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Tony Pulis
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Coach
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Org xxxx
Club as Coach Middlesbrough [Head Coach]
  Stoke City FC [Head Coach]

2010 03 19 Retrieve

[Former knock-out king Mike Tyson, an undisputed heavyweight boxing champion during the late 1980s, paid a visit to Stoke City’s training ground this week] Mike popped in for a few minutes and it was lovely to see him. The organisers are big Stoke supporters so they were keen to get him down here, if only for a couple of minutes. It was a bit of fun, but we didn’t get him stripped off for a bit of training on this occasion. It was just a chance to shake a few hands.

2015 11 21 Retrieve

[West Bromwich Albion manager Tony Pulis ahead of his club’s home match against Arsenal] You can get on a team bus now and the lads will stick their earphones on and get their computers out and do what they do. But I’m not into all the gadgets. I’m just a human being who enjoys other people’s company. When we were young, on coach trips to away games when I was at Bournemouth, there’d be four of us at the front of the bus. All we’d do is sit there and talk football. If we’d been up at Middlesbrough we’d talk football all the way back to Bournemouth. Unfortunately, I just don’t see that so much any more

2018 12 31 Retrieve

[Rajiv van La Parra has joined Middlesbrough’s promotion push for the remainder of the campaign from Huddersfield Town] He’s got a promotion with Huddersfield on his CV, he’s played for them in the Premier League and he’s played in the Championship with Wolves so he has a good pedigree. I think he will be a really good signing for us and offers something that we’ve been looking for

: 2019 06 22 Arsenal right-back Hector Bellerin has trolled West Brom and former manager Tony Pulis on Twitter as he congratulated Serge Gnabry on winning Bayern Munich’s Player of the Season award. Former Baggies boss Pulis infamously said that the winger was ‘not at the level required’ to play for West Brom after joining on loan from the Gunners in the summer of 2015.

2019 10 02 Retrieve

[Former West Brom coach Tony Pulis admits he’s shocked at Serge Gnabry’s transformation after seeing him score four Champions League goals for Bayern Munich in a 7-2 win over Tottenham] I’m amazed, we had him at West Brom, we took him on loan and we couldn’t ever get him fit - I think we even took him off in an Under 21’s game. He went back to Arsenal, they sold him on, he was a good kid, nice kid, didn’t mind him at all and he’s really fulfilled his potential. You could knock me over with a feather having worked with him at West Brom and seen him there to what he’s done is absolutely amazing. When people show what they can really do and they really knuckle down and become so good as he’s done, it’s absolutely fantastic

2019 10 04 Retrieve

[From Stuttgart, Serge Gnabry’s career took him to England with Arsenal, but he failed to make the grade at the Emirates Stadium or during a loan spell with West Brom] You could knock me over with a feather having worked with him at West Brom and seen him there to what he’s done is absolutely amazing. We took him on loan and we couldn’t ever get him fit - I think we even took him off in an Under-21 game

2019 11 22 Retrieve

[Serge Gnabry has come a long way since being a West Brom flop who only played 12 minutes of Premier League football under Tony Pulis. Four years later, Pulis admitted his shock at Gnabry’s impact in the Champions League] You could knock me over with a feather. I’m amazed. We had Serge Gnabry at West Brom, we took him on loan and we could never get him fit

2020 01 23 Retrieve

[Tony Pulis on Adama Traore] Adama was my best buddy so to lose him is really difficult. When I came to the club, he looked a little bit sullen and didn’t have any confidence but, at the end, he played with a smile on his face and excited a lot of people.

2020 06 08 Retrieve

[Tony Pulis thinks Tottenham need trophies to keep Kane and Mourinho can deliver] Tottenham have got to start winning trophies. I don’t think you can criticise Kane too much. He’s a top player at international and club level. Over the past three or four years with Mauricio Pochettino, Spurs have been a top team. If you’d said they wouldn’t win anything three or four years ago I’d have been surprised - and I am. He’ll want to win things, he’ll want to be ambitious. They say he’s really happy at Tottenham. It’s a fabulous football club - the new stadium and training facilities are out of this world. But the boy wants to win. And he has a manager who wants to win as well. They most probably need the backing from Daniel Levy and the club in some way and it’ll be difficult because of the financial crisis that has hit the world.

Mourinho is a fantastic manager and his record shows that, given the tools, he can win football matches. He needs time. The big problem in society today and especially in sport is that people think it will happen overnight. Fingers crossed they’ll give him time there. If they do that and back him financially, he’s proved he is one of the great managers over the past couple of decades. Mourinho has got as good a chance as any manager on the planet of getting success there

2020 06 09 Retrieve

[Tony Pulis thinks Liverpool-linked Traore should ‘settle down’ with Wolves while pushing for Spain role] I think Adama always had the ability to play. The big thing was his confidence. I think I probably caught him at the right time. He had gone and worked for a few managers who weren’t enamoured enough to play him on a regular basis. I obviously knew him as a West Brom manager watching [Aston] Villa, watched him in the reserves a few times. His pace and balance was just extraordinary. Going to Middlesbrough, he wasn’t in the team when I got there but I wanted to make him a focal point of the team. We did that and the biggest thing with him is that he grew in confidence and he started to believe in himself

I made him my best friend. He used to come in and make me a cup of coffee after lunch and we would sit down and watch videos. He became a friend and he knew he’d be first pick on the team sheet. And the team understood what we could get from him and what we couldn’t. Having said that, as the season progressed, he learned the other side of the game [defensive] well as well. You meet people in life who are really, really good people, and Adama is a really good person. You hope and pray those people get everything out of life that they possibly can

He’s gone to Wolves - we didn’t want to get rid of him at Middlesbrough, but the only problem was the finances […] He went to the right club, stepped up and has murdered it. I think he can only get better. His temperament and personality is first class. His next step, I speak to him now and then, his next step is to get a place in the Spanish side. I’ll be quite content for him, and I said this to him, to settle down. He seems happy at Wolves. He’s playing under a manager that’s confident with him and gives the respect Adama needs. But Adama’s big challenge is seeing if he can get a place in the Spanish team and keep it.

[Pulis did not enjoy the same sort of relationship with striker Martin Braithwaite, whom he is surprised to see now playing at LaLiga champions Barcelona] He was completely different to Adama in personality. Different traits as a player. I never thought Braithwaite wanted to be at Middlesbrough although he signed a contract. He spent more time telling me that he wanted to leave than be at the club. In the end I hope and pray that the club got a good price for him because they paid a lot for him. They certainly paid him an enormous amount of money wages-wise, it was just extraordinary. Am I surprised he’s gone to Barcelona? Yes. Is he playing every week? I don’t know. Is he going to play every week? I don’t know. Was he my cup of tea? Adama was. Braithwaite wasn’t.

2020 07 03 Retrieve

[John Obi Mikel: West Brom interested in former Chelsea star] Since he came into the football club, the level of his performances have been exceptional. He’ll give credit to the other players around him, I’ve spoken to him and he’s done that. You don’t win the trophies he’s won for no reason. When you’ve got young players working with a top player who’s won everything in the game, it really inspires them