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Name Thiago Silva
Gender Male
Ethnic Brazilian
Job Brazilian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Brazil National Team
Club as Player Paris Saint-Germain


Wife Isabelle Silva
Agent Paulo Tonietto

2013 12 31 Retrieve

[In revealing why he didn’t move to Barcelona, Thiago Silva controversially slams the Catalans for failing to offer Eric Abidal sufficient support during his recovery from a liver transplant] I saw Abidal’s situation and I didn’t like it. They weren’t correct with him, they didn’t keep their word. In my case, it was just over sporting negotiations. But, in Abidal’s case - who’s a great person - they did nothing to help

2013 12 31b Retrieve

[Like everyone else in the entire footballing world, Thiago Silva grows weary of Joey Barton’s constant pleas for attention on Twitter] A Marseille player, whose name I don’t remember, speaks badly of Neymar, Brazilian football, Beckham and Ibra … It makes me want to win even more, to shut this Englishman up. What does he know about Brazilian football? I can’t remember playing against him for the national team

2016 01 16 Retrieve

[Paris Saint-Germain defender Thiago Silva ponders the possibility of seeing sections of Barcelona’s frontline turning out at the Parc de Princes] I like Neymar a lot, but I think Barcelona will not allow him to leave. It would perhaps be easier for Barcelona to let go of Messi. Could Messi come to PSG? Perhaps, I mean, why not? Everything is possible

2016 04 09 Retrieve

[Thiago Silva describes an altercation between Gennaro Gattuso and Zlatan Ibrahimovic during their time at AC Milan] One day, during a training session, Gattuso spent all morning teasing Zlatan. He was provoking him, and Zlatan took it without apparently saying anything. In fact his revenge would come soon after. Rino [Gattuso] and Zlatan met again in the dressing room after training, and Ibra lifted the entire weight of his team-mate, flipped him over and threw him in the bin!

2016 08 06 Retrieve

[Quotes on Zlatan Ibrahimovic] Zlatan has a particular personality. At each training sessions he wants to win. That’s something positive. And the other thing [that strikes me] when I look at him is that it’s all about his personality. Any time he wants to say something to you, he would say it face to face. That’s positive. Quite often, players don’t speak face to face, they speak behind your back. So I think, what Zlatan does is very positive. He has a strong personality but people in front of their TV think that he is arrogant. He is not arrogant. He is still very good and for PSG, he is a very, very important player. I think he is one the best players I played with. I played with [Clarence] Seedorf, Ronaldinho, [Andrea] Pirlo, [Alessandro] Nesta – they are all quality players. He is different. He is strong physically and he also has technique, but he has a bigger personality. That makes him a great player. I hope he can finish his career with a Champions League title

2020 04 16 Retrieve

[Despite the fact that he is weathering the coronavirus storm in his native Brazil, Thiago Silva remains in daily contact with his squad] I’ve spoken with the coach. I often speak with him, through messages. sWith the players, we have a WhatsApp group and we talk to each other all the time, every week, to see if there’s any news, or if anything has changed in terms of a return to football

A lot of times you see the videos on Instagram where everyone is working out. I work with them on a daily basis so I know they’re responsible guys. We have to be professional and keep working. It’s not the holidays, you have to take responsibility and be ready if you have to play again

[On the subject of quarantine, Thiago Silva admitted that he has been missing the daily routines of the footballer’s life] We’re used to training every day and being on the pitch with our team-mates. Of course, there are also the matches, with the fans and the atmosphere. We didn’t have the fans in the stadium for our last match but they put on an amazing display outside the stadium. They sang throughout the match, it was magnificent. It’s difficult, these are things we’re not used to

[Nonetheless, the stalwart defender is keeping things in perspective] You have to adapt, that’s life. There are tougher things than this. The good thing is that we can enjoy the family a bit more. It’s a difficult time for everyone. As I said before, you have to adapt to this difficult time. I try to do things at home, even if it’s not easy. There are little things, like riding a bike

2020 04 20 Retrieve

[PSG captain Thiago Silva looking at positives during this strange period] PSG captain Thiago Silva looking at positives during this ‘strange period’. I have spoken with the coach, we often send each other messages. We have a squad Whatsapp group too, we are always talking, every week we talk, to see how things are going, if there is any news to share, if there is any change on the return date. But I know my squad, it’s a very responsible squad. You often see the videos on their Instagram, their training sessions, but when you work with everyone on a daily basis, you know that the guys are responsible. We need to be professional and continue to work, because we aren’t on holiday. It’s a moment to take note of our responsibilities. And to be ready if we need to play again

2020 05 10 Retrieve

[Thiago Silva could stay with PSG, claims out-of-contract defender’s wife Isabelle Silva] Thiago is very attached to PSG, the supporters and France. Whether the adventure continues or not at PSG, we will have to go back to Paris to see our friends again. But for us, it would be great to continue at PSG, we love the club, the city, France. This is where the children grew up, we would like to continue our careers in Paris.

For the moment, we don’t know anything about it. Everything stopped because of Covid-19. We don’t even know when we’re going to return to Paris. We are in the shadows, like everyone else