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Tim Krul
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Goalkeeper
Desc xxxx


Club as Player Norwich FC
  Newcastle United

2013 11 10 Retrieve

[Krul delighted after career-best performance] This is the highlight of my career. It was nice to celebrate with the back four. These kind of games don’t happen very often, (it was) a great result. The first save was the best, Soldado’s header. The sun was low and it kick-started from there. Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa put his life on the line to clear one and it shows the commitment, from the back five to the strikers. I think we have played better; against Sunderland we played well and lost. As long as we keep grafting, [Loic] Remy up front keeps scoring. If we keep a clean sheet we can win games. We know the Premier League is unforgiving. Two home games to go and we can look ahead with great confidence

2017 01 31 Retrieve

[Newcastle United goalkeeper Tim Krul has joined AZ Alkmaar on loan until the end of the season after his stint at Ajax was cut short] AZ is a fantastic club. They compete for prizes in the league, the cup and in Europe, and they are doing just fine. When they called, I could hardly say no. They have put so much confidence in me that I decided to come. I have been fit for a while, but have been unable to really show it yet. I hope to regain my former level

2017 02 15 Retrieve

[Krul involved in embarrassing UEFA mix-up] You might wanna update the profile pic of Tim Krul on your website

2019 05 07 Retrieve

[Ben Godfrey and Max Aarons haven been urged to shun any interest shown from Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham, with Tim Krul telling them to prove a point in the Premier League with Norwich] We all know when the big money is going to be offered, heads are going to get turned. But if Manchester United come in at 19 or 20 years old, there is no point sitting on the bench. They have to play. I will tell them. The money will come to these lads. When you look at how well they have done this year, some of them were in the U23s last year and no-one knew about them. Now they are massively sought after talent and rightly so. Every credit being thrown at them, they deserve. But what a chance for them to play week in week out if they stay. I can’t wait to see them on the big stage next year. Max Aarons is 19 now, can you imagine to have won the Championship and have a year behind him in the Premier League, that is more important than anything.

[Norwich are determined to retain the services of as many players as possible, with former Newcastle custodian Krul aware of how tough life in the Premier League is going to be for those at Carrow Road] It is going to be hard for sure. We will have to yell at each other. You need mental strength. The young ones haven’t really come under the negative pressure of losing maybe two or three in a row. That is going to be all new to them and that’s when you have to be confident and believe in your own qualities. It is going to be hard graft. I have seen both sides of the table. I have finished fifth with Newcastle and been four points off the Champions League in 2011-12 but also had relegation battles. Even when we finished fifth we lost 4-0 at Wigan and then beat Chelsea away 2-0. It is such a crazy league. You have to take it by the throat and be ready for whatever gets thrown at you.

2019 12 01 Retrieve

[Krul was annoyed the spot-kick had to be taken again after his histrionics on the line appeared to unnerve Aubameyang] For me the job is to get in the striker’s head and doubt themselves. Especially at home with the crowd behind me, I took a bit longer than the referee liked and he gave me a yellow card, rightly so because I came off my line again. At the end of the day I saved it and it was frustrating it had to be retaken because one of our lads was a bit too quick. I just said to Mesut Ozil as they were celebrating that they were lucky because the referee helped them a lot there

2020 01 18 Retrieve

[Tim Krul said Norwich’s players are ‘sick’ of the involvement of outside VAR monitors after Canaries defender Ben Godfrey became the first player to be sent off in the Premier League using a pitch-side check] Over the last 10-12 games we deserved more wins but football is a harsh game sometimes. We did everything right today to get the three points. We needed the win to kick-start belief. We all know we can’t influence the referee. The referee needs to make decisions. We are sick of people outside the stadium in a little room getting involved

2020 03 05 Retrieve

[Tim Krul is great at saving penalties, right? Well it turns out that is not strictly true] Everyone says I am good at penalties so I knew I’d better start saving some. That’s what it’s all about, that’s why we do the work. When you have down times, this is what you think of. As a little boy you want to save penalties and get your club through. Big emotions today. Me and my coach do our homework, I had them on my bottle, it all happens in a shootout. What a place to do it as well and for 9,000 fans to be here on a Wednesday night

2020 03 06 Retrieve

[Even then he was playing mind games, admitting he spoke to every Costa Rica player as he stepped up to take a penalty to ‘try to get in their heads’] I don’t think I did anything wrong. I did nothing crazy. I didn’t shout in an aggressive manner. I told them I knew where they were going because I had analysed it. It worked

2020 03 25 Retrieve

[Tim Krul speaks to BBC Radio Norfolk on life without football] It’s really strange, we’ve got some group chats going on with the staff and individual ones with players. They’re keeping us up to date as much as they can, but I think we’re all a bit the same, just waiting for updates from the BBC and the Prime Minister. It’s been a crazy experience; we’ll just have to pull through together. It’s difficult when you’re trying to prepare for something, but we don’t really know when the next game is going to be!

[In line with new advice from the Government, Krul said he’s not been able to see some of his own family due to flights being cancelled] It is difficult for some, I can certainly speak for my parents who were meant to fly in last week, but that got cancelled as it was quite high risk. They’re still in Holland, but I’m quite lucky to have my wife and child with me. But there are players who are single and haven’t quite got the ways to see anybody really. It’s a difficult time for everyone, but I think the most important thing is the appreciation of the NHS. I’ve spoken to a few people who have family who countlessly go to work without thinking twice, doing 12, 14, 16-hour shifts without a moan. I think that’s really worth the applause because they’re the real heroes of this time I think.

[Select members from the club have decided to call older season ticket holders over recent days, checking in on their wellbeing and if they need anything the club can help with. Krul was one of these callers] It’s been really eye-opening actually, you don’t realise what people go through all the time. We’re quite privileged to be in Norwich. I’ve managed to speak to some people who haven’t quite got the family or support, or don’t know the numbers to ring. It’s been an amazing project the club has started. I spoke to a lovely lady yesterday, who’s 94th birthday is today. She didn’t have any milk, any bread and she was scared to leave the house, but she ended up living six houses down the road from me, so it ended up being an amazing call! I was able to get some stuff to her, but it shows we need to, as a community, get together because there’ll be some people without the privilege of family to help them!

2020 03 25b Retrieve

[Former Newcastle United goalkeeper Tim Krul has been lending a hand on a more local level] I spoke to a lovely lady yesterday, she has her 94th birthday today. She didn’t have any milk, any bread and she was scared to leave the house. (It turned out) she was living six houses down the road from me, so it ended up being an amazing call … I was able to get some stuff to her

2020 04 03 Retrieve

[Norwich are one of the Premier League clubs who have faced criticism for furloughing staff and yet the club are topping up Government payments to make sure employees receive their full incomes] As a club, we will do what’s right for sure. Things don’t just happen overnight. It’s not as easy as to just say ‘right, we will give this amount of wages or these weekly wages’. There’s more to it. That’s why we made our donation as a club, as it was something we could do quickly and relatively easily. I hope the money is getting to the right places as quickly as possible and, for sure, there will be more happening in the near future. Everyone wanted to do something, so we chatted with the directors and the staff, and asked ‘what can we do?’ It’s hard because you don’t want to chuck all your eggs straight away into one basket if things are still happening in four or five weeks, two months and people still need help. We came to the conclusion to make this donation initially and just get some initial aid out to the people who might need it the most. At the moment, it was the right direction to go in and all the players were straight on board to donate a big piece. Of course, there will be more we do but we are not with each other 24/7, so it’s more challenging to get everybody on the right page. This was an initial move from us to get it going

Football players are getting a bit of a bad name at the moment and in any walk of life you have the odd ones out. But in the main, everyone will try to help and you need to find the right time and the right way. The one that stood out for me was I’ve got a 94-year-old lady who lives five doors down the road from me. I spoke to her younger sister who is 82, who was worried about her. So I asked for her number and said I would see if she needed anything. She was too scared to go out of the house, she had no milk, no bread and the next day was her 94th birthday, so me and my missus managed to get some stuff and a little birthday cake over to her. Some of them didn’t answer and one guy said ‘I don’t believe you if you say you’re Tim Krul or Tom Hanks, so see you later, goodnight’, which made me laugh. But speaking to people who have been season ticket holders for 40 or 50 years, the stories they come out with, it’s just so rewarding. As a football player, we live in a bubble really and I can recommend it for other people to do. We will definitely get some more lists from the club to keep doing it.

[Other than trying to help where possible, Krul has been dividing his time between trying to keep fit and home schooling his daughter] It’s just been keeping my fitness up and giving myself two or three weks to let my body heal. I haven’t been doing any ball work, so I will need two or three weeks to get my reactions back. I think we will get that time and you need some time before the season restarts. You can’t just say ‘oh, we’ll play Arsenal next week’. It doesn’t work like that. I’ve got a six-year-old daughter who is home schooling, so it’s been positive to be part of that because normally I’m always away on the road so it’s been nice to see more of her. There is a lot of homework going on at the moment, but I’m busy with my daughter’s maths. That’s harder!