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Name Tom Werner
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Club as Coach Liverpool [chairman]

2019 08 05 Retrieve

[Tom Werner saw the Reds endure Premier League title pain in 2018-19, but he is adamant that English football doesn’t ‘want a league like Serie A where Juventus win it every year without any competition’] I think our fans are like our players, manager and us as owners, they want to win everything. Of course the league title is a big, big ambition but I think last season taught us the key is to focus on just winning the next game and being greedy to keep winning and see where that gets us. There’s so much to compete for this season thanks to our success in Madrid. The Super Cup, the Club World Cup competition, domestic cups, the Champions League again and yes, the Premier League. We go into every one of them knowing we are good enough to be in the conversation to win them. I think that’s pretty cool.

The Liverpool team on that pitch over the past year was such a united team. Listen, we have to compliment Man City. They played flawless football in the Premier League for the final four months of last season. They didn’t drop a point after January. I’m not taking anything away from our season but City are a magnificent football team and it’s going to be a big challenge for us again. I think last season was very good for the sport. It’s important for the Premier League that the competition is there. We don’t want a league like Serie A where Juventus win it every year without any competition

As special as last season was for Liverpool, it was bittersweet towards the end. As successful as we were, we didn’t finish the job in the Premier League. To have the opportunity to win the Champions League was so special. We came into this experience wanting to win trophies for the team and for our fans. It was really gratifying to witness that in Madrid. It was an extraordinary evening

2019 08 05b Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp has been billed as perfect for Liverpool by club chairman Tom Werner] What comes through from Jurgen is what a kind, humble, intelligent, confident and good humoured leader he is. He’s obviously the right person for Liverpool. We were convinced of that the first time John Henry, Mike Gordon and I met him in New York. The match between the aspirations of our fan base, the history of the club and Jurgen, they match up in a way that is really perfect. I’m sure he could have taken a job at any other top club but I think this has been a great match.

I think he would be a brilliant psychologist if he wasn’t such a great manager. He brings out the best in players. The moment I’ll remember more than any other from the final in Madrid is when the players embraced Jurgen and then threw him up in the air on the pitch. We can talk about what a remarkable coach he is but the love that you felt in that moment between Jurgen and his players was so great. There’s so much respect for him and what he’s done for them. There was great love in that moment

I don’t think it makes strategic sense for an owner to comment on transfer policy while a transfer window remains open. What I would say is that, as always, Jurgen has articulated the situation really well by pointing not only to the strength we already have but the strength we have to come back. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is back, Rhian Brewster is available properly for the first time I’d say, Naby Keita a year on, I could go on … It’s also a very high-quality team and squad, which makes signing players who are better than we currently have more challenging. What I would say is that we always remain ambitious and we remain committed to keeping this amazing squad together and at a level where it can be competitive for all the big trophies

2019 11 21 Retrieve

[Liverpool set to take Anfield capacity past 60,000 as they prepare to share expansion plans with supporters] We are still analysing the opportunity to build on Anfield Road. We are trying to figure it out. When we went forward with the Main Stand expansion, which I’m very proud about, we obviously wanted to do it right so we were quiet about it. In a perfect world we will be able to figure this out

2019 12 13 Retrieve

[New Klopp contract thrills FSG] As we are sure our supporters would agree, it is truly wonderful news and we are all extremely thrilled, not only professionally, but personally too. We feel this represents one of the big moments of our stewardship of Liverpool Football Club so far as we believe there is no better manager than Jurgen. The decision also keeps with the club’s overall strategy of building from a position of strength. It means Jurgen will oversee the ongoing transition from Melwood to the new Kirkby training base as the club continues to pursue a vision of being elite in all facets of the industry

It also provides us with continuity with the existing football operations management structure, overseen by sporting director Michael Edwards, whose input into the project cannot be overestimated. He has been – and will continue to be – as indispensably important as anyone else to the direction of Liverpool Football Club. In Jurgen and Michael we are blessed with world-class leadership.

This is a collective partnership that has seen the club reach and then re-establish itself as an elite performer at home and abroad. Back in 2015 we used the phrase ‘ideal fit’ when we appointed Jürgen. This continues to apply today and, if anything, the circumstances make it more pertinent. We consider him to be the best there is. If Liverpool Football Club were looking to appoint the most outstanding, elite manager for our current status today, Jürgen would be the first choice – no question. We believe this deal cements a relationship built on trust and mutual benefit: Jürgen has delivered for LFC and LFC has delivered for Jürgen. Both parties have come to the conclusion that by continuing to work together and build on the work of the last four years, the opportunity exists to maximise each other’s potential

2020 02 06 Retrieve

[Liverpool chairman Werner can hardly believe record-breaking Premier League form] I am pinching myself, but we haven’t done the job yet. I keep saying to everyone I talk to that we really need to savour this because I appreciate the record we have achieved so far and I don’t think it is going to come along quickly [again]. The level of competition in this league is so great eventually you think you are going to have an off day. But that hasn’t happened yet, which is a great compliment to Jurgen because obviously, the team is playing at peak talent every week. As Jurgen said, we haven’t done the job. We haven’t accomplished anything yet. There will be time to enjoy this even more at the end of the season

[Werner suggested more changes may be considered, echoing Klopp’s public concern about the welfare of players] We all have to look at the calendar. We are all concerned at the amount of stress we are putting on our players. It is a bigger issue and I am not competent to know what the solution is

2020 03 20 Retrieve

[In 2011 LeBron cut a deal with the Fenway Sports Group owners to buy a small minority stake and enter in partnership with the club] There are very few athletes who can match his global reach, appeal and iconic status. We feel the business opportunities for both working and being identified together in emerging international markets will result in unforeseen opportunities that neither would have been able to realise alone

2020 05 22 Retrieve

[Liverpool chairman Tom Werner is hoping that the club will get to take in a title parade with their supporters at some stage] There’s a hole in so many people’s lives. Football is central to their dreams and their hopes. And certainly, as regards Liverpool, we are playing magnificent football and we are just a couple of matches away from winning the trophy. But I do put it in perspective. It’s a terrible situation we’re all in. Someday, hopefully, there will be a vaccine and we can return to the joy of being in a stadium and watching the elegant play of great football players. We hope at some point, people will be able to sit next to each other and enjoy the experience of a sporting event. But that seems like a long way off at the moment

I thought I never could imagine experiencing anything like that. Then somebody said, ‘Well, if we win the Premier League, this parade will be dwarfed’. So, I am looking forward to a parade sometime when we can all congregate because I know how important that means to all of our supporters

2020 05 23 Retrieve

[Liverpool chairman Tom Werner accepts the club made a mistake] It’s better to admit a mistake than to dig your heels in. Hopefully, people will know that all we really care about is trying to support the fans and support our players and our club in a way that is sustainable. It’s a terrible situation we’re all in. Someday, hopefully, there will be a vaccine and we can return to the joy of being in a stadium and watching the elegant play of great football players. The most important thing is safety and the Premier League are working on protocols. But there’s a hole in so many people’s lives. Football is central to their dreams and their hopes. Certainly, as regards to Liverpool, we are playing magnificent football and we are just a couple of matches away from winning the trophy. But I do put it in perspective

The 4-0 win over Barcelona [in the semi-final second leg] was the single greatest sporting event I’ve ever seen. The reaction our supporters had in the stadium that day and around the world is something that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. I thought I could never imagine experiencing anything like [the parade]. Then somebody said, ‘Well, if we win the Premier League, this parade will be dwarfed’. I’m looking forward to a parade when we can all congregate again

2020 06 27 Retrieve

[Liverpool chairman Tom Werner lauded the impact of Jurgen Klopp after the manager led the Reds to their first league title since 1990] I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing or watching the great football of [Bill] Shankly and [Bob] Paisley, so I don’t really want to compare Jurgen to previous managers. I just know that the league is extremely competitive and when we first became involved in Liverpool over 10 years ago, we were not even thinking about winning the league. Our dream was to just become top four and make it to the Champions League. He has just created such an atmosphere at Liverpool that there’s no alternative except to win. He has created such an atmosphere

One of the things that I’m just joyful about whenever I watch the team is how many players contribute. It doesn’t just lie on the shoulders of our wonderful striker or our wonderful goalkeeper. So many players contribute – from [Jordan] Henderson to [Roberto] Firmino, to [Alex] Oxlade-Chamberlain, to [Georginio] Wijnaldum, to Fabinho, to [Virgil] Van Dijk. I also enjoy their joy because I saw a video of them last night celebrating together and you could just feel the camaraderie that this club has. We celebrated this as a club

All of us were so delighted because this has been a long march. I know that our supporters struggled for 30 years to reach this pinnacle. My first thought was to just share that moment with our supporters because without them, the club is nothing. As Jurgen said, our supporters provided such an incredible contribution to winning the league – not just this year, but every year. My hope is that all of us who are supporters of the club can take a moment today and this week to safely celebrate what is a remarkable achievement

2020 06 27b Retrieve

[chairman Tom Werner says Premier League success has increased Liverpool’s hunger to win trophies and enter a period of sustained success] We certainly have no plans to do anything else but enjoy other successes with Liverpool. My hope is that this kind of outstanding play can be replicated again next season. We have certainly reached quite a pinnacle with this achievement. We’re hopefully entering another period of sustained success. The competition is fierce. I know our rivals are working tirelessly to upend us. But we have such talent in place

Winning the Premier League it just makes us all hungrier to continue our journey here and give the supporters even more trophies. We’re already thinking about next season and planning. We are on this path to give back to our fans the joy that existed many years ago when Liverpool were undeniably the greatest club in English football. It’s arguable that we’re back at that place again and it’s a wonderful place to be

If I’d said … last July that this moment would not only occur but would occur with such a points gap between Liverpool and the rest of the league, you would have thought I was crazy. It’s a singular achievement. All the kudos and accolades to Jurgen and the team

[With uncertainty about how the season would be completed, some suggested the Reds’ title glory would forever have an asterisk next to it] What’s important is that in 20 years people won’t remember the odd circumstances of 2019-20 with COVID-19. They will remember that Liverpool won the league and they will remember that we deserved to win the league

2020 06 29 Retrieve

[Liverpool chairman Tom Werner on Jurgen Klopp, Jordan Henderson and transfer plans] I called Jordan to express my appreciation. As you know he has been with the club since 2011 when we were struggling to finish seventh or eighth. His leadership both on and off the pitch has been brilliant and his relentless focus is matched by his talent

To quote Jurgen, he (Jordan) had the most difficult job in the world becoming captain after Steven Gerrard, and that only increases my admiration for how he has gone about this

As FSG, we are proud to have helped move the club forward. As we said 10 years ago, we hoped to under-promise, over-deliver and win trophies for our supporters. But it is Jurgen, the team and the staff who deserve our gratitude for such exceptional play. I could never have dreamed that we would win the league with seven games to go, leading Manchester City by more than 20 points!

I have texted Jurgen and Michael (Edwards) and while these conversations are private, the gist of them is that I am forever grateful for this historic run. I am also appreciative that Jurgen will be with the club until at least 2024. That’s quite a long time in football!

Regarding the transfer window, the only thing I would say is that we will continue to assess the transfer market, which at the moment is unclear, made even more so by the effect the virus will have not just on English football but football around the world

When the whistle blew at the end of the Chelsea match, my first thought was to thank the supporters who have waited 30 years for this celebration. Even though none of us could be at Anfield, it doesn’t diminish the magnificent achievement of this team. After coming so close to winning the league last year, I could only pay tribute to the consistency and relentlessness and focus and hunger that defined Liverpool this year