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Name Tulio Horta
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Coach xxxx [fitness coach]


Client Fred

2020 04 29 Retrieve

[Fred’s personal trainer reveals work midfielder put in to finally come good at Man Utd] I can say that the merit is entirely his. He has dedicated himself a lot to get where he is currently. We know that performance is something that is not easily achieved, commitment, effort and self-responsibility are necessary and Fred fulfilled all these factors very well together with the club, that does an excellent job with all the players. My contribution with Fred is to help him manage all the factors that influence performance - physical conditioning, sleep quality, nutrition, hydration and mindset. These are independent actions but they are related and have a high correlation with sports performance. Any athlete needs to present a balance in these areas, in order to be able to maintain good levels of performance. We monitor his quality and quantity of sleep, body weight, level of muscle, and mental fatigue every day. We do training sessions in order to improve his movement quality and energy use during training and games.

Now in quarantine, we are also doing sessions of strength, power and endurance training, which are determining factors in football. The club sends the players a training schedule and we adapt our work to follow the same way, keep Fred well-conditioned and work on other factors that during many periods is not possible. Such as increasing the tissue quality of his muscles, which is one of the factors that helps prevent injuries

2020 06 01 Retrieve

[Tulio Horta on Fred] I meet Fred every day, even in very busy periods during the season. My job is to help him manage all the factors that influence performance – physical conditioning, sleep quality, nutrition, hydration and mindset. This quarantine period gave us an important opportunity to work on some details that in the season are difficult because of lack of time. Players have so many matches and need to recover to be able to be ready for the next training sessions and matches, so it means the time available to work on other things ends up being limited. The club sent a home programme for the athletes and all our sessions were based around that. But we also have some individual goals and we are working hard to achieve them. Our main focus has been on Fred’s quality of movement, as that influences his energy levels and, consequently, his actions on the field.

I told him that I want to be an extension of the club at Fred’s house, that I want to help not only the athlete but also the club. Charlie is a very high-level professional and we had a great conversation. We keep in touch every week, I send training and monitoring reports to him, he gives me feedback and we make the necessary adjustments. We discussed exactly which exercises could be beneficial for Fred, which areas we need to improve. Every stimulus applied to athletes has an individual response, so I focus on some specific actions that Fred needs to improve in his performance and to prevent injuries

We carry out preventive exercises so that Fred remains an athlete with a low history of injuries. We optimise his nutrition according to the game schedules and the club sent us a nutritional guide to follow. We also use strategies that increase his muscle and mental recovery, and prepare him for the next game. Breathing exercises is one of our resources. I monitor his central nervous and cardiac system readiness, quality and quantity of sleep, body weight, level of muscle and mental fatigue every day before we start all the sessions

Fred has a very good conditioning, which helps a lot, and we are improving the areas he really needs to focus on and what we can improve. But the main goal is to improve his quality of movement and make him an athlete with the greatest sporting longevity and health possible

2020 06 06 Retrieve

[Tulio Horta, who is Fred’s fitness coach, believes that the club has managed the players’ preparations perfectly] There is a concern about injuries and the ideal scenario would have been to have a pre-season before the season starts again. But the quarantine training has been important to minimise the loss of conditioning that the lack of training on the field causes. It is still different from a game of football, of course, but the orientation of the club was perfect. It helped us a lot and, from our perspective, we are doing everything we can to get Fred back on the field with good levels of conditioning. It is important to say that injuries are inherent in high-level sport; they will happen. But the goal is to minimise the severity and frequency with which they occur. And we think that the club is doing that well with its progressive management of training ahead of the return to action