focus on Tata Martino’s provisional roster error] Apart from what Edson means for the team and for the way the team works, it makes me sad that he could be out after a friendly match and after all the effort he put in to be there. Training, double sessions with the trainers, because he had a lot of desire to be part of the team. Unfortunately, we’ve taken care of him a lot in every training, even participating in reduced spaces, after when he was playing a really good game an unfortunate play happens and he falls again. We’re going to wait and see. Apart from the football, where it’s obvious he’s not the player you want to lose, it worries me or, better said, it makes me sad that with the effort he made may not be rewarded.

[The manager did have his logic for calling up a limited group rather than filling out his squad] If we included all the players who are out on the list, surely we would’ve gotten close to 40. If we consider that those players could have been part of the 40 and we’d given the list of 40 like that, we would have run the risk of putting a player on the list that could be the 50th, and I don’t like to generate expectations in a player who normally has just a small chance of coming. Today, including having made the decision we made with Diego Lainez and Jose Juan Macias, who played at the U-20 World Cup, and all the players who went to the U-22, I think it was the exact quantity of players we had to bring in because even with problems we still have, we’re covered in case Ivan or Marco can’t be there. Today, if we don’t have any inconveniences, we wouldn’t have to ask for any permission

2019 06 06b Retrieve

[Tata Martino announced his 23-man roster for this summer’s Gold Cup after a 3-1 win over Venezuela on Wednesday, with midfielder Edson Alvarez’s status the main source of drama] Edson’s situation is we need to evaluate him a bit more. Clearly, if Edson is there, Uriel isn’t. If Edson isn’t there, Uriel is added to the list.

2019 06 06c Retrieve

[Mexico midfielder Edson Alvarez said the knee injury suffered Wednesday against Venezuela is only a scare. Edson Alvarez in particular is set to play a big part in Martino’s 4-3-3] We’re going to wait and see. Apart from the football, where it’s obvious he’s not the player you want to lose. It worries me or, better said, it makes me sad that with the effort he made may not be rewarded

2019 06 09 Retrieve

[Tata Martino not putting priority on maintaining Mexico winning streak] I’m one of those who things the best lessons and way to see exactly where we’re at - it’s not that I want to lose - but I think defeats give you more than victories. Victories make you skip over some questions that have to do with the football, and things outside the football. And sometimes the defeats put us in the true situation of how we’re doing in the process, if we’re as solid as we think we are. With wins, it’s easy to put in too much praise.

The reality is any of the three teams we’ve played and Ecuador tomorrow the fourth, they’ve had a lot more history than Cuba, Martinique and Canada, beyond what I’ve said about Canada’s team and what I think about Canada’s potential. Without a doubt, they’re national teams that have history, good route and more experience than teams we’re going to face. But now we’re playing friendly matches and the other ones are ones that really mean something, in a tournament. The mentality of the team should be consistent. In a friendly match, beyond the fact that while a defeat always has consequences, the consequences of using a friendly are different than the ones in official tournaments

2019 06 09b Retrieve

[Mexico’s task against Ecuador? Avoid injury in hostile home away from home] I’ve coached a team that played at this stadium, Mexico-Argentina precisely. The field wasn’t all good. It wasn’t good at all. I’m sure that tomorrow it’ll be very good.

[Martino said it has nothing to do with the turf or venue or even with the play itself. It was just bad luck] The other day, with Edson, it really has nothing to do with the field. When you play football, injuries are part of what can happen. Nobody wants it. Sometimes, it happens. What happened with Edson is enough. Ligament extension injuries, while they’re not rare in football, they’re also not common. It doesn’t happen every day. A player with this extension, in the first game he plays, for it to happen again is very rare. Sometimes things happen by chance

I’m thinking about these two games, speaking about Venezuela and Ecuador, in the same way I thought about Chile and Paraguay. For us, it’s an important period of getting to know all the players, not only as humans but being around them, in training. We also want to see them when it’s time to compete. We’ve had the chance to see an important group of players in the two FIFA dates and tomorrow we plan to complete our period of getting to know some players who for various reasons have only played a few minutes or haven’t played. And after that there’s enough time, around a week, to prepare for the game against Cuba

2019 06 10 Retrieve

[Luis Montes provides moment of magic for Mexico, putting bad memories in the past. The strong season wasn’t rewarded with a title, as Leon fell short against Tigres in the final] Football has those things, right? A while back, he had this injury, he was out of the World Cup. Today he took a phenomenal free kick. Football changes a lot, and sometimes as time passes, the good transforms into bad and the bad transforms into good. What happened with El Chapo today is another example of that.

[After his performance Sunday afternoon, Luis Montes’s place in the team is now much more clear] I think we need to accommodate him more. If I’m not mistaken, he came into the Paraguay game as a left winger. Today he played as a left midfielder. Sometimes he switched with Jonathan and Jonathan went to the left and he’d come to the right. We need to accommodate him more in this space, because the reality is he’s not used to playing in this position. He needs to get forward more. Surely as time goes gone, with training, he’ll adapt and will play like he does in Leon and be able to adapt and play really well in the national team as well

2019 06 10b Retrieve

[Tata Martino says Hector Moreno is likely to miss the Gold Cup because of injury] I think there is a big chance that he’s out of the Gold Cup.

2019 06 11 Retrieve

[Tata Martino has been able to adapt to the rash of injuries (and withdrawals) that have dogged his team’s preparations for the Concacaf championship] Raul Jimenez is one of the most important forwards in the Premier League and we have the fortune of having him in the national team. What he’s done in the last several years is to transform into one of the most important players and most quality attackers the Mexican national team has.

2019 06 14 Retrieve

[Tata Martino can finally turn focus on winning Gold Cup] The reality is I’m not used to it. After my arrival to soccer in the United States, after two years in Atlanta, I understood that my role as a manager was growing beyond what happened in a practice, a match or a training camp. There were social things I had to attend to because they were beneficial and positive for the club. So, from there, I understood from there that there were things I have to do. I don’t analyze it too much. When Mexico does an event with an American business, they do the games, this event in Dallas, it’s something I have to participate in. Am I used to doing it? Honestly, no. But I have to do it and do it totally calmly.

We always want to play against the best and if we could play every day against Argentina, Brazil, Germany, France, we would. I don’t pick the game, but yes we want, we want to compete in the Copa America. That’s what is going to make Mexico grow. We want to leave the comfort zone that comes with playing in the United States, where we’re always the home team. Of course we want to play against Ecuador in Ecuador or against Chile in Santiago. In fact, Mexico played two games in Argentina last year, but we know that with the commercial commitments that it’s out of the football-side of things and we have to do that as well. Let there be no doubt at all, I have no fear of losing 10 games in a row if we’re going to play against opponents that really are superior to us

2019 06 15 Retrieve

[Cuba’s reality is far different from Mexico’s] Since Mexico, we’ve been getting to know every one of the players as far as the way they were playing in the friendly matches and now it’s time to inform ourselves about Cuba, about some of the difficulties they’ve had with getting visas for some of their players. The majority of the players play in Cuba and the Dominican Republic. The most important thing is to play 90 minutes in an intense way, even and as the attacking team, trying not to give the opponent any type of chance.

It’s difficult to do an analysis beforehand of what the opponent is able to show. I’m expecting a game in which Mexico will have the majority of the ball and they wait for the counter-attack

I’m really happy with the players who are here and who we’re going to compete with. Surely, they’ll all grow with the participation we have in the Gold Cup. Every moment together, whether it’s in friendly matches, official competition, it’s a new chance to get better and to grow as a team and show our best version. So, in no situation can we think about the players who aren’t here because they’re not here for different reasons. For us, it’s a great opportunity to be together, to live with each other, to compete and to keep growing

2019 06 16 Retrieve

[Tata Martino said after the Ecuador friendly] Uriel Antuna, I think for his first game, he played with a lot of determination, he sacrificed a lot. Maybe it wasn’t as dangerous as we’d have wanted in attack, but he worked really well in the press, working with the defense, he ran a lot, he was intense. Obviously we hope for more, above all, in the attack.

2019 06 16b Retrieve

[The Mexico Tata Martino manager handed hat-trick hero Uriel Antuna a surprise start in Saturday’s 7-0 win over Cuba] Look, sincerely, the first thing I’d tell him is, ‘Don’t listen too much. Don’t get on social media too much. Don’t watch too many programs,’ Because it surely won’t be us here who misplace the kid. We’ll always have words for him that have to do with calm, both in a poor showing and a superlative showings. For someone who recently started, it’s nothing more and nothing less than a good night.

2019 06 19 Retrieve

[Tata Martino: Mexico must perfect its Plan A] I’m still convinced we have to perfect the Plan A. That’s something you hear a lot in Argentina, people demanding about a change of plan when long-term we’re always talking about the lack of time for a national team manager. For a national team manager, a calendar year is a short amount of time. They demand a Plan B or Plan C when in reality what you have to do is perfect the A. What we’re doing is starting with the A.

I’m really happy because I think there’s a clear form to the team, apart from the opponents and the strengths they have, to come out and try to dominate the game. In this sense, we’ve played better at times, other times not as much but the way in which the team plays can clearly be seen

Raul Jimenez is our most important forward, and I’m not talking about only the players in the group for this competition, but Mexican football. Whoever is in, whoever is out, he’s the most important forward Mexican football has. I’m not very worried about if my nine is or isn’t top scorer on the team. If Dos Santos scores two goals, Chapo Montes might score one, Moreno scores one, Reyes another. Sincerely, I’m not worried about it. What I’m worried about is if he can offer what he’s shown he can offer in all the games he’s played so far

2019 06 19b Retrieve

[Canada is a team that puts those sort of scorelines on other teams. Martino has been paying attention] I’ve been able to see four or five Canada games. I don’t have all the fine points down to talk about the team as a collective. I don’t have any doubt that individually the Canada squad is very important, with players even playing in the Premier League or in the Bundesliga, really important players. There are very important wingers, midfielders, central defenders. With that, just today I was telling the players that we’re not playing against the history of Canada, but this Canada team. A lot of times people complain, ‘This national team or that national team doesn’t have history.’ But history isn’t the important thing. The important thing is what they have today, and I think Canada has put together … probably one of the best national teams it’s been able to put together in recent history.

2019 06 19c Retrieve

[Mexico vs Canada. Tata Martino still feels his team must prove themselves] I’m still convinced we have to perfect the Plan A. That’s something you hear a lot in Argentina, people demanding about a change of plan when long term we’re always talking about the lack of time for a national team manager. They demand a Plan B or Plan C when in reality what you have to do is perfect the A. What we’re doing is starting with the A. I’m really happy because I think there’s a clear form to the team, apart from the opponents and the strengths they have, to come out and try to dominate the game. In this sense, we’ve played better at times, other times not as much but the way in which the team plays can clearly be seen.

2019 06 20 Retrieve

[Professional performance helps Mexico pass first real test of Tata Martino era] Clearly, the level of demand was very high today. When you see what happens here, Copa America, what could happen in the Euros, honestly, today, when teams are well-organized it’s hard to attack. What I liked was that the team still controlled the game, but it was really hard for us to be able to translate the amount of the ball we had into chances to score.

I really value the fact that we won a game with these characteristics. I think it’s a good point of the game for what we’re going to find from the quarterfinals on

We didn’t want to show everything tonight. We wanted to learn a lot from Mexico. We’ve got an important game against Cuba which hopefully will qualify us for the quarterfinals. Tonight we lost, but we learned, and we learned a lot

2019 06 20b Retrieve

[Tata Martino, John Herdman laugh off on-field verbal confrontation] He told me a joke. I answered the joke. I didn’t understand it well because it was in English. That’s what happened to me with the Canada coach

2019 06 23 Retrieve

[Tata Martino said after the Canada match. Rodolfo Pizarro has been dealing with an ankle knock but also is set to get a clean bill of health to help the national team] While Rodolfo Pizarro hasn’t been troubled, he doesn’t feel at 100 percent. He’s worked well over the last few days, but he’s always trained separately and he doesn’t feel the confidence needed to be able to play. Everything that doesn’t involve a change of rhythm, he can do well, but when he starts to participate at full-speed, he feels some discomfort. While that happens, we can’t involve him in a match

2019 06 23b Retrieve

[Tata Martino won’t be able to call upon midfielder Erick Gutierrez. The 24-year-old left Mexico’s 3-1 win over Canada in the first half clutching at his hamstring] The directors of the national teams informs that after the injury suffered by Erick Gutierrez in the game against Canada, the pertinent studies were done on the player in Denver as well as in Charlotte. The result of those is that Erick Gutierrez has a muscle injury in his right hamstring with an approximate recovery time of two weeks

2019 06 23c Retrieve

[Tata Martino said all of the things one would expect ahead of Sunday’s match against Martinique] The Mexican player is always very competitive, so when you have a very competitive squad that knows how to face opponents of a different nature, the only thing that happens for me is that we must prepare more to always compete in the same way.

Mexico has the characteristics in its games against different rivals and suddenly they become real opponents. To put it one way, ‘minor’ opponents are suddenly very demanding, and what you have to do is face each game thinking that we are playing against the best. Today, that is the point we try to make the most. In short, play against Cuba, Martinique in the same way we can do with Canada, Panama and the United States

Whether it’s the Gold Cup, Copa America or World Cup, players play at the end of a long season and sometimes we do a little more analysis on whether it’s a lot or little activity.

It is true that the coaches, when we have the players with the national team, we want to do everything in a single day and sometimes we have to respect the times. In addition, it’s true that everything that has happened is not exclusively related to muscle injuries. We have had different types of injuries and fortunately, beyond this Erick injury, we can say that there are many who have recovered in a very favorable time, mainly thanks to the work of the medical team. Because, at the time, what happened to Carlos Salcedo and Edson Alvarez are quite similar injuries to the one we had with Hector, injuries that we did not know for sure which way we were going to be able to have the players. I can say that even with the training that Hector Moreno did this morning, they have been able to do it with the whole group

[Martino and El Tri have the chance to reassess and drive competition for places forward with the knockout rounds looming] The first thing we do is try to choose the best team that we understand that has to be presented tomorrow. The physical problems we have had, and still suffer today, added to the fatigue of travel and games we have ahead impact the selection of the team, but we always try to put the best team together in each encounter

: 2019 06 24 Mexico grinds out win against Martinique as Tata Martino faces first real taste of adversity

2019 06 25 Retrieve

[Mexico’s perfect Gold Cup group stage shouldn’t be overlooked] This isn’t something we might have hidden since before starting the tournament. We’ve always said it, and nothing changes. The important thing is characteristics and the form the team will have in matches where when it’s over you go or you stay. We’re going to see it from the quarterfinals. Nothing that happened today has to do with what can happen in the future in any way.

2019 06 29 Retrieve

[Tata Martino doesn’t see Matosas’s familiarity with Mexico as advantage in Gold Cup] What I think is today with all the ways us managers have to have news, knowledge of future opponents, to have managed in the country you’re playing is really relative. I think we all have the chance to know future opponents in detail, both at the collective and individual level.

2019 06 29b Retrieve

[Mexico is the favorite, and in Tata Martino’s eyes it should be. But to be the champion, it needs to be focused on this game against the Ticos] With what we saw in the previous phase, there’s no reason to fall into some type of overconfidence. Even beyond the opponent’s historic success, it’s a quarterfinal. We’re on the wrong path if we’re overconfident. I don’t have to talk the players right now about what place they see Mexico in, in regards to the Gold Cup. When we talked as we came here, before the friendlies, we knew the place we were in. We accept that role, and we’re open to showing it in every one of the games we’ve played and the games we’re going to play.

[Mexico have to win] Obviously, the big difference between a group game and one in the quarterfinals is there are 90 minutes and you go to your house if things don’t go well. We know that errors in those situations are fatal. We have to try and keep our style of play in the different conditions the game presents. It’s one thing to do it in a tournament where you have 19 matches, accepting that you can make a mistake in one or two and come back from that because there’s still a lot in front of you. Other times, there are teams who lose this form because they know that everything starts and ends in 90 minutes of soccer. It’s a different way of seeing tomorrow’s game and to see if we’re capable of confirming our current form

2019 06 29c Retrieve

[Mexico vs Costa Rica. Tata Martino reflected upon the game where Mexico may have recorded a 3-2 win over Martinique] We made mistakes and conceded to goals to our opponents, the distractions we had today were serious, in another instance or against better opponents, they might have cost us. We’re here to be champions but we’re not only thinking about a month of work, we’re considering a four-year processes. The fewer distractions we have during these four years, the better

[The Argentine, meanwhile, is surprised to face Costa Rica, one of the regions traditional big guns and a country that has never missed the quarter-finals of the competition, at this early stage] This was a match that could have been a semi-final

2019 06 30 Retrieve

[How many occasions has Guillermo Ochoa been there for Mexico now? El Tri needed him to get through, with Ochoa diving to deny a kick from the spot from Keysher Fuller. That gave Mexico the 5-4 win in penalties] Memo made the save of the game. He stopped it and without it we wouldn’t have gone to penalties

2019 06 30b Retrieve

[Gerardo Martino criticised the absence of VAR from the Gold Cup after a ‘bad’ refereeing performance almost cost Mexico in their nervy quarter-final win over Costa Rica] The refereeing was bad. It’s impossible, with the technology that exists today and with VAR in Mexico and with VAR in the United States, that this tournament be played without VAR. I’m out of the next game and this referee could officiate the final of the tournament. I don’t think it’s fair that a referee from Panama, who [are still in the tournament], leads this game.

[Mexico are now two wins away from reclaiming the Gold Cup crown they conceded to the United States four years ago] I’m very happy with what we have done. The medical team told me there are issues with cramps due to the 120 minutes the players had to run. We have three days until the semi-final with a trip in between, but I think it will be possible to play on Wednesday without problem

2019 07 01 Retrieve

[Jonathan dos Santos missed Mexico’s first match of the tournament with a muscle complaint of his own and also came out of the quarterfinal before the extra time period] Jonathan dos Santos ended up a little heavy in the back of his leg. He told me it wasn’t anything more than a heavy load. He was calm. Andres, I think it’s something that he even came in with in the second game, also in the back. He even was in doubt for today’s match. We decided yesterday in the final training session that he was going to play and not Rodriguez. He made the effort to be able to be in the game. But I see it as a big positive that one of the two or three most emblematic players goes out, a guy with just 10 games in the national team - if he even has 10 - and does it like he did. This makes me really calm, it makes me happy. It makes the range of possibilities in choosing players much more broad.

[Jonathan dos Santos should be available for Tuesday’s semifinal, which is good news for Mexico] It was just a cramp. They took me out as a change just as a precaution

2019 07 02 Retrieve

[The Gold Cup is far from the most respected tournament in the world, but Mexico manager Tata Martino says people should give the tournament the respect it deserves] I’ve seen good games in the Gold Cup. For me, Mexico vs. Costa Rica was a really good game in the Gold Cup. I don’t know if I’ve seen games like that in Copa America with this level of play. I’m not saying the Copa America is worse than the Gold Cup. Of course there is much more variety between teams

It’s also true that it’s difficult to play against one standard of opponents in the group stage and then find yourself against others going forward, including, for us it’s been really difficult to get comfortable quickly with what Costa Rica wanted to do because the jump between Martinique - beyond the 3-2 - and Cuba. I’m not talking about Canada. And then suddenly you find yourself that’s a candidate to win the tournament like you, it’s the same thing I tell the guys here. If Mexico doesn’t play friendly matches that have a really high level, you end up playing a mid-tier and lower. Suddenly you play Germany in the first round of the World Cup. It’s not easy to get used to that.

We’ve got Haiti, which I think has the revelation of the tournament. No matter what happens, Haiti is the revelation of the tournament. We had Costa Rica in the quarterfinals and if do well tomorrow we could have Jamaica in the final or the United States, another candidate to win the title. Those are three games in which the competition is really level. I think there’s another question which has to do with why you guys in the press devalue a competition so much. What’s the reason for doing that? I always have a bit - I don’t know if the word is dark - view about why the competition gets devalued because what happens is at the end of the day if we win, ‘Ah, it’s nothing,’ and if we lose, it creates a bad environment

[Even with a quick turnaround and both Andres Guardado and Jonathan dos Santos carrying knocks that forced them to leave the quarterfinal against Costa Rica before extra time] Rest in a semifinal? No. Nobody would be out because they have to have rest. What we are trying to do is avoid the risks all the risks players can have, the implications an injury can have for a player where you might have to make a quick change. From no point of view will there be a player who is out to get rest. We’re in the last 180 minutes. We’re not thinking about that

2019 07 02b Retrieve

[Mexico manager Tata Martino has watched the film. He’s analyzed Haiti’s strengths and weaknesses - as well as those of his own team] The first thing I have to say is Haiti is a tremendously effective team that has taken advantage of the chance the opponent has given them to get into the game. Costa Rica allowed it, and they took advantage. They turned it around. Canada let them get into the game, with a mistake on a ball played back and later a penalty, and they took advantage. So, it occurs to me that it’s an opponent against which you have to play the 90 minutes with a lot of intensity and attention because the smallest concession you give to the opponent they’re going to take advantage.

[Martino’s initial reviews of his team have generally been positive in the first six months] We’ve got an attacking position with a lot of players, so we can take charge of the game. While we do prepare well for the moments in which the opponent can pressure us or command the match, don’t forget the first goal in the Martinique game, we also prepare to go to the space and the reality is we play a lot of time in the opponent’s half with possession of the ball, putting a lot of players into the attack. What we have to do is slow down the quick exits the opponent makes

With the way we play, there really aren’t that many chances teams create on us with counter-attacks, with how much time we spend in the opponent’s half. Even so, we have to analyze them, realize and fix the situations that were conceded in every one of the matches

2019 07 02c Retrieve

[Haiti vs Mexico. El Tri suffered its first hint of a stumble under head coach Tata Martino, who watched his side play out a 1-1 draw with Costa Rica before finally overcoming its rival in a penalty shootout in which it had missed first] The refereeing was bad. It’s impossible, with the technology that exists today and with VAR in Mexico and with VAR in the United States, that this tournament be played without VAR. I’m out of the next game and this referee could officiate the final of the tournament.

[he played down the quick turnaround time between the match in Houston and the midweek fixture in Glendale] The medical team told me there are issues with cramps due to the 120 minutes the players had to run. We have three days until the semifinal with a trip in between, but I think it will be possible to play on Wednesday without problem

2019 07 07 Retrieve

[Martino: Mexico will pay special attention to red-hot USMNT star Christian Pulisic] I think that Christian Pulisic is one of the big emerging players in world football in this latest era without a doubt. He’s one of the most unsettling players I have seen in recent times. I think if we don’t pay special attention to him, especially when we’re in attack, we’re going to have a bad time. He’s a player you have to pay special attention to precisely because he can single-handedly win a game

2019 07 07b Retrieve

[Mexico’s Tata Martino, USMNT’s Gregg Berhalter express mutual respect] I have a lot of respect for the person and manager. I think he’s among the best coaches I faced in MLS. Evidentially, the football he practices needs time. I think that’s what he had in the friendlies. It’s not easy the way Gregg wants his team to play.

[When asked how he stacked up and how long he’d been watching Berhalter’s side] I think is that the United States is in very good hands. Gregg is coaching the United States national team, I’m managing Mexico’s national team. Tomorrow there’s no lesson of any type. We’re two managers, the teams in front of us are in front of us and one will go out happy and the other sad

2019 07 07c Retrieve

[Gold Cup final just one step in Martino’s plan for Mexico] (The obligation) doesn’t change. I’ve seen a lot of Gold Cups and I know that Mexico is obligated to win. We’ve never hidden Mexico’s responsibility. We got here and we’re still backing that. We’re in the final and we’re still going. But I think also you have to look at the full context a little bit, beyond the fact that it would be a big disappointment not to win the cup. We also know we have to keep moving forward, getting better because maybe the most important goal, yes, is a bit more long-term

In whatever situation you lose, what happens in the environment is what you mentioned is going to happen, but it’s fine. In this tournament, there are how many teams, 12? (There are 16.) And there are 11 that have to be ready to lose, one to win. That’s why I’m saying I’m talking about different goals: One, undoubtedly, is to win because that’s why we’re here - to win - but also with the five or six months we’ve had leading the national team there are other secondary goals that we can never lose sight of because it involves a four-year process. You have to work with the close-up view but also the long-term view

[He’s also expressed the idea while he would’ve preferred Carlos Vela, Hector Herrera and Javier Hernandez for this tournament run, the minutes that have fallen to young players with those veterans not in the squad will be helpful down the road] Above all, those guys who are playing their first matches with the senior national team have been at the level this tournament is. It’s not easy to find yourself as a first-timer and suddenly be in the Gold Cup

We believe that in a tournament like the Gold Cup, we can try to pin down an idea, have young players available for tomorrow to be in the senior national team and also we’re here to win it. There are several goals, and not all of them are reduced to what can happen tomorrow at the end of the match

2019 07 08 Retrieve

[Mexico vs USA. Tata Martino is concerned about the threat posed by the USMNT’s main man, Christian Pulisic] I think Christian Pulisic is one of the greatest emerging players in world football in this era, without doubt. He’s one of the most unsettling players I’ve seen in recent times. And I believe that if we don’t give him special attention, above all when we are attacking, then we won’t do well. He’s a player we have to give a lot of attention because he can decide a game on his own.

2019 07 08b Retrieve

[Kings of Concacaf: Mexico earns right to sit on throne once again] Young players are starting to show up, and they’re adjusting well. When there’s a title, you gain confidence. We’ll be better with those who haven’t been able to come to the team because of different purposes, if we only think about one of the three best players in the Dutch league, he wasn’t with us because of a knee injury. We have no reason not to be better, and after that we’ll analyze who comes in and who doesn’t. I’m really happy with how the team has started to function in the first six months of the process

I told the players that there was no doubt that what got us closer to the title was imposing our style of play. When you win, few people remember that the team wasn’t able to implement its style. With what we did in the second half, we’ve won putting in our idea, having courage and in a final these and some individual high points … are elements to have in mind

2019 07 08c Retrieve

[Tata Martino said of the switch, adding that he wanted a fresh Uriel Antuna to keep U.S. right back Reggie Cannon pinned back] Rodolfo Pizarro has the ability to come in from either of the two sides where he’s playing

2019 08 15 Retrieve

[Tata Martino will look to the future for the Concacaf Nations League, with a camp next week set to help him prepare his Mexico national team squad for the competition] This camp is an effort ahead of Mexico’s participation in the Concacaf Nations League. The directors of the national teams and the coaching staff thank the clubs for their collaboration to be able to make this camp happen

2019 08 23 Retrieve

[The El Tri manager Tata Martino says his team isn’t yet among the elite] Mexico today is one of the stand-out national teams on the second level, but the first level is occupied by national teams that traditionally have been important since 100 years ago, so it’s not easy to get to that level. The only national team that I’ve seen step up to that level is Spain. It was always Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy. I wouldn’t even put a national team like England in there. We can probably put France in there now. It’s a long journey to get there, and it obviously isn’t easy, but we’re on the same mission Osorio was on when he was in charge of the national team

2019 08 23b Retrieve

[Mexico manager Tata Martino has seen several players leave those ranks since his arrival in January. It will be a boost to have a player like Hirving Lozano competing for a club team in the upper-echelon] He’s one of the most dangerous Mexican players in the world. I’d actually say he’s one of the most dangerous wingers in the world

2019 08 28 Retrieve

[Tata Martino just had taken over as Mexico manager. He wanted Jesus Corona to come play for El Tri. Corona said yes - then suddenly, he was out. Martino seemed just about done with him. Actually, he seemed 100 percent totally done with him] There is going to be some repercussion in the future

2019 09 06 Retrieve

[Mexico’s players may go back to their clubs wondering about their role with the national team. El Tri manager Tata Martino wants it that way] I think that’s good. I wouldn’t like the players to return with the certainty that they’ve got their spot one. One of the secrets of a national team is keeping a bit of distance because we’re not always together like a club, keep up the level of demand and competition between the players so, in every moment, the manager has difficulty making choices

[Tigres right back Luis Rodriguez and Monterrey center back Cesar Montes each are training with the national team, both will leave after the first game to return to their clubs. Neither will play against the United States as they recover from knocks] We’ll try to put together two very competitive teams, understanding what it means to face the United States and understanding what it means to face Argentina - and with the strong conviction to play good football and without losing focus on the desire to win the game - every one of the games. There could be an isolated case, it’s not going to be common as manager, that a player repeats as a starter in the two games. It’s a very small chance. One, who knows, maybe two, but the vast majority of it will be one team Friday and another Tuesday

2019 09 06b Retrieve

[Corona time? Tecatito gives Tata Martino plenty of intriguing options ahead of United States friendly] The fact we might be seeing them for the first time doesn’t mean that during this time we haven’t talked with them. Hector Herrera, before the Gold Cup, we had a really extensive conversation in which each person was able to explain their position. Jesus Coron we were talking during the course of the Gold Cup. Fundamentally, because of those conversations, they’re here today

Today we’re thinking about Jesus as a winger who is good on the right and good on the left. After that in his club, he might be utilized as a fullback. In the future that could open the path for us to think about using him as a right back if there’s some moment or need to use him as a right back. Today there’s no chance he’ll play in this place. We’ve got players to play there

[Martino noted Herrera, who will need to get past Gold Cup final MVP Jonathan dos Santos and Carlos Rodriguez if he’s to play in his typical spot on the right side of midfield, is fighting for a place just like he does with Atletico Madrid] In the same way Raul Jimenez and v compete to be center forward, he has to be with and compete for a place with Jonathan dos Santos, with Carlitos Rodriguez, with Edson if we think about central midfielder. It’s the same with Andres or Erick if we think about the left side. Having experience, having a really successful career doesn’t mean you stop competing

2019 09 07 Retrieve

[USA vs Mexico. Mexico with a raft of key players back. However, with a friendly to come against Argentina, coach Gerardo Martino has confirmed he will split the strength of his panel] I wouldn’t like the players to return with the certainty that they’ve got their spot won. One of the secrets of a national team is keeping a bit of distance because we’re not always together like a club, keep up the level of demand and competition between the players so, in every moment, the manager has difficulty making choices. We’ll try to put together two very competitive teams, understanding what it means to face the United States and understanding what it means to face Argentina - and with the strong conviction to play good football and without losing focus on the desire to win the game - every one of our games

2019 09 07b Retrieve

[Mexico 3-0 cruise past USA on Friday. Not only is Mexico playing well, it’s getting better] I think the good of all this is that every time we get together the team shows some level of growth. You don’t win a title in these games, but they do have value in growing in the function, in winning - with players always wanting to keep the mood high, to not lose. We need the team shows positive direction toward how we play in every game. I think up to today, that’s happening

2019 09 07c Retrieve

[a 3-0 victory over the United States that may have reopened the debate about who makes up Tata Martino’s most dangerous attacking trident] Scoring three goals, having two or three more really obvious chances, scoring three goals especially at this level and in different ways, one because of really good build-up, one a product of our high pressing, the third a product of a counter-attack and quickly taking up space (is a positive). After that, it has to do with individual questions, the debut of Tecate and Hector (Herrera), Javier’s return after March, the consolidation of the squad that played the Gold Cup. Honestly, it’s a game that leaves us a lot of positive thoughts within what it is - a friendly match that we played well and won

2019 09 10 Retrieve

[Tata Martino hopes things go well for Diego Maradona as the Argentina legend takes over Gimnasia in the Argentine SuperLiga - but not too well] First, I want to say what I feel and I wish for him, that he gets all the good he deserves there and that he has a lot of success in his return to Argentine football as a manager. That said, we’re rivals Newell’s and Gimnasia, so I love Diego a lot - but I don’t know if it’s that much

On the national level, what I see is that things are much more normal. Cesar is there as a manager, there’s a stable coaching staff, in the youth ranks they’re working really well, there’s been a coordinator for a while there

2019 09 10b Retrieve

[While the El Tri coach loves his home country of Argentina, he’d love to see his squad dominate Tuesday’s friendly match] I can’t change what I’ve always thought. The fact that there’s a game of football in which two countries play, nationality doesn’t come into play. I work in Mexico, I try to do the best for Mexico. If I represent Argentina in any way, it’s through my job, taking it on with seriousness, with honesty. When you work abroad, that’s the best way to represent the country.

Beyond respect, there’s the recognition the opponent deserves. That’s what we’ll try to do tomorrow, impose ourselves despite the fact that, in front of us, we’ve got one of the big world powers. One time, I said Mexico was at the second level of the world stage, and I think Argentina, despite going a while now without winning a title, is a level above. That doesn’t mean we don’t have any type of chance tomorrow. It’s actually the reverse. We have the highest possible expectations in respect to the showing we want to have and also the result we hope to have

The desire is fundamentally that we’re able dominate in the idea of play. Beyond the result, which - we always compete to try and win - it’d be really good for us to be able to, I think I said it the other day, play much more time with our idea of how to play than that of Argentina. That would be an important step forward

2019 09 10c Retrieve

[Mexico vs Argentina. El Tri’s boss is, of course, an Argentine, but he says that does not matter in the context of this match] In a football match, nationality doesn’t matter. I work for Mexico and will do my best for Mexico. As an Argentine, I can try to represent my country by working with dignity and honesty abroad

[Indeed, he is optimistic about his team’s chances] Argentina are going through a renewal process and it seems to me that the players who are emerging in Argentina and Mexico are of an equivalent standard

2019 09 11 Retrieve

[For the first time in the Tata Martino era, El Tri played a team from the top echelon on the world stage, and for the first time in the Martino era, Mexico lost, falling 4-0 to Argentina here Tuesday night. Martino said Mexico actually needs more games like Tuesday, though perhaps with different results] If things were different, Argentina maybe comes and plays Mexico and within a month we’d play Germany. Maybe that’s what we need to keep growing. In some way we’re looking for that, trying to compete with the best to see if we’re able to take the jump we want to take. If not, it’s a little more difficult to take this type of game and learn from these types of mistakes

2019 09 11b Retrieve

[Tata Martino insists his team is better than the scoreline showed in the 4-0 loss to Argentina but suggested they shouldn’t be judged on the 11-game winning streak that came before it] I don’t think this is our reality. I don’t think having 11 games without losing is our reality either. The first was against Chile, and the substantial difference between tonight’s game and the one against Chile is that we made errors in areas where we thought Argentina could hurt us. There were 15 minutes of the game in which we played well, but the game starts to get out of whack from an error

I didn’t end up seeing a lot of disorder, what I kept seeing was a lot of errors. We started having doubts and slowness with our ball circulation, we didn’t find passes between the lines, there weren’t deep movements to understand a bit what happened in the middle of the field and in Argentina’s defence to find spaces in these areas

2019 09 11b Retrieve

[The Mexico national team center back had a horrendous showing against Argentina where Lautaro Martinez put three goals past El Tri in a 4-0 Argentina romp Tuesday night] We have a way of setting up the game, with the central midfielder and the two center backs. You saw it in the first 15 minutes and it was giving the feeling that it was working - maybe we were playing a bit too deep, but it was working. When the first error happens, there’s no reason to think we didn’t want to keep playing the same game as the first 15 minutes

But, as it happens, you start to have doubts, the fears, the fact that you put the ball in a place thinking your teammate is going to take it, the opponent is there and the disorder starts, the doubts about how things are going to work creep in. If we hadn’t committed the errors that allowed the goal, or even if Argentina had scored (the first) goal in another way, surely we would’ve competed a lot better

It was a good opportunity to show our best way of playing, and the truth is we didn’t do it

2019 09 27 Retrieve

[Tata Martino said after the loss to Argentina] I want to make something clear. I also talked to the players about It as well in the tactical chat. It’s not that I don’t want to have players who play abroad. The idea is not to have the majority of them who played in the Gold Cup. We understand we have to spend more time with the players who weren’t there those 40 days and in this context we’ll look at local player and foreign-based players as well

2019 10 02 Retrieve

[Tata Martino has made no bones about the fact that this game is set up essentially so he can see some of the young players he’s called into mini-camps in more competitive action before he begins the Concacaf Nations League campaign] [The manager said Tuesday he wants] to know a little more about these guys, who have a really heavy year ahead of them with the Pre-Olympic tournament and the Olympics. But that doesn’t mean that having a good or bad game (Wednesday) will determine if they’re in for the FIFA dates

I’m thinking much more in the future. Getting to know the guys, to know how they’re working, so they can understand the idea of play. We have the expectation that they see a national team and might know how it wants to play. A lot of them will be in the next FIFA dates, and it’s really important that they come into the senior national team with an understanding of the style of play

2019 10 03 Retrieve

[Tata Martino enters the press room at Estadio Nemesio Diez and gives his verdict on Mexico’s 2-0 victory over Trinidad and Tobago] Sometimes in this game and when the opponent allows it, we can fall into a bit of individualism because they want to show themselves. But generally I think we played with the idea of play we practiced, we carried it out. Sometimes we got deep, other times we didn’t hurt the opponent at all but I think we never were in danger of losing the result, we did well and the first 45 minutes stay with me

2019 10 10 Retrieve

[How Tata Martino’s Nations League approach sets Mexico up for future success] We don’t have to go crazy asking for (generational) change. In the senior national team, we also have a lot of young players who could play in the Olympic games who are regularly coming in to play with us, and this group also can be important for the national team

It’s a chance that we are given, fundamentally because of the club’s willingness to let us work with the players, be able to see them, to train. We had three weeks of the training process and were able to close it out with a game, which for a national team manager is a situation you can’t make any better. We really value it

2019 10 11 Retrieve

[Martino consistently has said that while some experienced players will take part in El Tri’s campaign in the new tournament, he is also looking to see the next generation] We’ve made our call-up and are trying to start giving participation to the young players. That’s the idea. You have to compete, try to win this tournament since it’s really similar - not in the format but with the competitors - to the Gold Cup. You have to keep growing in some way, and that’s why there are 13 players that were in the game against Trinidad and Tobago last week

2019 10 12 Retrieve

[Mexico flying high as aerial game shines in romp over Bermuda] Our game was serious, correct. I’m saying there were players for whom it’s not easy to play these types of matches but we also need to be able to count on them. Hirving Lozano had a great participation and played 70, 75 minutes and we’ve got to think that 20 days ago he was playing Napoli-Juventus, Napoli-Liverpool. He’s got to come and play these games. Unfortunately, that’s how it is. But the way he did it leaves me with a good impression. I think you take positive things from any game. I’m not going to do a great big evaluation, but there’s always something to observe

2019 10 16 Retrieve

[Lozano shows he can shine for Mexico anywhere on the field - if he can avoid injury] They’re things that happen. When sometimes you in the press ask how much does it help him to come in. And it’s true. When those things happen you can ask, ‘Why? Why?’ But it’s not the opponent’s fault or ours, the responsibility is that of the referees, who I insist have to impart justice

[Lozano worked well as a forward on Tuesday, dropping in to fight for the ball and keeping things circulating to his fellow attackers Rodolfo Pizarro and Roberto Alvarado] I really liked the team in the first 38-40 minutes. I think we played a really good game, passed well

[Martino may have realized he needs players like Lozano and Atletico Madrid midfielder Hector Herrera in a tournament like the Nations League] We could’ve been down 2-1 at one point, but we ended up winning convincingly because we associated well on the second goal, Jose had a really great finish, a quick reception and shot. Then we found a third with pressure. On the one side I’m worried about the second half, on the other, I really liked almost all the first half

2019 11 20 Retrieve

[Mexico manager Tata Martino gambles reserve players would be good enough to get comfortable results] While there are logical differences between Mexico and Bermuda, Bermuda played their A-team, while Mexico did it mixing in some young U-23 guys. I was interested in doing that because I was imagining this type of game, not necessarily so close, but in this style. I think the references was worth it

2020 02 19 Retrieve

[Martino says playing in MLS will get Mexico’s stars into the national team, much like playing in Liga MX would have] Well, first because MLS - I say this because I was here for two years - is a very good league and a very competitive league. Also because MLS is characterized by selecting very good players, and Rodolfo surely is so I’m sure he’s going to bring a lot of satisfaction to Miami fans

I think you don’t have to make so many comparisons. I think the Mexican league is a very good league. I think MLS is a very good league. What’s certain is that players can pick the league in which they think they’re going to be better - in the sporting sense as well as the economic aspect and the quality of life. They’re very personal decisions and I try to give advice when possible and only when they ask me

[Martino’s viewpoint is an indication that perception is shifting to a place that’s very different than years past] Well, I think there’s still a supremacy from the Mexican teams. But the games are becoming more and more competitive. I think with the passage of time the MLS teams will surely compete on the same level as the Mexican teams

2020 02 20 Retrieve

[Tata Martino remains optimistic that Mexico will be well-prepared for World Cup qualification] If we can finalize them, they’re against very important opponents, and that would leave us with four really good games in the last time we get together with the players before the start of World Cup qualification. The goal this year is to get ready for the most important thing for us this year, which is qualification and getting to the next World Cup

What I want to say first is not having top national teams from Europe doesn’t mean that we don’t have historical strength. They have good ranking, it’s just that they’re not the kind of teams that you in the press and us were expecting at first.

I’m not the best-authorized voice to explain why the negotiations didn’t come through. I don’t participate in the negotiations. I just can give my point of view with respect to the opponents we’re facing. It’s clear, and I imagine that one of the explanations, is that the United States scheduled two games in Europe which really cut down on the chance we could bring in one of those European national teams who are looking to play two games.

The two most relevant games in this region are against Mexico and the United States. The United States is going to Europe to play two very important matches so I assume that makes it much more difficult to be able to bring in those types of national teams

2020 04 08 Retrieve

[Mexico manager Tata Martino willing to take pay cut during coronavirus crisis] I haven’t been contacted by the bosses from the federation and I got paid what I usually do in the month of March. If they call me and tell me that for April and until further notice they will readjust my salary to pay others, I would gladly accept it. Like I said before my compromise is to help others

We have to be supportive of the people that need the money the most and also we have to find ways to help them in their daily lives. I think every single player and coach should agree to reduce their salary because it is a solution to a problem. Also each team needs to analyse the situation of each player differently because they are not making the money that Barcelona or Real Madrid players are making. We are lucky we get paid high amount of money and that is why we need to be supportive

2020 05 29 Retrieve

[Mexico manager Gerardo Martino admits Barcelona spell was the ‘worst year’ of his career] From a results point of view, it wasn’t a bad year. We won a trophy and we reached a final (of the Copa del Rey), but what Barcelona care about is how many trophies you win. However, I’d say that it was my worst year [of my career] because my contribution as coach started and ended with the management of the team.

There are questions that my management had a short life and, for me, the Clasico we won 2-1 against Real Madrid at home was key. We scored the second goal running into space and if Barcelona ran into space, it was because something didn’t add up, but I thought that there was something we could add to the team, it was not denying them the chance to run. The pace [of the team] was making Barcelona more complete because when the opposition had spells of dominance, they were able to sit back and counter into the space. That’s what they did the following season with Luis Enrique

2020 07 07 Retrieve

[Tata Martino on Raul Jimenez] Looking at it from the outside today I cannot see a specialist number nine like Raul at United. There are many forwards like (Marcus) Rashford, (Anthony) Martial and the boy who now plays as right winger, (Mason) Greenwood but since Romelu Lukaku left I can’t see a pure number nine like Raul. At Juventus he will have more of a fight because (Cristiano) Ronaldo shares the inside of the pitch with whoever plays alongside him, with (Paulo) Dybala or with (Gonzalo) Higuain and maybe he has a tougher fight there