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Name Thomas Vermaelen
Gender Male
Ethnic Belgian
Job Belgian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Belgium National Team
Club as Player Vissel Kobe
  Barcelona FC

2015 12 21 Retrieve

[on Messi, Suarez, and Neymar] They are the three best in the world. Together they are incredible. The goals they score, the way they play. What they do on the pitch they do in training as well. For us it’s amazing. If you play against the best, you will only get better. You have to improve. We’re lucky we can see them every day in training; what they do is special. We’re lucky we can see it. You have to wait until it’s on the TV, but we can see it every day

2018 02 17 Retrieve

[Thomas Vermaelen speaks about a common misperception about Barça defenders] People have a bit of a wrong view of defenders in Barcelona because they think: ‘Ah it’s an easy job, they only attack, attack, attack’ but the demands are very high. Playing in the other team’s half doesn’t just happen by itself. It’s because we keep them under constant pressure

2019 09 03 Retrieve

[Former Arsenal defender Thomas Vermaelen is confident the side will improve under Unai Emery this season] Arsenal have improved with the players they got in the summer. I think they did a good job in the transfer market. It’s a new Arsenal but it doesn’t mean it is going to be worse than last season or difficult now. Of course a few players have to adapt but I think there is a good manager there (Unai Emery) who wants to play football. I expect them to do better than last year