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Name Thibaut Courtois
Gender Male
Ethnic Belgian
Job Belgian Footballer
Desc Had he not swanned off to Spain to sun it up in Madrid, Thibaut Courtois may have worked his way much further up this list across future seasons. However, the Belgian was still influential during his time at Stamford Bridge and helped Chelsea to two Premier League titles while in London. Although he can sometimes struggle at the near post, especially in one-on-one situations, Courtois is fantastic at dealing with powerful, long-range efforts, while his cat-like reflexes pulled Chelsea out of many sticky situations during his 126 league appearances for the club


Org Belgium National Team
Club as Player Real Madrid

2016 09 24 Retrieve

[Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois speaks about his love for the country] I consider myself half Spanish. I miss not just the club [Atletico] but Madrid and the country. Since the first minute, I fell in love with Spain – the people, the way of life, the food. I have kept up the late dinners, the siesta, and most of the television I watch is Spanish. When I left Spain I had it very clear in my mind that I would return one day. I have a contract with Chelsea for three more seasons. In 2018, when I begin my last season, I will have to evaluate if it’s better to renew or to leave

2017 07 08 Retrieve

[Thibaut Courtois reveals his penchant for doing impressions of manager Antonio Conte] I like to imitate [Antonio Conte] a bit sometimes in Italian, because he has key words that he wants to use. For example: when he says switch the play or change sides to the other side, those things. But he says it in a bit of an Italian way, so I like always to imitate him a bit. After we won the league, all the players said: ‘Thibaut go to the microphone on the bus’ and I did him a bit. We could see him and he was laughing and it was funny

2018 01 06 Retrieve

[Thibaut Courtois speaks about the importance of Belgian midfielder Eden Hazard staying at the club] With the money he will raise, you can buy five players but none of them will be like Eden. It would be like Barcelona losing Lionel Messi or Real Madrid losing Cristiano Ronaldo

2018 06 09 Retrieve

[Thibaut Courtois is aware of the qualities that Group G rivals England] England have a team with a lot of individual talent, you’ll have to watch out for several players. But the one who scores almost 30 goals every year is Harry Kane. He is the most dangerous

2019 03 23 Retrieve

[How Thibaut Courtois maintains his self-confidence] I still consider myself one of the best in the world, even though the Spanish press want to kill me. I feel strong, I’m calm, playing well and training well

2019 08 27 Tweet

[Thibaut Courtois announces that he will be an ambassador for the Belgium women’s national team] Proud to be asked as an ambassador for the Belgian women’s football. The @BelRedFlames are doing better than ever, wishing them a great season. Go, Red Flames!