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Name Tata Martino
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Coach
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Club as Coach Mexico National Team [Head Coach]

2020 02 19 Retrieve

[Martino says playing in MLS will get Mexico’s stars into the national team, much like playing in Liga MX would have] Well, first because MLS - I say this because I was here for two years - is a very good league and a very competitive league. Also because MLS is characterized by selecting very good players, and Rodolfo surely is so I’m sure he’s going to bring a lot of satisfaction to Miami fans

I think you don’t have to make so many comparisons. I think the Mexican league is a very good league. I think MLS is a very good league. What’s certain is that players can pick the league in which they think they’re going to be better - in the sporting sense as well as the economic aspect and the quality of life. They’re very personal decisions and I try to give advice when possible and only when they ask me

[Martino’s viewpoint is an indication that perception is shifting to a place that’s very different than years past] Well, I think there’s still a supremacy from the Mexican teams. But the games are becoming more and more competitive. I think with the passage of time the MLS teams will surely compete on the same level as the Mexican teams

2020 02 20 Retrieve

[Tata Martino remains optimistic that Mexico will be well-prepared for World Cup qualification] If we can finalize them, they’re against very important opponents, and that would leave us with four really good games in the last time we get together with the players before the start of World Cup qualification. The goal this year is to get ready for the most important thing for us this year, which is qualification and getting to the next World Cup

What I want to say first is not having top national teams from Europe doesn’t mean that we don’t have historical strength. They have good ranking, it’s just that they’re not the kind of teams that you in the press and us were expecting at first.

I’m not the best-authorized voice to explain why the negotiations didn’t come through. I don’t participate in the negotiations. I just can give my point of view with respect to the opponents we’re facing. It’s clear, and I imagine that one of the explanations, is that the United States scheduled two games in Europe which really cut down on the chance we could bring in one of those European national teams who are looking to play two games.

The two most relevant games in this region are against Mexico and the United States. The United States is going to Europe to play two very important matches so I assume that makes it much more difficult to be able to bring in those types of national teams

2020 04 08 Retrieve

[Mexico manager Tata Martino willing to take pay cut during coronavirus crisis] I haven’t been contacted by the bosses from the federation and I got paid what I usually do in the month of March. If they call me and tell me that for April and until further notice they will readjust my salary to pay others, I would gladly accept it. Like I said before my compromise is to help others

We have to be supportive of the people that need the money the most and also we have to find ways to help them in their daily lives. I think every single player and coach should agree to reduce their salary because it is a solution to a problem. Also each team needs to analyse the situation of each player differently because they are not making the money that Barcelona or Real Madrid players are making. We are lucky we get paid high amount of money and that is why we need to be supportive

2020 07 07 Retrieve

[Tata Martino on Raul Jimenez] Looking at it from the outside today I cannot see a specialist number nine like Raul at United. There are many forwards like (Marcus) Rashford, (Anthony) Martial and the boy who now plays as right winger, (Mason) Greenwood but since Romelu Lukaku left I can’t see a pure number nine like Raul. At Juventus he will have more of a fight because (Cristiano) Ronaldo shares the inside of the pitch with whoever plays alongside him, with (Paulo) Dybala or with (Gonzalo) Higuain and maybe he has a tougher fight there