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Name Thiago Alcantara
Gender Male
Ethnic Spanish
Job Spanish Footballer
Desc You could drop Thiago into any midfield throughout history and he wouldn’t be out of place. Outside Bavaria, the Spaniard is arguably the most underrated player right now in world football


Org Spain National Team
Club as Player Bayern Munich
  La Masia


Coach Javier Lago
  Pep Guardiola

2015 05 09 Retrieve

[Thiago Alcantara on Lionel Messi] He’s spectacular, incredible, a competitive animal. He’s playing further from goal and he’s still scored 40 in the league. If he played in goal he’d score 25!

2018 09 25 Retrieve

[Thiago Alcantara on Football] Football’s always been cerebral. The most important thing is thinking fast. I have my personality, my style, but my development’s been about adapting. I’ve always wanted to learn in the areas where I’m most lacking

2018 10 10 Retrieve

[Thiago Alcantara recalls difficult decision to leave FC Barcelona] I have always wanted to play and since that wasn’t possible with Barça I had to leave to find the joy in playing football again. To me playing is more important than winning a trophy. In the end you always ask yourself, ‘To what extent I have contributed to the win?’

I will always be grateful to Barcelona, but I left because I didn’t want to be just one of the many. We, the players that were (working to make the first team), always had the dream to reach the first team and, once we get there, we want to play and know that we can become regulars.

When that’s not possible, it’s the moment you should leave. That’s what I did, leaving Barcelona was my decision. Returning to the Blaugrana? I am only focused on the current season, I am not thinking beyond that. The comparisons with Xavi and Iniesta

2020 02 10 Retrieve

[Thiago Alcantara disappointed over Bayern Munich’s goalless draw against RB Leipzig] We didn’t play the game that we had to play. We were playing at home and we have to win all of the games which we play here. We played very well in the first half but then we let it go and didn’t control the game

It’s not about attack or defence, it’s about the team and it’s a team game. The energy was not enough to be dominant in the game, we were not in our best mood in the game, that’s why we didn’t enjoy it. The good thing is each game depends on us. That’s a good thing. We work a lot to be in the place where we are right now but we have to improve a lot

2020 03 13 Tweet

[Bayern Munich’s Thiago Alcantara slams the DFL for not suspending games despite coronavirus] This is crazy. Please stop fooling around and land on reality. Let’s be honest, there are much more important priorities than any sport

2020 04 07 Retrieve

[Thiago Alcantara talks about life during the coronavirus pandemic] First of all, here in Germany, we’re allowed to go to the parks and forests to run and walk. That has been a good point for us, for the sports guys, that we can maintain our body, working and running

[He also described Bayern’s cyber-training sessions] But also, the club made something amazing, like a video chat with all the team and the trainers. We can have really good at-home training sessions with them.

Looking at it in the sporting way, we run, we bike and then we do all the strength training, mobility, stretching - all the functional training we can do. But also, I think it’s about adapting to the situation, adapting to this strange situation with family and friends

[He described the social aspect of Bayern’s cyber-training] We’ve mostly been staying in touch with these video chats and trainings. We have five or 10 minutes before or after where we talk with each other. It’s nice to see they’re good, having a good time. But we also by call each other regularly, for sure

[Asked what he is doing to stay sharp] So, I’m watching old games-not just from our team, but from other teams-and making reviews from our tactics and preparing for when football comes back

[Thiago stressed that he wants to be ready when the season eventually resumes, even if the games are held in empty stadiums] Even if we don’t play in front of a crowd, which is very important for us, even then we must be ready. I think that’s the biggest objective, to be prepared for it. For me now, I’m focused on that

[He focused on the uncertainty of the situation rather than the stress of being home] For me, it’s more the uncertainty than stress at the moment. You’re not stressed because you’re at home with the people you love. You’re just uncertain about when everything starts again

2020 04 17 Retrieve

[Thiago Alcântara joins football stars Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs, Jamie Carragher to call on the Maltese public to stay at home during these very delicate times in an effort to control the spread of COVID-19] I have never been to Malta so far. Certainly, I would love to come and visit the country and my message to all the people of Malta is to stay safe, stay at home and remain Malta together in this fight against the coronavirus

[During the interview, Alcantara also speaks of the work carried out by his foundation in Spain] Normally, we’re focused on helping children, but since the start of this pandemic we have made ourselves available to help the healthcare system in Spain. We have provided help to hospitals in Girona, Madrid, Vigo and other cities but now we have focused on the main hospital in Barcelona. We are providing them with all the equipment and masks needed in this fight. Also our foundation is doing some work with UNICEF where we are entertaining by doing exercises with them to ensure people do not get bored and can fight this disease in a positive spirit

2020 05 04 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich star Thiago Alcantara says Coutinho is a phenomenon] I know him well, he’s very good. I’ve seen him play since he was 12 years old. I played against him in Brazil at football sala and I loved him. He lacks nothing. I like to play with players at a top level and he’s a phenomenon. He’s a great guy, really hard working, with unbeatable technique and incredible finishing. Players go through good moments and some not so good ones and he brings us a lot. We hope he’s here next season too.

[Thiago said when asked if he sees himself finishing at Bayern] That’s a difficult question. A lot of things would have to come together. I would have to remain at my level. Maybe the club will suddenly look for a new player in my position. But it would be wonderful to end my career at this club

2020 05 11 Retrieve

[Thiago is still hopeful that the Barca outcast will remain at the Allianz Stadium though, having been impressed by the impact he’s had over the past 10 months] Coutinho lacks nothing. I like to play with players at a top level and he’s a phenomenon. He’s a great guy, really hard working, with unbeatable technique and incredible finishing. Players go through good moments and some not so good ones and he brings us a lot. We hope he’s here next season too