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Name Toni Kroos
Birthplace Greifswald, East Germany, Germany
Gender Male
Ethnic German
Job German Footballer
Desc Toni Kroos born in Greifswald, East Germany just as the Berlin Wall was coming down, Kroos joined Bayern Munich 16 years later. After a year or so in the youth sides, he captained Germany at the Under-17 World Cup in South Korea, flying home from eastern Asia not with a winners medal, but a bronze one and the Golden Ball for the tournament’s best player


Org Germany National Team
Club as Player Real Madrid
  Bayern Munich
  Bayer Leverkusen [Loan]
  Bayern Munich

2015 04 25 Retrieve

[Toni Kroos on Cristiano Ronaldo] Cristiano is crazy for football. If he could just chose better timing for his parties that would be great! I didn’t go to the last one. I was invited a few days before and mentioned to him that we had the derby against Atletico. I decided not to go as it didn’t feel right at the time. As you know, we lost 4-0.

2016 12 17 Retrieve

[Germany and Real Madrid forward Toni Kroos tells his national team has no stars but thrive on team play] That’s hard to say. Us in Germany, and the whole world knows we have a good squad and not just one good player. I’d say our best player is the team

2018 04 24 Retrieve

[Toni Kroos fells Bayern Munich under Jupp Heynckes are getting better] I have the feeling they are much better off with Heynckes. Physically they look to be in good shape, you can see there is a good atmosphere in the team and the whole club. Heynckes is able to make the collective function; the atmosphere within a team is very important. It’s not just about tactical issues; it’s also good to keep everyone happy. We’re here to change that a bit

2018 04 28 Retrieve

[Toni Kroos talks about Real Madrid’s strength in the European club competition] You can’t buy a Champions League trophy. If that was the case, we would not have won it so much. It’s special for a team like Madrid. We have players in condition to play at the highest level. If you have a lot of players with that experience, in these difficult moments, you know what you have to do and you don’t lose your nerve. That’s what takes us so far

2018 06 23 Retrieve

[German midfielder Toni Kroos suggestes that he and his team-mates had been motivated by the impression they had that some Germany fans wanted them to lose and go out. The reaction to the team’s opening defeat against Mexico had been extreme] Of course the first goal is down to me – no question. But you’ve then got to have the balls to play like that in the second half. If you play 400 passes in a game, sometimes two will fail

The way we’ve fought until the end – we deserved to win. One had the feeling that some people in Germany would have been happy today if we were eliminated. But we’re not making it that easy for them

2019 03 02 Retrieve

[Toni Kroos fires back at Bernd Schuster after becoming the subject of disparaging comments who called Kroos a ‘diesel tractor’] Who?

2019 03 09 Retrieve

[Toni Kroos grapples with Real Madrid’s new reality after seeing Ajax dash their Champions League hopes] This week we lost everything. Every opportunity to win a trophy, we lost in this week. It’s hard to accept. For me people forget very fast about what happened in the past because I said now, it’s not usual that a team wins three Champions Leagues in a row and it will never happen again, I tell you now

2019 10 25 Retrieve

[when asked about his Real Madrid future in the summer, and that’s exactly what he’s doing] Stay and show that it was just a bad season

2019 12 11 Retrieve

[Kroos has been in far better form, too, helped by the spritely Fede Valverde] I really love this player. To come here is not easy and to play like he is at this age means he has a lot of quality.

2020 02 25 Retrieve

[Toni Kroos’ Manchester United move scuppered by David Moyes sacking] David Moyes had come to see me and the contract had basically been done but then Moyes was fired and Louis van Gaal came in, which complicated matters. Louis wanted time to build his own project. I didn’t hear anything from United for a while and started having doubts. Then the World Cup started and Carlo Ancelotti called. And that was it

[Former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez texted the midfielder to convince him to join them at Anfield] It wasn’t a straight chat-up line but they offered to tell me more about the club and so on. The funny thing was, Suarez was about to leave to Barcelona anyway

2020 02 29 Retrieve

[Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos talks about the club’s disappointing 2018/19 season] It’s easier said than done when the house is on fire but I’m blessed with the gift of not getting nervous - ever. I was certain that we could all still play football and get back to our usual levels.

2020 03 21 Retrieve

[Toni Kroos speaks while in quarantine] When football will be played again is at the bottom [of the list of priorities]. The main thing is how to get this invisible opponent away again and how to get back to normal. There are many other bigger problems than watching football again

2020 05 15 Retrieve

[Kroos rules out Guardiola reunion at Manchester City as he favours Real Madrid stay over Premier League move] I definitely plan to be with Real for these three years. Then it is a good time at 33 to question yourself: what does it look like physically, what does motivation look like - I still feel like it to keep going? If something comes together and you say: ‘Okay, one more year here, because you are just good enough and you still feel like it’, I would not rule it out, but then a move to England, which is also played very physically, I can’t imagine that at 33 […] Three years in football are long - three years at Real Madrid are even longer

2020 06 04 Retrieve

[Kroos: Adaptability key for Real Madrid ahead of La Liga return] We are training hard to get to the first game in the best possible shape. We can’t do any more, this situation is the same for everyone. We have to train well on our fitness, on our feeling with the ball and on how we have to play as a group, we are training for the 11 matches coming up. It’s the first time we have to play matches without the fans, let’s see how it is, and the team that adapts better to this situation is the one that will win

It’s much better to train with the group, you have to play matches in training. Now it seems to be more normal and we like it more. The weeks we’ve been at home we haven’t touched the ball much. We could work on the physical side of things at home, but not on the ball and even less so with the group. The most important thing is to touch the ball a lot

2020 06 12 Retrieve

[Real Madrid star Kroos expects and supports Black Lives Matter protests when La Liga resumes] I imagine that players in Spain will want to show solidarity with it. I imagine that players in Spain will want to show solidarity with it. It’s incredible that such acts are still happening. But it’s good that a rethink is taking place now. I hope that we can help those affected by it to some extent.

2020 06 12b Retrieve

[Kroos reading little into Real Madrid links to Mbappe and Sancho as ‘80 per cent’ of rumours prove to be false] I don’t know what the club wants and what financial expenses are possible. The players mentioned are interesting for many clubs because they are young and of good quality, but I’ve heard so many names in my six years in Madrid that could come and go and 80 per cent of the time things have turned out differently

[Kroos is reluctant to speculate on what the future could now hold for Mario Gotze he knows well] I haven’t seen him play at all lately. This is not only because he is used little, but because I watch so little Bundesliga. Therefore I cannot speculate on where he could fit right now

At Real Madrid there should always be at least one title if we want to speak about a successful season. Without a title, the season is not automatically bad, but last year was simply not a good one

2020 06 12c Retrieve

[Real Madrid star Toni Kroos has admitted that his side’s chances of winning the Primera Division hinge on Barcelona slipping up in the closing sprint to the finishing line] We can only hope that Barcelona leave something behind. We still lack a little bit of consistency, otherwise we would have gone into the coronavirus break as the league leaders. But that’s now happened. It will depend on who has fewer injuries. You’ll need every player. The deal that deals best with this unfamiliar situation will ultimately also become the champions. The games will show the physical condition of the teams because you can’t simulate that in training, you can only prepare yourself as best you can. In the first game, we’ll see where we are

[Madrid will play their home matches, which in common with all the fixtures in La Liga at present, will be behind closed doors] In my opinion it’s a smart decision. Our second team plays there and the stadium is on our training ground. The dimensions of the field are roughly the same as those at the Santiago Bernabeu. If fans can’t come, you don’t have to play in a stadium for 80,000 spectators, especially since you can continue to work there undisturbed

2020 06 14 Retrieve

[Marcelo kneels in support of Black Lives Matter movement after netting against Eibar. Prior to the match, the Brazilian’s team-mate Toni Kroos - who got Madrid off the mark on Sunday after just four minutes - anticipated that the protests would and should spill over into La Liga] I imagine that players in Spain will want to show solidarity with it. It cannot be ruled out and certainly not condemned. It’s incredible that such acts are still happening. But it’s good that a rethink is taking place now. I hope that we can help those affected by it to some extent

2020 06 26 Retrieve

[Toni Kroos has revealed that he drank so much after Bayern Munich’s Champions League defeat to Chelsea back in 2012 that he had to call an emergency doctor] Toni Kroos has revealed that he drank so much after Bayern Munich’s Champions League defeat to Chelsea back in 2012 that he had to call an emergency doctor. It was not a good thing but at least there was a reason for it. I remember that Jessi (Kroos’s wife Jessica) then said: ‘We can’t do that (call a doctor) now. Imagine if it came out that I called an emergency doctor for having too much to drink!’. There was no other way [to ease the pain of defeat]. In the end I had to call the emergency doctor myself because I thought: ‘It can’t be allowed to get worse than this.’

[Toni Kroos also referred to another night of boozing with his brother, and former Bayer Leverkusen defender Stefan Reinartz, where he ended up drinking tequila shots] because that was the only thing that went down pretty well

[It would appear that was the night that put the now 30-year-old off drinking alcohol for good, with Toni Kroos revealing] It was my fault that I wasn’t feeling well the next day. That was the point I said: ‘It (drinking alcohol) doesn’t do any good. I couldn’t look at tequila that evening and that’s why I gave it up completely. It didn’t hurt [giving it up] and I don’t miss it