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Tomas Kalas
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc Kalas was the biggest surprise on Mourinho’s team sheet, as he’d never played a Premier League match before. He went on to have loan spells at Koln, Middlesbrough, Fulham and Bristol City, before joining the latter permanently in 2019


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Bristol City
  Chelsea FC

2019 06 12 Retrieve

[Bristol City are targeting the permanent signing of Chelsea loanee Tomas Kalas as they ring-fence a portion of their transfer budget to secure the defender] Now it is time to relax and after that back to business and where? Who knows

2019 07 31 Retrieve

[Former Chelsea defender Tomas Kalas has said that fans can ‘slap him’ if he refuses to take a picture with them after joining Bristol City permanently] In Bristol it’s a nice atmosphere everywhere you go. Nowadays loads of people know me now so it’s making it quite tough again. But as long as somebody isn’t rude like one of today’s kids. I signed their shirt and they said, ‘great own goal’ [against Crystal Palace on Saturday] … in that moment you would rip that shirt off them! As long as they ask politely, I’ve never said no (to signing an autograph) and I’ll never do that unless somebody says, as a direct order, ‘sign my shirt, take a picture with me’ then I don’t really hear that. But if somebody says please, because that’s what my father taught me, say hi to everyone who says hi, say please to anybody who says please. If somebody says, ‘please can we take a picture’ - if I say no then they can slap me

[The central defender says he chose to make his temporary move to Bristol City permanent due to the interest they showed in him even after his loan move expired] For me, personally, it was quite a successful season and the interest was there from Bristol City, the manager and the fans, especially, the whole summer. So that made the decision that much easier - the decision if I should wait for somebody else or shall I sign for Bristol as a first choice. I just wanted to get it done and dusted and find the club I can finally play for and dedicate whatever it takes on and off the pitch to one and only club; not always be on loans and try my best for the club that never takes me or never shows interest after certain successful seasons. They still showed the interest and that’s what I really appreciate

2019 11 09 Retrieve

[Tomas Kalas opens up on his injury frustration and reveals how Bristol City can keep Cardiff City quiet] I was really optimistic in the first two weeks but then it stopped healing as quickly as it was the first 10 days. It was frustrating because I was already planning when I’d be back, because I didn’t want to miss any matches. But the most important thing is to get back and make sure it doesn’t happen again. There’s loads of ways to approach it but my way, even though it takes longer was to aim to come back and go straight into the team. The recovery took twice as long as I wanted it to but I was able to go back into the team without being affected

[As is the case with every injury player, Saturday afternoons haven’t been much fun for the 26-year-old] Even though I had hamstring problems, I was kicking people in front of me when I was watching games so I apologise to them! I always want play and help the boys but I couldn’t so that was the most frustrating part of it

[That was the case at Barnsley where Williams and Kalas looked to have established an initially strong understanding but those two late goals and the points lost ruined all that promising work] You don’t want to know how it was in there after the game. There was disappointment, anger. You can’t just come into the dressing room after drawing a game you were supposed to win and tap each other on the backs like ‘let it go’. Naturally, we are winners and when we lose its difficult to take

[But Kalas is confident he and Williams will build a solid and reliable partnership, admitting his admiration for the Wales international] You can see straightaway how experienced he is and that’s by how he plays. We can learn from him because he’s been in the Premier League, I’ve never been there properly. He’s already played hundreds of games and I’m quite far away from that and so are a lot of other players. Whatever he does is probably right because if he wasn’t doing the correct things then he wouldn’t have had the career that he’s had. It’s more like an inspiration because if I were like him I’d be very happy

[Although the keys to victory, in his eyes, lie in not matching Cardiff up like-for-like but by trying to play a cuter brand of football and cutting off their supply line] It’ll be our task to not give them many opportunities to put the ball in the box. It doesn’t matter if that’s from set pieces or open play. If we start playing their way it will be difficult because they’re more physical than us. So we’ll try to play the way we do and hopefully it’ll be enough