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Theo Walcott
Gender Male
Nationality UK
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc It’s been nearly 14 years since Walcott first played for his country and it’s been over three years since his last cap. England fans experienced the shock of his World Cup squad inclusion in 2006, to the widespread belief that the latest next-big-thing would be England’s Thierry Henry, to the slow realisation that those expectations were never going to materialise


Org England National Team
Club as Player Everton FC
  Arsenal FC

2015 12 29 Retrieve

[After last week’s 2-1 win over Manchester City] Mesut Ozil sees things that most players don’t even see on the pitch. He knows what he’s going to do before he does it, you just have to make that run

2016 01 18 Retrieve

[Theo Walcott says Arsenal are mentally stronger now than they have ever been] The mental strength in this dressing room’s the strongest it’s ever been. When you have the likes of Petr Cech come into the dressing room as well he just enhances that. He’s a leader in that dressing room as well. He’s lifted everybody’s heads up in that dressing room today saying this is a very good point, no one tends to win here. We’ve just got to look at him because he’s obviously been at the top level and won many things. We all have the belief he’s got that we can push on

After the Liverpool game, we’re looking back at that and there are two points dropped at Anfield. You always felt here it was going to be a tough match. All the big clubs that have come here have always struggled and they [Stoke] have managed to get a positive result. There were a few mixed emotions in there, to be honest, but it’s probably a positive result reflecting back at the game

We felt from the start physically we were up for the fight and the battle and tried to unease them. We managed to do that. It’s a shame we couldn’t get the result we desperately wanted but it’s an improvement from previous performances here. We’ve got to be proud of that point

It shows how difficult this Premier League is. You can’t tell what’s going to happen this year, it’s just so tight. The amount of teams that could potentially win this league, it’s probably going to be the most exciting Premier League for a neutral ever. No one can call it at this moment in time but we’re top of the league and we can be proud of that

2017 01 28 Retrieve

[Theo Walcott tells that captain Per Mertesacker is manager material] Per Mertesacker, where do I start with him? He’s very serious and he’s a leader on the pitch and off it. You always want to listen to him and I think he’ll be an unbelievable manager. Genuinely, out of all the players I’ve worked with he’d be the best manager

2017 08 07 Retrieve

[Theo Walcott on Sead Kolasinac] Sead looks an absolute tank. He’s one tough unit to get past and I’m sure his physical attributes are going to be key to us this season. Honestly, he is an absolute animal. He’s incredible. I see him in the gym every day; you can just tell he looks after himself well, he eats the right food and he’s professional. You can see the power he’s got when he’s got the ball, his pace and everything. It’s beautiful to watch and he’s a great addition to the squad

Trust me, he’s not easy to get around - he’s quite wide as well. He fits perfectly for the Premier League, he’s absolutely perfect. He’s going to show something different. I’ve seen glimpses of him in pre-season and he’s going to get fitter, stronger and quicker. This league is the best and I think he could be one of the best in the league

Every season we tend to start the league not so well, and I think a Friday night game might be better for us. It’s a bit different, it’s new for us and obviously the fans will be up for it. The home support will be so key this season. You’ve got to be patient sometimes with this formation we’re playing, it’s a different style of football, that’s what we’re still learning and we’re getting better. I think we showed it [against Chelsea]. We managed to stop Chelsea playing the football they tend to do when they play it out to the full-backs, we stopped them very well and we’d worked on that

2018 01 19 Retrieve

[Theo Walcott to say his goodbyes having spent 12 years at Arsenal, scoring 108 goals in 397 appearances and helping the club win two FA Cups] When I found I was coming here I had to go there at night and pick up all my stuff in bin bags. I will at some point go back and say my proper goodbyes but we do play them very soon, which I am looking forward to. I’ve known Arsène Wenger since I was 16 and to bring in a young player and have belief in him - I can’t thank him enough. With any player if you are not playing you are going to be upset but I’ve always had so much respect for the manager. When you look at the minutes this season I’ve played I wasn’t part of it, so it was just about getting the timing right. As a career decision I felt it was time. It happened so quickly. There is no point in dwelling on the past

[Walcott watched his new team-mates train at Everton’s Finch Farm base on Wednesday and completed his first full session with them on Friday] I have a new manager I have to impress and get the ball rolling. After speaking to the gaffer and particularly Wayne Rooney as well, I felt the club was on the up, with a manager who seems to get the best out of players

I want this club to push on and reach the levels it can, and you get the sense it is a club that financially can attract big players. I got a sense from Wayne he was hungry and the club was eager to push on and that is why he wanted to join. He felt it was the right place and I totally agree with him

2019 11 18 Retrieve

[Theo Walcott say ahead of the Canaries’ visit to Goodison Park] The win at Southampton was very important for us, obviously. It was important to get the three points. I felt like the performance didn’t really matter at times, I felt like we just needed the three points to get us that winning feeling (away from home) again. We showed good signs, especially in the first half, but we just need to be a bit more clinical come the final third. But I felt like it was a well-deserved three points and we can hopefully build on that

[Walcott returned to Silva’s starting line-up recently and hopes he is finding form] I’m personally pleased. Obviously I’ve worked very hard to get into the starting line-up and I just want to stay there. Results have picked up as well which is always a positive when you’re in the team, the team is winning and doing well. That’s always a nice feeling

I missed the Burnley game (a 1-0 away defeat) because of precautions of concussion and, before that, I’d worked so hard to get in the team against Man City and obviously that (the concussion) happens. But you can’t dwell on it really, you just need to focus on the next day and try to get back and look forward to training again. That’s all I could do. Then the manager has given me a chance to get back in the team and I thank him for that and hopefully I can just stay there and the team can keep climbing up the table

2020 02 07 Retrieve

[Walcott laughs again as he recalls a conversation with Ancelotti prior to the game at Vicarage Road] He came to me and said ‘Theo, you do know that you’re allowed to score goals, right?’. I just had to laugh. And lo and behold I go and get my first of the season. I told him afterwards that I was just waiting for his permission!

[The Ancelotti effect is clearly taking hold at Goodison Park] He has this aura of calm. It’s like ‘don’t panic, everything is OK’, and that really stands out with him. Everyone had high expectations when he came in. I know I did, having played against his teams in the past. I knew he was a top manager

[Walcott would know a top manager when he sees one, of course, having spent 12 years under the guidance of the great Arsene Wenger at Arsenal] There are similarities between the two, 100 per cent. They both have an aura, and they both want to build relationships with players. Carlo will talk to you about anything. He was asking my opinion on what wine he should buy recently. I mean, I’d have said he was more an expert in that field! He should be telling me. But that’s just a small example of him, he’s talking to players and getting to know them as people. Those things make a difference

[on Moise Kean, the 19-year-old striker signed from Juventus last summer] He’s 19 and coming to a whole new country, new culture, language, way of playing. It’s hard, you know! It feels like we put a lot of pressure on players who don’t ask for it. They just want to enjoy their football, but it always takes time to settle in a new environment, especially when you’re moving countries. He’s done very well in Italy, and now he’s adapting to English life and English football well. He’s a workaholic. He does some mad things with the ball, and he’s probably the strongest guy I’ve ever come across as well. I mean, Yerry [Mina] is a big unit but Moise can more than hold his own in that battle! I was so pleased when he got his first goal, because you could see the emotion in his face. He’s worked so hard, firstly to get his move and then since. I’ve been there myself and I know how it feels. I know he has the hunger

[on Alex Iwobi] Alex Iwobi’s the sort of kid that would settle in anywhere. He’s taken to it really well, and what he is doing on the training field is really impressive. He’s just a hard worker, through and through. At times at Arsenal he was in and out, and he was tried in different positions. Here, I feel he can express himself a lot more and use his attributes, his skills and his energy. I’m not the manager, but I feel like he likes to be on the ball, be in the middle of the game and express himself.

He’s a great athlete, he looks after himself. He doesn’t come to the gym with me and Mason [Holgate] yet, but I’ll try my best! He’s a great kid and he’s really settled well. I was really excited when he came having worked with him before. I knew he was always going to fit right in

[As for Everton, they’re ready to put the difficulties of 2019 behind them] We are our best critics. We have high standards, and we know where the club should be. There’s no reason why we can’t be finishing in the top six. We have got the manager and we have got the squad. We’re desperate to make history, because the club has been deprived of that for too long. If we can be the team that starts that process, working towards success and trophies, then that’d mean everything