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Name Tim Sherwood
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Tottenham Hotspur

2015 02 28 Retrieve

[Tim Sherwood on whether he should have had to prove himself before being handed the Aston Villa reins] Pep Guardiola didn’t have to go out and work in the lower leagues, did he? It helps when you have the best players in the world. Some experienced managers are very good and some are not very good. I think experience is overrated. If it was all about experience, Wayne Rooney wouldn’t have played for Everton at 16

2020 05 02 Retrieve

[Former boss Tim Sherwood says Tottenham ace Harry Kane will make a decision on his future very soon] It’s like Alan Shearer. He finishes fourth with Blackburn (in 1992-93), then second (in 1993-94). Manchester United are all over him. But he decides to stay, because he believes we have the quality to win it, and we did the next season. Harry needs to assess this himself. I would wait to see what they do in the summer. They’ve got a manager who has not gone there to only finish inside the top four. Harry will know very soon if the club are willing to spend that money to give themselves that opportunity of winning the league.

2020 05 19 Retrieve

[Tim Sherwood says Harry Kane could end up at Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern Munich but is unlikely to leave Tottenham for Premier League rivals Manchester United] I can’t see Harry Kane leaving Tottenham and going to any other club in the Premier League. Not even Manchester United. That’s just my opinion. I think he’d go to Real Madrid or Barcelona or Bayern Munich - I can see him there, yes, if things don’t turn around at Tottenham. He wants to stay at Tottenham for the rest of his career, that’s for sure. But in the end he wants to win stuff.

I don’t think Harry Kane would be at Tottenham if I wasn’t there as manager. They were looking to offload Harry Kane, perhaps because he’d been out on a few loans. I viewed it as a development process, a games programme which was better than the one he was being offered in Under-21 football, I thought it was the best thing for him. And there were a lot of people around the club at the time maybe suggesting that he wasn’t going to be a player of Premier League quality. Character, mindset, mentality is huge. People talk to me about ability and I always believe if your ability is there but your mindset and your character is [more], then you’ve got a chance. If it’s the other way around, if your mind and mentality is there and your ability is [higher], you won’t make it. If you can marry the two up, I think that’s what Harry had to his advantage. Every single day coming to training and wanting to improve himself and I knew he had the capabilities. Physically he was growing, he was getting stronger, he was getting fitter, he was still a boy when I gave him the opportunity to play. So he came in at the right time.

2020 06 13 Retrieve

[Spurs could still sneak back into the Champions League if Manchester City’s two-season ban from the competition is held up, but United are currently sitting in the coveted fifth spot] The form going into the break counts for nothing. It’s a fresh season. They’ve had a mini pre-season there. They’ve got nine games to finish in their objective, which is in the Champions League. [Paul] Pogba is back as well and that will be a massive plus; Pogba, [Bruno] Fernandes and [Scott] McTominay in that midfield is quite formidable in my opinion.

If I’m Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and I’m looking at the teams below me, Tottenham are the major threat. I would say, ‘lets go all out to win this football game’. If you do you put Tottenham to bed, I don’t think they catch Manchester United if they do not beat Manchester United in the first game.

I think they’ve got as good a chance as any down there. Obviously they were relying on games later on in the run in at home but it’s going to make no difference now. Really, if you are looking at the example of the Bundesliga, the home form counts for very little without the fans being there. I hope they stay up; they are a big club and I want to see them in the Premier League, but there are a lot of other teams fighting for their lives down there as well. They are so reliant [on Jack Grealish]. I don’t know any team, for a very long time, who are so reliant on one player. Jack Grealish is Aston Villa at the moment. If he can turn it on, give him the ball in the last few minutes of the game, take it to the heart of the defenders, causes havoc. He could be the reason [they stay up]. If they stay up then I’m certain Jack Grealish is the reason