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Tele Santana
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Coach
Desc When you think of Brazilian football, chances are you will think of joga bonito - ‘the beautiful game’. Whilst Tele Santana did not found this movement, his time with Brazil was certainly behind its rise to prominence. During his two separate spells with the Selecao, Santana may not have won any silverware, but he is credited with forming some of the greatest international sides in history. His 1986 side were fantastic, but his 1982 squad was something else. His love for attacking football quickly infected the nation, and Brazil still pride themselves on their free-flowing attack to this day. Even at club level, Santana helped transform Sao Paulo into one of the world’s finest teams, winning back-to-back Intercontinental Cups in 1993 and 1994.


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player xxxx

1980 07 21 Retrieve

[Everyone wants to know his observations and his technical plans for the selecao..journalists want to know about Pita, Batata, Serginho, Ze Sergio, and Renato] I will not speak about players specifically . I will not make comments on this or that player. Please understand i am doing observation work and any pronouncement can hurt a player. All the players mentioned by you are good people and good players and are being viewed carefully. The next squad i name i will call those who are in good form in my opinion

1980 07 21b Retrieve

[When the question arose of Falcao’s transfer to Roma Tele Santana replied] it is not ideal when great players leave the country, but it would be unfair to begrudge a player his chance to succeed elsewhere

1980 07 21c Retrieve

[When asked if the selecao would continue to play without an expert on the right wing, Tele replied] Until a specialist right winger emerges i will continue to use midfielders to fill the space on the right. I do not have the luxury of a garrincha

1980 07 21d Retrieve

[Tele knows that only with good football and wins will he overcome the critics and remain in his job] Personally i get on well with most of the journalists and i have good relationships with the club managers in brazil, but i hate the lies that i often read in the papers. I was hurt by the news printed in the jornal do brasil saying that i didnt regard zico and socrates as selecao players and that they only played well for their clubs. It is not true. They made up those words. But fortunately i ve spoken to both players and they are clever enough to realise the fabrication

1980 07 21e Retrieve

[Tele Santana again turns to the topic of overseas brazilian players] I remain concerned by the transfer of brazilian players abroad. I have already given my opinion about it, but if a player is playing very well abroad he shall be selected regardless of the fact he is playing outside of brazil.

I am very pleased that Oscar has returned to play in brazil. He will be a great option for me to consider. I am very happy with how things have gone so far, i have directed four games and although i am not totally satisfied the relationship and atmosphere between the players has been great

1980 07 21f Retrieve

[Tele Santana on injuried players] We will play uruguay on the 27th of August and the squad will be named on the 11th. Some players who didnt make the last squad through injury such as orlando, falcao and luisinho will be given a chance out of my loyalty to them. Nobody can help being injured.. I have a list of 50 very good brazilian footballers but only 22 will be called. Its not easy to decide on which players to choose. I will be watching many matches live and on tv to reach my conclusions

I want to highlight the behaviour of former selecao coach claudio coutinho. He has acted with class and handed to me detailed reports that he made on european teams. We have collaborated and talked a great deal. We are putting together a detailed dossier of the worlds teams and players so i can use it for future reference

i also want to say that i cannot please everyone with my selections. Brazilian football has a true abundance of talent in midfield. Pita is a great player but there are others in his position the same goes for renato of sao paulo. On the right wing there is shortage. Brazilian club teams have improvised midfielders. Inter have Jair, flamengo have tita, fluminense have Robertinho. I really hope a specialist on the right emerges like we have on the left with Ze sergio and Eder

I’m not a stubborn man, if i was stubborn then i would not change my team. I need to look at all possibilities available to me.

1980 07 21g Retrieve

[When asked if Cerezo, Batista, zico, socrates and falcao could play together, santana replied] it depends on a few factors, i believe a team can be composed with great players even if some have to throw away their favoured position. If this sacrifice is accepted by those players i see no reason why it can’t work. I see no reason to leave out of a team a proven creative, intelligent and effective player

1980 12 23 Retrieve

[After the eight matches that Brazil have played under Tele Santana’s command, the coach believes that the path he has taken can be considered positive] It is very difficult. to play against a team which has no desire to come out of defence, a team clearly demonstrating that their aim was damage limitation. Of course Brazil did not play too well but in my opinion we didnt deserve the boos that arose in the stadium. This does not help the players. Our opponents did not want to leave their own area, they retreated further and further back. They were worried especially after defeats to argentina and uruguay. They saw this 2 -0 defeat to brazil as something like a victory. It was a positive result for them

[…] I disagree with those who say we didnt find alternatives, we created many opportunities and to me that is important and positive to take from the game. […] It was a friendly match, and players were cautious to avoid injury with the mundialito coming up next, i fully understand this..there will be no time for recovery before the tournament

1980 12 23b Retrieve

[Tele then goes on to talk about training procedures and Reinaldo] The physical training taken by Gilberto Tim at taco da raposa was meticulous but not excessive. Tim will never push a player beyond its limits. With respect to Reinaldo, he really is a great player and in my plans for the world cup qualifiers. At present he has a muscle strain, something natural to players who are training and playing. Zico also suffered a strain but a more serious one. Unfortunately this is the reality of life as a football player

We need Reinaldo to get some complete rest and then Gilberto Tim will organise some special fitness training for him if the methods used with other players are unsuitable. One way or another Reinaldo has a lot of football to play with the selecao and i hope to have him. Just to avoid any rumours within the press i will say that reinaldo and zico will be replaced for the mundialito but they are certainties for the world cup qualifiers depending on injury and condition

I keep saying that i consider Reinaldo a normal professional fit for football, the strain should be viewed as coincidental.

When he was younger his strong personality and ability helped him overcome terrible injuries. This moment for him is nothing like the unpleasant moments he has suffered throughout his career. I called Reinaldo and will call him again because i know his qualities and he will bring us many joys in the future. Every player of the squad believes in Reinaldo, that was blatantly obvious at the taco da raposa

For Zico the strain was terrible. Everybody knew how important he was for us. Besides his ability he along with Socrates and Oscar formed a trio of true leaders. Everyone was counting on him at the mundialito. At various times zico had told me how much he was looking forward to playing against maradona, a player we admire. This was the moment for him, he was in a great phase and now it is taken away from him. Zico’s injury shocked everyone and i admit that the squad was shot down. But i want to take him and Reinaldo to accompany the delegation at the mundialito. I want to keep all squad members united

[Santana then talks of his job as brazil coach] Its not an excuse but the time i have to work with the players is not that great and this makes things more difficult. Tim works on the fitness and i work with the ball but our time is limited which can be frustrating..Injuries also play their part but my opinion is everything is going as well as i had hoped […] anybody who has followed my work will know which team i will select at the mundialito

1981 01 03 Retrieve

[Tele Santana echoed Socrates’ thoughts] Serginho didnt deserve to suffer this injury, he had been working hard and training well, but as with Reinaldo and Zico he is still part of my plans for the future

2020 05 14 Retrieve

[Tele Santana’s way of playing] I would rather win playing well than lose playing badly