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Thiago Silva
Gender Male
Ethnic Brazilian
Job Brazilian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Brazil National Team
Club as Player Paris Saint-Germain


Wife Isabelle Silva
Agent Paulo Tonietto

2013 12 31 Retrieve

[In revealing why he didn’t move to Barcelona, Thiago Silva controversially slams the Catalans for failing to offer Eric Abidal sufficient support during his recovery from a liver transplant] I saw Abidal’s situation and I didn’t like it. They weren’t correct with him, they didn’t keep their word. In my case, it was just over sporting negotiations. But, in Abidal’s case - who’s a great person - they did nothing to help

2013 12 31b Retrieve

[Like everyone else in the entire footballing world, Thiago Silva grows weary of Joey Barton’s constant pleas for attention on Twitter] A Marseille player, whose name I don’t remember, speaks badly of Neymar, Brazilian football, Beckham and Ibra … It makes me want to win even more, to shut this Englishman up. What does he know about Brazilian football? I can’t remember playing against him for the national team

2016 01 16 Retrieve

[Paris Saint-Germain defender Thiago Silva ponders the possibility of seeing sections of Barcelona’s frontline turning out at the Parc de Princes] I like Neymar a lot, but I think Barcelona will not allow him to leave. It would perhaps be easier for Barcelona to let go of Messi. Could Messi come to PSG? Perhaps, I mean, why not? Everything is possible

2016 04 09 Retrieve

[Thiago Silva describes an altercation between Gennaro Gattuso and Zlatan Ibrahimovic during their time at AC Milan] One day, during a training session, Gattuso spent all morning teasing Zlatan. He was provoking him, and Zlatan took it without apparently saying anything. In fact his revenge would come soon after. Rino [Gattuso] and Zlatan met again in the dressing room after training, and Ibra lifted the entire weight of his team-mate, flipped him over and threw him in the bin!

2016 08 06 Retrieve

[Quotes on Zlatan Ibrahimovic] Zlatan has a particular personality. At each training sessions he wants to win. That’s something positive. And the other thing [that strikes me] when I look at him is that it’s all about his personality. Any time he wants to say something to you, he would say it face to face. That’s positive. Quite often, players don’t speak face to face, they speak behind your back. So I think, what Zlatan does is very positive. He has a strong personality but people in front of their TV think that he is arrogant. He is not arrogant. He is still very good and for PSG, he is a very, very important player. I think he is one the best players I played with. I played with [Clarence] Seedorf, Ronaldinho, [Andrea] Pirlo, [Alessandro] Nesta - they are all quality players. He is different. He is strong physically and he also has technique, but he has a bigger personality. That makes him a great player. I hope he can finish his career with a Champions League title.

2019 06 10 Retrieve

[Thiago Silva has suggested that Barcelona star Philippe Coutinho will be the man Brazil look to for inspiration] Coutinho had a difficult season in Barcelona. It was demanding and they booed him many times, but here in the team he is our reference, especially when we don’t have Neymar. Coutinho calls for the game. In the two friendlies we played he was the best player on the pitch, not only because of passes and goals, but also with his defence. He is finding his happiness again. I’m very happy and not at all comfortable talking about this player because we are very close. We need him, especially now with the absence of Neymar.

2019 06 19 Retrieve

[Thiago Silva says Brazil did not deserve to be booed by home support] In my opinion [the boos] were undeserved, mostly because Venezuela had very few chances, we worked well defensively, the team was well structured. We could hardly push the pace because they were very defensive. Sometimes we rushed the last pass, tried to work it quickly and failed. We lost some of the confidence as the match went on. But I believe that we were good tonight, as a whole. But that’s it, when you don’t score it seems that everything went all wrong.

2019 06 26 Retrieve

[Brazil and Paris Saint-Germain defender Thiago Silva said he is taking inspiration from Zinedine Zidane and plans to retire before he becomes embarrassing] I hope I can make the decision to give up before my legs give up on me. I do not want to be embarrassing on the field and feel one day that I’m not at my best and players can beat me easily in duels. I am happy that my career has been successful and I want to finish at the highest level possible. I’m a fan of how Zinedine Zidane ended his career, right after a World Cup. At some point, I will also have to make that decision to stop.

I do not see myself as a leader; I want to be on the pitch, maybe as a coach or as an assistant. I will watch as many matches as possible. I want to know the levels of different football schools, whether French, Dutch or Italian, whether defensive or offensive. By relying on my experience as a player, I hope to one day perform as a coach

2019 06 30 Retrieve

[Thiago Silva labelled Lionel Messi the greatest player of all-time ahead of Brazil’s Copa America semi-final showdown against Argentina] For me, Messi is the greatest player in history, the greatest player I’ve ever seen. But now, it’s Brazil and Argentina. We’ll leave it to admire him in other games ahead

[Silva praised the forward’s ability to produce moments of magic] Every time we face each other, whether in the national team or in the Champions League, it’s very difficult to face him. No matter how much you study, you will never understand the quality he has and the difference he can make. At certain times, he pulls something else out of the hat that you cannot imagine. That’s his difference. As a centre-back you have to study all the possibilities. We know he always pulls left, but many times he pulls right.

2019 06 30b Retrieve

[Thiago Silva wants Neymar to stay at Paris Saint-Germain, but he is eager for his Brazil team-mate to be happy] The moment is not conducive to that. We’re in another competition. Of course the will is huge for Ney to remain, but for him to be happy. Dani Alves made a statement, he’s out, we lost a great champion and friend. Unfortunately due to injury he was out of the [2018] World Cup, but always a very positive guy. I hope he’s happy where he goes.

2019 07 01 Retrieve

[Brazil’s Thiago Silva is also wary of Messi] He is the best player in the world and he could still wake up. We have to take special care. Sometimes he walks during the game, but he is always looking for spaces for the counter-attack

2019 07 08 Retrieve

[Thiago Silva says it is natural for Lionel Messi to be frustrated with 2019 Copa referee after losing, suggesting Paris Saint-Germain had similar feelings in defeat to Barcelona in 2017] This is difficult for us to comment on. Sometimes in defeat, we try to focus on other people. I think he did not say it out of spite, but we are sad because, in the game we lost 6-1 to Barcelona, he played the referee, which, in my opinion, was ridiculous. But we did not give a statement that the referee was in favour of Barcelona. I think you have to show respect. Brazil do not have five stars [from World Cup wins] at random - none of them have been stolen. It was played on the pitch.

2019 07 09 Retrieve

[Hypocritical 2019 Copa America Messi wasn’t complaining during Chelsea, PSG & Madrid controversies. For Selecao captain Thiago Silva, who was on the wrong end of a hugely controversial 6-1 defeat to Barcelona with PSG in 2017, Messi’s conduct not only lacked class but had serious shades of hypocrisy] Sometimes in defeat, we try to focus on other people. I think he [Messi] did not say it out of spite, but we are sad because, in the game we lost 6-1 to Barcelona, he played the referee, which, in my opinion, was ridiculous. But we did not give a statement that the referee was in favour of Barcelona. I think you have to show respect. Brazil do not have five stars at random - none of them have been stolen. It was played on the pitch

2019 08 03 Retrieve

[Thiago Silva has played down any suggestions Paris Saint-Germain are looking for revenge when they face Rennes in the Trophee des Champions] No. Of course it will be important to win this match and start the season with a trophy. Rennes are a very good side, physically, technically and mentally. They showed that at the Stade de France. On Saturday they will be ready. They are an intelligent team. We want to be ready for this match and the season. There’s a title at stake and it’s very important for us and for the club

[PSG have added the likes of Ander Herrera, Pablo Sarabia, Abdou Diallo and Idrissa Gueye to their squad in the close season] I hope they will settle in quickly. First of all, we will sit down and have a chat about everything, and then we’ll listen to them sing for their initiation. That will help them feel a little more comfortable with the squad. It’s important. I sang very badly when I arrived at the club, but the most important thing is to feel part of the squad, to feel comfortable

2019 08 18 Retrieve

[Paris Saint-Germain captain Thiago Silva says the ongoing uncertainty surrounding star man Neymar was no excuse for their performance as they were deservedly beaten 2-1 at Rennes] It’s hard, right? For everyone, the club, and for us, the players. But that isn’t an excuse. It isn’t because of that that we’ve been less focused tonight. Ney wasn’t here and we have to concentrate on ourselves, and about all we need to do this season. It’s a shame to lose in the second game of the season. It was a difficult match. We started well, we opened the scoring but then we relaxed a bit, and I don’t know why we lost our concentration. It was a shame to concede at the end of the first half, and then at the beginning of the second half we concede a goal that we wouldn’t usually concede. We are going to lift our heads up, think about the next game and try to improve, because today it wasn’t the PSG we know

We worked well, but this is only the beginning of the season. This is not an excuse, because Rennes played well. They were solid and more attentive. I do not know exactly what happened. It will be better in the next matches

2019 08 26 Retrieve

[Thiago Silva says Neymar is indispensable to Paris Saint-Germain and can win the fans back over if he stays at the club] Neymar is an indispensable player for any team, he was at Barca, he is for us. It’s a particular problem for a player with the club, we cannot get involved. But in my head, I hope he stays. Yes, I already told him. It’s hard to tell him all the time: ‘You stay, you stay…’. I do not know exactly what’s going on between him and the club. I honestly hope that the transfer window is over soon because I cannot stand it anymore

[Of the apparent breakdown in Neymar’s relationship with PSG fans] It’s hard to talk about this situation, the fans could do it in a different way, but they think a lot with the heart. I think if Neymar comes back and starts helping the club and plays like last year, at the end of the season, we will all be happy, especially the fans. That’s why I say he must stay, he can still help us a lot, and if he leaves, it will be difficult for us. He would strengthen a team that has the same goal as us [winning the Champions League], for me it’s not good

[After dominating domestically it is clear PSG desire the Champions League above all else] Winning, I do not know, but of course we’re going to work to win and first to go further, we have to think match after match. Even without Neymar, in Manchester [against United], we made an incredible match in the first leg. At home, we thought a little bit that we were already in the quarter-finals, we should not think like that in top-level matches, we have to work and celebrate qualification afterwards

2019 09 04 Retrieve

[Neymar, may be the face of the club worldwide, but on a local level he is well down the pecking order in terms of approval. Publicly, at least, Neymar retains the support of the dressing room] Neymar is an indispensable player for any team, he was at Barca, he is for us. It’s a particular problem for a player with the club, we cannot get involved. But in my head, I hope he stays. I honestly hope that the transfer window is over soon because I cannot stand it anymore

2019 09 07 Retrieve

[Thiago Silva made no attempt to hide his relief at the fact Neymar stayed at PSG this summer] Thanks to God, he stayed. We are very happy that he remains, because our goal is very big. Everyone knows it, it’s the Champions League. It is clear that we can not achieve our dream without great players. If we had let Neymar go, it would have been a great loss for us. After three months without playing, he showed what a great and important player he is

2019 09 09 Retrieve

[Thiago Silva insists that Paris Saint Germain team-mate Neymar is well aware of the mistakes he made during the summer transfer window] He also knows that he has made mistakes but has no bad intentions. This boy is amazing, I hope he’s going to have a great season. It will be unforgettable too because the PSG will celebrate its 50 years.

Tuchel has always said he was counting on Neymar. If I do not say nonsense, he was already ready to play in the last match against Metz. But because of the situation on the transfer market, he had not played. But the coach could already count on him. So I think it’s important. Management also believes in him, otherwise, they would have let him go. We are happy about that. I hope he’s going to have better days. It’s really my wish because we know him, not just the player, but the person. Especially after the last year

2019 09 10 Retrieve

[Following Friday night’s game, Neymar’s team-mate for club and country Thiago Silva expressed his happiness to see the attacker remain at PSG] Thanks to God, he stayed. We are very happy that he remains, because our goal is very big. Everyone knows it, it’s the Champions League. It is clear that we can not achieve our dream without great players. If we had let Neymar go, it would have been a great loss for us

2019 09 19 Retrieve

[Thiago Silva doesn’t think one result, even one as impressive as Wednesday’s 3-0 win over Madrid, is enough to send any kind of message to the rest of the Champions League contenders] This is not a message sent to the other European teams. It’s true that we have controlled the game well, that we have prepared well, have been effective, strong. And that’s what you need to do, even in the league. You have to play like today, with the character, the personality and in the aggressive state

2019 10 23 Retrieve

[PSG captain Thiago Silva was happy to see his young teammate bounce back so quickly] Kylian Mbappe had a very good start, it was important for him because he was coming back from injury, but he is still there, we saw a very big Kylian Mbappe. Brugge defended well, they were strong, it was difficult to find spaces, I am very happy because when there are moments of difficulty, you can lose your head but that was not the case. Our performance was solid defensively, we were very intelligent

2019 10 23b Retrieve

[Paris Saint-Germain captain Thiago Silva heaped praise on hat-trick hero Kylian Mbappe after his record-breaking Champions League display] He is well present, he is ready, he has gifts, I can’t tell you more because he is an incredible player. I’m very happy for him, for the team, for the way we played today. In the first half it was very difficult, we knew it, but in the second half we were much more effective. We had chances, we scored. Especially Kylian, this player is magnificent

2019 11 11 Retrieve

[Thiago Silva says Brazil not scared of Messi and Argentina despite Neymar absence] We are not concerned but proud to have a chance to face him. [Argentina] have their star, we won’t have ours [Neymar, who is injured], but Brazil is Brazil, and we showed it during our Copa America win. They are living a different moment, as are we when you consider the last few matches. Brazil versus Argentina is always a great game, with great football and scoring chances. There’s a 50:50 winning chance for each side - let’s hope we are more inspired then than they are

[PSG defender said of Rodrygo] The fact Rodrygo’s with the Selecao is a unique opportunity, he surely has dreamt about this moment. I hope he can enjoy it the best way possible. I have over 100 caps and every time I’m here, I feel the chills. I hope he has the wisdom to make the most of it. It’s surprising really to most people, an 18-year-old with loads of personality. You see for the way he scores goals how calm and reserved this kid is, he’s not doing it to show off. Let’s hope Zidane keeps him on the bench! He’s a player who’ll demand more attention from your side. His quality speaks for itself

2019 11 16 Retrieve

[Brazil captain Thiago Silva has accused his Argentina counterpart Lionel Messi of trying to influence the referee] He wanted to rule over the game. He kicked two people and the referee did nothing. I argued with the ref and he kept laughing. You have to put admiration to one side. He always looks to force the referee to give them free-kicks in dangerous areas, he always acts in that way. We spoke with some players who play in Spain and the same thing happens, he looks to control the game and the referee’s decisions. In the Champions League he doesn’t have that advantage because the referees are tougher. You don’t see him trying to rule so much. There are referees that, because of their admiration for him, start to weigh in on his side. That we didn’t have Neymar on our side was a disadvantage

[Speaking about Messi’s clash with Tite, Silva accused the forward of lacking respect] It’s hard to understand when we talk about respect on the pitch, and one of the most admired players in the world does that. You don’t do that to an older person but being that it was a coach […] as much as there is rivalry, respect has to come first

2019 11 19 Retrieve

[Thiago Silva wants to extend his contract at Paris Saint-Germain and says former team-mate Zlatan Ibrahimovic only joined the club because of him] I had just signed my contract when he phoned me. ‘Thiago, are you really going to join PSG?’ ‘Yes, it’s done, I just signed. He told me, ‘No joke, huh? If you don’t go, I won’t sign, and if you’ve lied to me, you’ll see, I’ll take care of you!’. Zlatan is a great guy; I speak with him very regularly. I have a lot of respect and admiration for him.

[Asked if a new contract was on the horizon] I hope so. We will discuss it soon. The idea is to stay at PSG and continue to grow the club. The eight years I have already spent can weigh in the balance. I think I have played a part in the development of the club. Today, after eight years here, with the passport in my pocket, I feel French. I’m proud of it. Paris is a part of my life. Paris is in my story. Nobody can take it away. I feel French, beyond the passport. Today, I’m Brazilian, born in Rio de Janeiro, but my second home is Paris. Nobody can change that. I’ll be Parisian for life

2020 01 29 Retrieve

[Silva is hopeful that Edinson Cavani will see out the remainder of his contract] We have to keep Edi. He continues to be our ‘matador’. Unfortunately, he had some serious injuries and lost confidence a little, but the team and the staff have always trusted this boy. He is special for the club and I hope he stays until the end [of his contract]

2020 02 16 Retrieve

[Thiago Silva says PSG do not fear ‘incredible’ Haaland] He scores a lot of goals. Nine goals in six games, it’s incredible, it’s huge. I hope that we will be able to be cautious and that he will not score against us, but rather after in the league. But for us it’s wonderful to play against a player like that, especially since he’s just started his career. He is very motivated, but so are PSG

Are we afraid? We have no fear, but we have a lot of respect. I saw the match [against Eintracht], they have a lot of quality in front, they scored four goals, with incredible technique, movements that are difficult to fight. But if we are together, we can make a good match there. With great respect for these players, who are phenomenal

2020 03 20 Retrieve

[PSG star Thiago Silva calls on Brazil to tighten up coronavirus measures] I arrived yesterday (Wednesday) after a rather quiet flight. Here (in Rio de Janeiro), I am in quarantine. It is a situation which is not easy but the human being has a remarkable capacity for adaptation. How will I keep myself in shape? It’s going to be as complicated in Paris as it is here. In Paris, the training centres have closed, the club too. And in Brazil, they just made the same decisions. We will try to do some running but it will be more difficult for bodybuilding or that kind of thing. You will have to pay attention to food too. We’re not on vacation. It’s a moment of reflection. We’re all scared of what’s going on. President Macron drew inspiration from the situation in Italy to take containment measures. But, even being attentive to what was happening in this neighbouring country, France has not really managed to protect itself. In Brazil, we may still have time. I hope that the crisis will not be as violent as in Europe. It is our hope. I hope that people will become aware of the seriousness of the situation as soon as possible. I hope the beaches are going to empty. These are not school holidays. It’s a moment of reflection. You have to stay at home hoping that everything will come back to normal as soon as possible

2020 04 16 Retrieve

[Despite the fact that he is weathering the coronavirus storm in his native Brazil, Thiago Silva remains in daily contact with his squad] I’ve spoken with the coach. I often speak with him, through messages. sWith the players, we have a WhatsApp group and we talk to each other all the time, every week, to see if there’s any news, or if anything has changed in terms of a return to football

A lot of times you see the videos on Instagram where everyone is working out. I work with them on a daily basis so I know they’re responsible guys. We have to be professional and keep working. It’s not the holidays, you have to take responsibility and be ready if you have to play again

[On the subject of quarantine, Thiago Silva admitted that he has been missing the daily routines of the footballer’s life] We’re used to training every day and being on the pitch with our team-mates. Of course, there are also the matches, with the fans and the atmosphere. We didn’t have the fans in the stadium for our last match but they put on an amazing display outside the stadium. They sang throughout the match, it was magnificent. It’s difficult, these are things we’re not used to

[Nonetheless, the stalwart defender is keeping things in perspective] You have to adapt, that’s life. There are tougher things than this. The good thing is that we can enjoy the family a bit more. It’s a difficult time for everyone. As I said before, you have to adapt to this difficult time. I try to do things at home, even if it’s not easy. There are little things, like riding a bike

2020 04 20 Retrieve

[PSG captain Thiago Silva looking at positives during this strange period] PSG captain Thiago Silva looking at positives during this ‘strange period’. I have spoken with the coach, we often send each other messages. We have a squad Whatsapp group too, we are always talking, every week we talk, to see how things are going, if there is any news to share, if there is any change on the return date. But I know my squad, it’s a very responsible squad. You often see the videos on their Instagram, their training sessions, but when you work with everyone on a daily basis, you know that the guys are responsible. We need to be professional and continue to work, because we aren’t on holiday. It’s a moment to take note of our responsibilities. And to be ready if we need to play again

2020 05 10 Retrieve

[Thiago Silva could stay with PSG, claims out-of-contract defender’s wife Isabelle Silva] Thiago is very attached to PSG, the supporters and France. Whether the adventure continues or not at PSG, we will have to go back to Paris to see our friends again. But for us, it would be great to continue at PSG, we love the club, the city, France. This is where the children grew up, we would like to continue our careers in Paris.

For the moment, we don’t know anything about it. Everything stopped because of Covid-19. We don’t even know when we’re going to return to Paris. We are in the shadows, like everyone else