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Thierry Henry
Gender Male
Ethnic French
Job French Footballer
  Monaco head coach
Desc The greatest player in the history of the Premier League. When Thierry Henry first arrived at Arsenal in 1999 from Juventus, there were those who doubted whether he would be able to cut it in the boisterously physical Premier League. How he silenced his critics. Scored 174 goals for Arsenal, winning two titles. But he was about so much more than just the goals. A true athlete, Henry was also a natural creator, and although Arsene Wenger moved him into the middle he never lost his eye for an assist, almost 50 alone between 2002-2004. A total player. An all-time great


Club as Coach As Monaco
Club as Player Arsenal FC
  As Monaco


Coach Arsene Wenger
Monaco Scout Arnold Catalano
1999 11 17
Thierry Henry nets the opening goal in the second leg of the French Under-21s clash with their Italian counterparts. Les Bleus lost 2-1 on the night, and 3-2 on aggregate

2001 05 14 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry has urged boss Arsene Wenger to buy him a world-class strike partner in the wake of Arsenal’s FA Cup Final defeat by Liverpool] We need a player who will be a fox in the box and on the pitch. We need a player like Michael Owen is for Liverpool. I make a lot of runs and get wide a lot, but Owen is always in the box and we need someone like that. When I make wide runs and put in crosses there is often no-one there to put the ball in the net. Owen was the hero because he is always in the right place. We need a goalscorer like that

2004 04 25 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry paid tribute to his Arsenal side after they sealed the Premiership title at Tottenham] Although it was important for us to win the title here it was more for them. Even though we didn’t win the game people will remember that we won the title at White Hart Lane. That was really important for the supporters. You don’t win the title every day. It happened that it was at Tottenham and that’s special, but we would have done it [celebrate on the pitch] everywhere. We know it’s special for the fans so you can’t just leave and go home. They deserved it

2007 03 09 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry on his date with Her Maj] It was a major honour to come here and meet the Queen and have a look around. When I get home I’m going to say to my little girl that I’ve been to Buckingham Palace

2008 11 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry on Steven Gerrard] I find it a disgrace that he didn’t win European Footballer of the Year in 2005 after Istanbul. For me, he is one of the best ever. Whenever you play Liverpool you know you have to get him out of the game. If not, it’s all over for you. He’s a midfielder and if you look at all the important goals he’s scored - well I can’t even think of a striker in the world who has scored as many important goals, never mind a midfielder. How many times has he done it in the dying seconds of a game? I am trying to think of a striker now who does it - there aren’t any. Think about it

2009 11 19 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry admits to handball that defeated Ireland in World Cup play-off] I will be honest, it was a handball. But I’m not the ref. I played it, the ref allowed it. That’s a question you should ask him

2013 11 05 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry on Paul Scholes] Without any doubt the best player in the Premiership has to be Scholes. He knows how to do everything, and he is one who directs the way his team plays. On top of that, he has indestructible mental strength and he is a genuine competitor. I can’t understand why Scholes has never won the player of the year award. He should have won it long ago. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t seek the limelight like some of the other ‘stars’

2014 02 23 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry on Lionel Messi] You cannot define him in words. He’s from another world, the best. To have him beside you every day is tremendous. He does unimaginable things

2014 12 10 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry on Arsenal] When I put on the red and white jersey, it’s like when Clark Kent becomes Superman - I become someone different, someone stronger. My home sweet home is London. My club is Arsenal. They adopted me and I am at home there. When I left the club, a part of me died. I cried and that is not something I’ve ever done often, even as a kid. The fans maybe understood that I am transparent, that I have never been a ‘character’. Maybe they respect this. In England, at least in London, I think that people most love the player that was

2014 12 20 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry on his decision to retire] How many comebacks do you make? It will turn out to be a bad movie at one point. We all love the first Rocky, but I don’t know about the last one. Or maybe I should’ve said Rambo

2015 01 10 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry on the FIFA Ballon d’Or nominees] I don’t understand why Thomas Muller is not there. Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are extraordinary. What they do is not human. Neuer deserves to be there too. But why didn’t we think of Thomas Muller? He would have been my guy, because he doesn’t do step-overs, nutmegs and all this stuff, but this guy already has 13 or 14 goals in the World Cup. And he’s a World Cup winner. Why is he not there?

2015 04 25 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry makes a bizarre assessment of Javier Hernandez’s celebration after his last-gasp winner sent Real Madrid into the UEFA Champions League semi-finals] That is, for me, [Ronaldo](cristiano-ronaldo.html)’s goal. What I don’t like after is it seems like he won the World Cup

2015 11 28 Retrieve

[on Patrick Vieira] Patrick was an incredibly gifted midfielder who could not only defend but move the ball forward with great power. Not a lot of players in the history of the game compare to Patrick

2015 12 Retrieve

[on Harry Kane] What a year he’s had. But he’s more than just a goalscorer - nobody really mentions his work-rate, which is second to none. He always offers a solution for his team and is always on the move

2016 01 09 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry on his former team-mates bid for a fifth FIFA Ballon d’Or] All we can do is enjoy what he does because what he is doing is not normal. We used to say that a player who got 23 to 25 goals in a season was an incredible striker, but Messi does that in three months. I think it would be madness if he does not win the Ballon d’Or

2016 02 03 Retrieve

[On Dennis Bergkamp] Because of longevity and because I saw him every day in training for more than seven years, Dennis Bergkamp. Why? Because he was always doing what the game was asking him to do. What I mean by that is he can showboat sometimes and score a goal that you guys would have gone ‘oh wow!’, but we knew it could have been something better for the team. [. . .] I admired why Dennis was always trying to respect the game. He could score but he could pass, past, [pick the] right moment. He was always trying to respect the game when he could do other stuff and that’s why I respected him a lot for that. But also the way he trained. The way he used to train was just not normal. The guy didn’t want to lose the ball, if he loses the ball he would foul you, get in your face, he wants to be first in the run, first to touch the mannequin in training

2016 02 04 Retrieve

[On Dennis Bergkamp] I have always said Dennis Bergkamp will remain the best partner I have ever had. He is a dream for a striker. [. . .] The most important thing is the team. That is why I admire Dennis, and that is what he has been doing for a long time. I have always said he is the best guy that I have played with. Sometimes you have players who do not have to talk, you just have to watch them - and that is the case with Dennis. If you are in the game, on the bench or watching on TV, you want to learn then Dennis Bergkamp, with the way he can kill a team with one pass, is just amazing. He will sometimes do things out of nowhere

2016 02 06 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry once described how Arsenal needed to play with the intention to kill during the famous unbeaten Invincibles season] It’s like a boxer, a boxer doesn’t go in the ring just to have fun. You go out there to kill and that was our mentality

2016 05 21 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry compared Dimitri Payet to Juninho Pernambucano] Juninho Pernambucano used to take those free-kicks. He (Payet) was at Marseille doing whatever he needed to do, he played for Lille, but he wasn’t consistent with it and efficient with it. But Slaven Bilic understood that he’s special and he knew that (Mark) Noble and (Cheikhou) Kouyate were going to be the guys that are going to protect him a bit and do what he needed to do to make them (West Ham) win games

2016 08 06 Retrieve

[Quotes on Zlatan Ibrahimovic] He is an amazing player, someone really special who has marked an era. He has won league titles wherever he went. Of course, he can be quite temperamental. He says what he thinks, but that has never bothered me. There are not a lot of players with his character

2016 09 03 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry speaks about his new job as second assistant coach of the Belgium national team] I think this team can make history, it is just a matter of believing in themselves. I myself grew up as a player in a generation where we had to believe we could do it. We missed the 1990 and 1994 World Cups and we were known in France as a team that had good players, but when it came to winning, they never come around. So you need to understand you can do it. Believing in yourself is very important

2016 09 14 Retrieve

[Quotes on Luis Suarez] Suarez has everything, he fights, great movement, he is the right age and obviously he scores goals. He gives something to the team, that especially at Barcelona is very important. It is the hard work that [Samuel Eto’o](samuel-eto-o.html) used to do, not just goals

2016 06 11 Retrieve

[Former France and Arsenal striker Thierry Henry on France midfielder Dmitri Payet’s performance in his team’s 2-1 win over Romania in the opening match of EURO 2016] Tonight we saw a man who was hurt. He showed tremendous desire. That tells you how much he wants to play for France. He cried at the end of the game. He thought he was going to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. He was involved in every qualifying game but they took that away from him. He was saying with that performance against Romania ‘you didn’t take me to the World Cup and I am going to show you’. He wanted every single ball. You can’t win a game by yourself but that strike…oh my gosh. He showed tremendous desire. He was the one that drove the team forward

2017 02 18 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry talks about an encounter with Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante] I was at the Chelsea training ground last week to see Eden Hazard and noticed Kante wandering back to the changing room. So I went over to him and stood in front of him. And I poked him in the chest. I had to, just to check if he was real! You are real, you are! I said, and he laughed. I see no reason why he shouldn’t be PFA Player of the Year at the end of the season. Usually, your Kante-type player goes relatively unnoticed. They are only missed when they’re not there. But Kante is so special, you do notice him

2017 03 05 Retrieve

[Why Arsenal’s greatest ever player Thierry Henry flopped at Juventus?] I wasn’t enjoying myself at all. I felt like I’d lost the desire to play football

Juve wanted to sign Marcio Amoroso and Udinese wanted me as a replacement. [Coach Carlo] Ancelotti didn’t want to sell me or let me leave on loan. Luciano Moggi and other directors, though, thought differently and I felt this was a lack of faith in me. I refused the Udinese move but I asked to go somewhere else. They agreed

[The player himself, though, was unconvinced. After being left incredulous by being asked to cover the entire left flank in Ancelotti’s preferred 3-5-2 formation, Henry just wanted to play as an orthodox winger again, just as he had both in Monaco and for France] I had players like Dennis Bergkamp, Kanu, Davor Suker to compete with who failed to score in his first seven Premier League games

I just wanted to show what I knew how to do. I was trying to dribble everyone. Then, when I arrived in front of the goal, I was cooked. I wasn’t finishing anything. At a certain point, I wanted to go to Wenger and tell him to put me back out wide. Then, I said to myself that I had to react, that I couldn’t fail a second time, only a few months after a negative experience in Turin

[On November 17, 1999, he netted the opening goal in the second leg of the French Under-21s clash with their Italian counterparts. Les Bleus lost 2-1 on the night, and 3-2 on aggregate, but, for the first time since his Monaco days, Henry was happy again] When I scored, in that moment, I rediscovered some emotions, some feelings that I had not felt in a long time

[Thierry Henry himself admitts a couple of years after his departure that Seria A is different with English Premier League] In Italy, they know everything. Calcio is particularly technical and tactical. In England, the team that runs the most wins. The team with the most desire wins. They always play in the same manner, home or away. They don’t know how to hold on to a result. They don’t defend it. They don’t know how to do it. My style of play is closer to the English game because as soon as I get the ball, I start running towards the goal, like in my childhood

2017 04 01 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry discusses Monaco wonderkid Kylian Mbappe] I don’t like comparing players. Mbappe has to become Mbappe. And that’s all. But my word, he is good. Ooh la la. I met him, and he gave me the impression that he has a good head on his shoulders. l really like watching him play. He thinks. There’s a thing that annoys me sometimes. We talk about players, ‘He’s quick, he’s strong, he can jump high’. We never talk about players’ brains and that annoys me. When I watch him dribble, he’s thinking. He thinks when he plays and that for me is the most important thing in a player. He thinks. He uses his brain. Yes, he’s quick, but he’s thinking and that is the sign of a kid who can go a long way in the game

2017 07 29 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry believes Lionel Messi’s development is not done] Now he creates a lot of goals and I think people do not talk enough about what he does for the team. Messi’s development is not yet over, he’s an incredible player

2018 02 24 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry talks about Neymar’s move from Barcelona to PSG last summer] I don’t know if Neymar left Barcelona to get out of Messi’s shadow. What is true is that all players are in Messi’s shadow, and if Neymar doesn’t want to be, he should change sport

2018 03 03 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry speaks about his interest in one day managing Arsenal FC] Listen, I still have a job to do with Belgium, but it will be a dream for me, Interested? Yes. Who wouldn’t be? But I have respect for the man in charge still

2018 05 26 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry praises France and PSG’s young star Kylian Mbappe] We have a rare pearl in France, and it does not happen often. You have to protect him, and from time to time maybe also tease him a bit, because I see that when you tease him, he responds positively and it wakes him up, too. He had to create that little monster he has in him, so when the monster comes out and takes control of his body, there are things that ordinary people cannot understand

2018 08 29 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry believes the duo of Ronaldo-Romario were in part responsible for an outright revolution of their attacking roles] Ronaldo, together with Romário and George Weah, reinvented the centre-forward position. They were the first to drop from the penalty box to pick up the ball in midfield, switch to the flanks, attract and disorientate the central defenders with their runs, their accelerations, their dribbling

2018 11 03 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry pays tribute to Glenn Hoddle after the 61-year-old suffered a heart attack last Saturday - Hoddle is reported to be ‘responding well’ to treatment] Glenn Hoddle is someone I admire a lot. He wore the colours of Monaco. I always remember that Manu (Emmanuel) Petit and Arsene (Wenger) always told me he was the most talented player they’d ever seen. I saw videos. I’ve often been told about his ball control, his movement, his magnificent goals, his love for the game. I know very well what he represents in the world of football and especially for Monaco. I think the whole club has been affected by what has happened to him

2019 06 01 Tweet

[Thierry Henry on Jose Antonio Reyes’s death] I’m devastated to hear the sad news about José Antonio Reyes. Wonderful player, superb team mate and exceptional human being. I wish his family and friends continued strength and courage to get through this difficult time. #takenfartoosoon.

2019 06 04 Retrieve

[How World Cup sensation Aleksandr Golovin has been a €30m disaster at AS Monaco] He came back too quickly after the World Cup, without taking a holiday. After that, he played with an ankle injury. He couldn’t even strike the ball. I’ve experience of knowing how hard it is to adapt to a new country. Especially when the team is not going well. Guys point the finger: ‘Big transfer! What’s he doing? He’s not scoring and he’s not making assists!’.

2019 08 02 Retrieve

[Could Nicolas Anelka and Henry have dovetailed at Highbury? Henry has since stated that he would have] loved the chance to play alongside Nicolas. [although he publically distanced himself from Anelka at the time, keen to avoid comparisons with him. Anelka was suitably opaque] Maybe it would have been interesting. We might have encroached on each other’s turf. I don’t know

2019 08 21 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry still believes that he can be a successful coach despite falling flat at AS Monaco] I don’t think about the negative, I think about the positive. That’s why I went to Monaco and that’s why I still want to be a coach. You think about having a positive impact. Call me crazy if you want, but I love football and I believe I can be a successful coach. I’m not thinking about the pain, I’m not thinking about failure. I don’t like easy. I like to lead and it’s on me to make it happen. The same when I joined Arsenal as a player, the same when I went to Belgium with Roberto. It’s an evolution. Communication and honesty from the start is key. What’s the job? Is the job to stay up, is the job to win the League or be in the Champions League? But how and what is success? Is success improving players? Ultimately, results are the most important thing, but I want to improve players as well

[Henry also says he expected to be given more time to fix the team and mould it to his vision, but he was never given that time as AS Monaco moved on in an attempt to secure their survival from relegation] There is something I always say. You win or you learn, and, as you can imagine, I learned a lot. I still have Monaco in my heart, it’s the club that gave me my first opportunity as a player and gave me my first opportunity as a coach, so I will always be thankful to the people who gave me that, people who are there, some are gone. My heart talked at the time. I wanted to go back to where I started everything. I have zero regrets about what happened. It was a very difficult task and I felt that if I’d had more time I could have done more. But if you don’t get results, no matter what the circumstances, you have to go.

All I would say is that if you don’t pass that line and sit on the bench, then you don’t know everything. I’ve heard a lot of people give their opinion on what happened at Monaco and, boy, they were wrong, but I will never go into details. If I knew I only had three months, then maybe I would have acted a different way, but I was trying to plan something for the future and doing that in such a little amount of time is very difficult. I’m proud of what we did achieve with such a young team. We had to win in Caen and Amiens, and those six points were very important. I had no doubt that team was going to stay up because there was enough quality. I came out of it fully reassured that’s what I want to do, zero doubt about it. I saw some of my ex-coaches after I left and they said ‘now you can say you are a coach because you’ve been sacked. Now you are a coach Thierry’. I am not complaining and I can only say thank you to everybody, but to build a legacy and build something for the future, it takes time

2019 09 13 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry has never hidden his desire to one day return to Arsenal as manager. Henry said in March 2018] If you love a place and they ask - I repeat, they ask - for help, you are always going to say yes

2019 11 13 Retrieve

[France great Thierry Henry believes that Kylian Mbappe stands a chance of becoming the player to break his all-time scoring record for his country] Everyone says that he’s young, and while he might be because of his age, it’s not really that young. That’s because of what he’s doing, because of the number of matches he’s played, the intelligence of his game. I often talk about that because we talk about his speed, the quickness of his feet, his dribbling and his goals. I think we’ll be talking about him for another 20 years. Maybe that’s a little too much, but I hope that’s the case for him - 15, 16 or even 20 years if he can. Zlatan Ibrahimovic [who is 38] still plays!

If he stays without injury and remains in the squad, then yes, he will set the bar very, very high

2019 11 13b Retrieve

[Thierry Henry has hailed the goalscoring ability of Alexandre Lacazette, who has scored 38 times in 97 Arsenal matches, but who is currently out of the France international picture] Didier knows what he’s doing. Didier’s the boss of the national team so I don’t know why he (Lacazette) hasn’t been called. All I can tell you is what I see, like I’ve been doing for a little while, for Lyon and Arsenal. He’s a goalscorer but competition is massive in France to play up front. Giroud is doing extremely well, Griezmann can also play there. Plea is also doing well for Monchengladbach. Ben Yedder is doing well for Monaco and when he went to Sevilla. That’s the stuff that’s very difficult for me to talk about because you have to respect the decision of the coach. I always liked Lacazette as a No. 9 but the most important thing is that Didier likes him

[France have an abundance of talent in the midfield area, not least when Paul Pogba joins [N’Golo Kante](n-golo-kante.html) in recovering from injury] I saw him (Guendouzi) also at the Under-21 European Championship where he played on and off. He’s been doing well with Arsenal. Is he going to make the Euro or not? I don’t know. The competition is massive in midfield. But it’s a great experience for him to be able to go and play some games, just being in and around the team. That’s the type of problem that Didier Deschamps is going to have. But in all fairness they are nice problems to have

[Henry, who won a World Cup alongside Deschamps as a player, says his ex-team-mate is ‘made to win’ and praised him as an asset for the young players in particular in the French setup] He has done it all. The first French captain to win the Champions League, with Marseille. The first captain to lift the World Cup. The second one to lift the Euro because Platini lifted it in ‘84. He was a tremendous player, a tremendous captain, so he knows exactly what it takes to win a final. Unfortunately for us at the time, we lost in 2016, but we won in 2018. Wherever he went, with Monaco he went to the final of the Champions League, he won the league with Marseille the last time they won it. The guy is just made to win stuff. He’s an amazing asset for the youngsters right now. He’s been to a lot of finals, been there at the start of a French side that was winning again after the generation of [Michel] Platini, [Jean] Tigana, [Alain] Giresse and so on. So, he knows what it is all about

2019 11 14 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry has instructed Arsenal supporters to forget about the price Nicolas Pepe was signed for and instead seek to back the attacker] People need to forget about the price tag. He didn’t ask to be bought for that amount of money himself. It’s not always easy to arrive in a team, adapt to a new style of play. The Premier League, as we know, is not the same as the French league - or any other league, by the way - so he needs to adapt to that. We need to give him time. When you arrive like that, you’re always going to be talked about, and people are always going to target you. He needs to make sure he doesn’t listen to that and go out and perform.

It’s kind of funny because when we lost against Liverpool away, everyone was going ballistic about how well he played even though we lost the game. I know people will tell me he still hasn’t scored from open play but the other day he saved the team after coming on in the Europa League and he’s scored a penalty [against Aston Villa], so hopefully he can find a rhythm to perform for the team.

[Henry puts the 24-year-old’s difficult start down to poor team performances as much as anything else] People like to highlight the player but if the team were playing a bit better, maybe he would be playing a bit better. At the minute, it’s not a Pepe thing, it’s an Arsenal thing. Hopefully he and the team can get better so we can get in the top four again

2019 11 14b Retrieve

[Thierry Henry has been named as the new head coach of the Montreal Impact] It’s an honour to be named head coach of Montreal Impact and to come back to MLS. It’s a league that I know well and where I spent some good times. To be in Quebec with Montreal, which has an enormous multicultural heritage, it’s something extraordinary. I’ve always had an eye on this club and now I’m here

2019 11 14b Retrieve

[Lacazette is not on international duty this week, having been overlooked by France - a fact that has astonished Thierry Henry] Didier Deschamps is the boss of the national team so I don’t know why he [Lacazette] hasn’t been called. All I can tell you is what I see, like I’ve been doing for a little while, for Lyon and Arsenal. He’s a goalscorer but competition is massive in France to play up front

2019 11 19 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry is hoping to learn from his mistakes at Monaco after taking charge of MLS club Montreal Impact] You have to start somewhere, that’s how you acquire experience. For me it came with Belgium and Monaco, where I learned a lot about myself. It’s about fighting. This isn’t my story but the story of everyone in life. Everyone falls. It’s about how you get up. It didn’t work out at Monaco. I can give you a lot of excuses but at the end of the day it didn’t work out and I am here as coach of Montreal. I learned a lot there. The only mistake you can make is not learning from what happened. You have to confront it.

It’s about fighting all the time, this isn’t only my story it’s the story of everybody in life. You are going to fall but it’s how to get up

[The city is a hub of French-speaking culture, and Henry is looking forward to embracing the Canadian city] If you take the best part of Europe and the best part of North America you will arrive in Montreal

2019 11 20 Retrieve

[The task of replacing Arsene Wenger was always going to be difficult for Unai Emery] What can I tell you about Arsenal’s season? It’s a tough one because you can put Tottenham and Manchester United in that bracket of teams that are struggling at the minute

People didn’t expect Leicester to do what they are doing

Arsenal, it’s been a little while - or a very little while - that we haven’t been in the Champions League so for me as an Arsenal fan what I want to see is them, first and foremost, go back into the bracket of the teams that are going to be in the Champions League

Challenging for the league … listen, it’s going to be very difficult because even Manchester City look like they are struggling to follow Liverpool. Let’s think about, first and foremost, getting back into the Champions League which is going to be very difficult, and then from that, see where we can go

But all we can do right now as fans is try to support and give people time. It’s not easy to come in after Arsene Wenger and perform straight away

2019 11 20b Retrieve

[Thierry Henry urges Arsenal to give Emery time and concentrate on top-four] What can I tell you about Arsenal’s season? It’s a tough one because you can put Tottenham and Manchester United in that bracket of teams that are struggling at the minute. People didn’t expect Leicester to do what they are doing. Arsenal, it’s been a little while - or a very little while - that we haven’t been in the Champions League so for me as an Arsenal fan what I want to see is them, first and foremost, go back into the bracket of the teams that are going to be in the Champions League

2019 11 21 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry returns and scores against Leeds 2012] There is one goal, don’t get me wrong I enjoyed all of them, but the one when I came back to play for Arsenal that I scored against Leeds on my first game back

Look at the emotion, my emotion - you rarely saw me doing that. The celebration between myself and Arsène, that was genuine. You never saw me do that before.

That moment sums up my relationship with Arsene, my relationship with Arsenal and my relationship with the fans. If I had the time to have hugged everybody that night, I would have done it. I could have gone around the stadium and hugged everybody, the referee included, everybody. I don’t even know where I was to be honest, I was somewhere else

2019 12 05 Retrieve

[Henry: Where would Arsenal be without Aubameyang?] Well I think what we’ve seen so far, it’s very difficult to change anything in, I think he had one session, or two maybe [ahead of the Canaries clash]. It’s virtually impossible to change anything. And what we saw is what I’ve seen before. [Pierre-Emerick] Aubameyang scored two goals and we escaped - when I say ‘we’ you know why. But that’s what I saw, you know, without the goals of Aubameyang I don’t know where we would have been right now. So it’s interesting to see how we are going to play against Brighton, and see what Freddie is about. Because that game [against Norwich] was very difficult to see what was happening really

2019 12 27 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry backs Premier League leaders to emulate Arsenal’s Invincibles] It’s for me a statement tonight. If they come here and win it, and win it well, it will be a matter of when, not if, they are going to win it [the Premier League]. I think they’re going to win it. And I’m going to push it further, not because we’ve done it with Arsenal but because it’s a matter for me if they’re going to stay unbeaten. I think that team can stay unbeaten, and it will be who’s going to beat them first, because I think they will win the league. It’s not a big statement because they’re above everybody this year, and they can make a statement tonight. With the fixtures that they have at the minute, being able to come here and create that gap, that can be almost over

2020 01 01 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry echoed Wenger’s sentiments prior to Liverpool’s 4-0 Boxing Day win at Leicester] I think that Liverpool team can stay unbeaten, and it will be who’s going to beat them first, because I think they will win the league

2020 01 15 Retrieve

[Henry believes his previous stint in MLS as player with New York Red Bulls means he will able to settle as a manager in the competition quicker] It’s an honour to be named head coach of Montreal Impact and to come back to MLS. It’s a league that I know well and where I spent some good times. To be in Quebec with Montreal, which has an enormous multicultural heritage, it’s something extraordinary. I’ve always had an eye on this club and now I’m here

2020 01 17 Retrieve

[Thierry Henry, one of the great forwards of the modern era, talking recently about the role of a striker] It’s an easy job. You can be bad for a whole game or a whole year, but if you score the goal which wins the game or the title, you’re remembered for life

In my mind when I became a No.9, I felt I needed to do something different. Something that could separate me and make that position evolve. I’d had enough of listening to people saying you have to feed the No.9. What do you mean you have to feed the 9?! The 9 has to help the wingers, surely?

That is exactly what I was trying to do. Can you help your team if your team is not helping you? That is the job of a striker. Be available, come into midfield, come and get the ball on the right, on the left, make things happen. For me, you need to have more in your locker than goals

[Thierry Henry on Firmino who scores the winner against Spurs] He’s the most complete striker in the league. I’m not talking about the best finisher or the best work-rate, I’m talking about all round. He’s the most complete in the league

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[Thierry Henry: I’ll want to manage Arsenal until the day I die] I do dream of managing Arsenal but I also dream of running up the court and doing a slam dunk. It doesn’t mean it’ll happen. But, yes, I’ll want to manage Arsenal until the day I die

[Henry added on speculation he had initially been lined up to succeed Wenger at Arsenal] was already difficult before Arsene left. It was already difficult. I have learnt by coming onto this side of things (coaching), there are things that I heard, that you might hear something from someone you know or I know and we might know things. But we don’t actually know anything, certainly not enough to speak about it, since then I have decided it is best not to get involved in these sorts of things

The intensity, the rhythm that you have in the Premier League, it’s very high. You see, when you watch Liverpool, even just watching them, you get tired. They move so quickly. When you go to Manchester City, before you have even looked up, there is pressing on you. If you control the ball, there are already three guys around you. The Premier League’s intensity is immense

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[Henry says MLS has ‘no limits’ as league looks to catch up to world’s best] The fact that now teams are buying players from the Mexican league and trying, managing, to get players from Europe earlier, I don’t think that would have happened before. The league was always trying to get guys at the end of the contract and try to see if they would come or not. Now, teams are going and getting those players from the Mexican league early, straight away, young age. Argentina, I’m not going to name all the countries, but that would never happen before and so that’s a sign that the league is evolving. It’s very difficult because this is the 25th anniversary of the league this year and so you have other leagues that have been playing for 100 years already, some a bit less. You have clubs in Europe that are 125 years old. It’s difficult to battle history, so let the league grow and reach. I don’t know how far they can go, this league can go. It’s up to us obviously now I’m back in, to make sure that we can elevate the league as much as we can. This league has no limits for me, but you need time to reach that level, if you know what I mean

[Henry believes the standard has taken a leap forward in recent years] You need to adjust to this league. When I came to play here, a lot of people, when I was going back to Europe were telling me, ‘Oh, this league is easy’. I was like, ‘Hey, the league is not easy, you need to adjust to it’. The physical, the traveling. You have to play in Houston where it’s 39, I’m talking in Celsius, it’s 38, 39 with 90 percent humidity. Everybody runs everywhere, you’re out of breath, it’s too hot. You have lots of stuff that you need to battle when you arrive in this league and you need to understand this league and understand the fans

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[Thierry Henry getting to grips with lockdown life in Montreal] I wake up, work out, cook, relax a bit, go back to work out. Sometimes I will watch some games that I’ve seen some. Sometime I will just relax. Cook again at night

One thing that I’ve noticed is it seems like you need to clean the house every two minutes. Usually you’re not at home so you’re not cooking that much, so you always have to wash the dishes and clean the house. Other than that, I try to take care of myself obviously and be in shape. I didn’t do that for a very long time, but yeah, that’s it

[The break takes Henry out of his adaptation phase] We had a month and a half or so to prepare, change the tactics, kind of change the brain that they had before. It’s not only a different coach from before, but the previous coach asked them to play a way that he liked, and you have to change them to play the way that you like. It takes time. It takes a lot of time. I always mention Jurgen Klopp. It took him three and a half years to do what he’s doing with Liverpool. It doesn’t happen just like that. So we were kind of getting somewhere. It was early stages. Let’s not get carried away. Guys were starting to understand what we wanted and how we wanted to play and the intensity and the togetherness and the fight that we wanted to put into games … but then you have to stop

It’s the not knowing when we are going to come back. That’s kind of in brackets, ‘unknowing.’ Other than that you just have to be prepared for the when. You can talk about how motivation isn’t always easy. It can be easy for me. I see it as an easy thing if you’re a competitor. You obviously have to train and work hard and be ready for whatever is going to come your way. But at times, I guess it’s not always easy to know the ‘when’ you are coming back. A competitor would like to know when he’s going to compete.

You have to trust them, give them information, give them exercises that they need to do. And when they come back, if you are a champion and you are a competitor, you will come back fit because that’s what drives you and that’s how you should be at the end of the day

Sometimes one of the things I do is think about the games that we played. I know they are not a lot, but the situation made it like that. But I’m thinking about stuff that we might change or not, or how we can play or what can be the next step or new way of training, if we are going to do the same way or not. A lot of stuff is going through my head during the day, and I don’t talk about it obviously because I cannot, but I think about it.

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[Henry: I found it easier to play for Arsenal than Barcelona] At Arsenal, I could go wherever I wanted. Like when you [Aguero] played with Diego Forlan. It was much easier for me at Arsenal because I had either Bergkamp or Kanu. They liked staying in the middle which allowed me to drop back, move on the right side, left side

I was at Arsenal, I never thought I was going to leave but I did. I went to Barcelona, a different type of game, a different type of style to relearn how to play the game because at Arsenal, Dennis was there, Kanu was there and I could move everywhere upfront, come in the middle, get the ball, go on the right and the left. Then suddenly you arrive at Barcelona and I had Rijkaard asking me to stay on the left and then when Pep arrived … Pep is an amazing coach first and foremost but he’s very demanding, very intense and it’s almost like you play chess with him. You always want to be a step ahead of what you’re doing. To do that you have to stay in your position in order to make the pitch as big as possible for the midfielders to operate what they need to operate. You need to make fake runs to take the backline away, to create space for the No.10 on your side because we were playing with one holding midfielder and two No.10s so I always had to make runs in behind to make sure that Andres [Iniesta] was going to get the ball and if you don’t you kill the space. I started to understand space, move in the space. It was a different type of game and then once I did adjust and adapt than in 2009 we went on the year of winning everything possible. It was an amazing time but as you know, Arsenal is in my heart

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[Thierry Henry is hoping to see Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang remain at Arsenal] Everybody will do whatever they have to do. How am I going to say to someone to stay when I left? Things happen but that doesn’t kill the love that you have for a place. As an Arsenal fan you want him to stay, but as a football player he will assess the situation with his family, with his dad, and see what is the best for them. If you’re an Arsenal man then you don’t want him to leave, but the guy has a career and I don’t know what’s in his head. All I know is that we are definitely going to miss his goals if he does leave. He does score goals and if you take the goals of Aubameyang away, it’s a tough one. I respect people and what they have to go through and what desire or dream they have, but as an Arsenal man, any Arsenal fan would be crazy to say he should leave. I don’t want him to leave, but on the other side you have to understand the guy has a life and maybe he needs to see something else. Who knows? I hope that he stays.

It’s a tough one because Mikel Arteta was getting them to a certain place, you could see the organisation, they were more compact, difficult to beat, and then that happened. I can tell you as a coach now that is not easy to deal with because you want to carry on with what you are doing. With the players, although you are talking to them it is better to train and try to see what you can do after training at the weekend. It depends on who is going to leave, who is not going to leave. We don’t know about that. Who’s going to come? I just want Arsenal to do well and compete. I wish them the best all the time. Mikel Arteta, too, because that’s a tough job, as everyone knows. We have to give him time

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[France legend Thierry Henry had admitted that his Arsenal team-mates used to make fun of him for trying out new skills and techniques in training, but that he was ultimately vindicated after scoring one of the Premier League’s most famous goals against Manchester United in October 2000] It’s kind of weird because I used to try stuff and when it wasn’t working [people] used to… look, I can’t say it because it’s swearing, but they used to say, ‘What the … was that?’. They used to joke like ‘What are you trying to do?’. But that was me, I always used to try stuff. People called me cocky at times, people called me arrogant - I was confident. I knew I could score goals. I used to do more difficult stuff than that in training to make sure I could do it in the game. But to go back to the goal, it’s so weird because I was behind Denis Irwin and that’s something that always used to work - I always used to put myself in the offside position because it’s the most difficult thing for the defender. He didn’t know if I was going to come from the right or the left and by the time he sees me it’s too late. I felt like chipping it and volleying the ball, but the most difficult skill in that goal is when I flicked it, the ball went a bit away, right? And so if I smashed it, it would have gone all the way onto the road. I knew I just had to cushion it a bit and make sure it was going to float over and the ball went in.

I would try some stuff where you would look at it and say to me, ‘What was that?’ - and that’s the beauty of the game, you have to try stuff, you have to entertain people. Luckily enough, the ball went in, it was against Man Utd […] I say all the time, I’ve scored more difficult goals than that, but they were not against Man Utd

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[Thierry Henry on ‘The Invincibles’ team of Arsenal in the 2003/04 Premier League season] I keep on saying to everybody we were competitors, wanting to win and would do anything to win, competing against Man united but the hardest thing ever was to train. The training session, you saw what we did and what we didn’t do. All you are facing is Sol Campbell, [Martin] Keown, Kolo [Toure], every morning, That is what I had to deal with every morning and they had to deal with us. It was so hard in training. Sometimes we would fight in training, battle. It makes me laugh when you hear ‘oh we argued’ but it was meant to happen.

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[Henry admits to screaming at & arguing with ‘father figure’ Wenger during iconic Arsenal spell] He was like a father figure for me. So, as you can imagine, with your dad, you argue, you scream, he punishes you. Then, I want to show him the same relationship that you have with a dad: it’s complicated at times, sometimes it’s the best, sometimes we’re best friends, sometimes we’re worst enemies and we argue. But that’s what happens when you love someone. Because you care, that’s why you argue. But I’ll tell you, there are two guys - since we’re mentioning Arsene. Arsene triggered my brain, and every day, it was something about my brain, about asking myself the right questions. And then you have Pep [Guardiola], who tactically triggered my brain. So those two guys had a massive impact on me, but I cannot, obviously, talk about my career without Arsene, because I think one of the most important things in the world, not only in sport, is to trigger the brain of someone, to stimulate the brain of someone every single day. If not, it’s close to dying, if your brain is not functioning properly

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[Thierry Henry: Montreal Impact boss calls on team and MLS to adapt] We all know that it is not ideal in terms of preparation, but it is what it is. You have to adapt to what comes your way and understand the protocol and whatever protocol it is you have to adapt to it. We try to prepare the team the best way we could physically and also mentally

[Nashville confirmed two of their players had tested positive last weekend, followed by a further three on Monday. That announcement led the league to call off what was scheduled to be the MLS’ second fixture after Orlando City’s match against Inter Miami] You have doctors and people in the MLS (that) have to think about and deal with the Dallas situation. I am not in their dressing room to know exactly what happened, a decision has been taken - I didn’t take that decision - so we just have to follow protocol

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[Henry’s demonstration of eight minutes and 46 seconds is the amount of time Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on the neck of Floyd] I sat down for 8 mins and 46 seconds, I guess you guys know why. That was just to pay tribute. That was it, simple