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Ugo Ehiogu
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Tottenham Hotspur

1999 12 20 Retrieve

[Aston Villa’s Ugo Ehiogu denying (kind of) that he’s fallen out with his manager] I’m as happy as I can be - but I have been happier

2006 05 01 Retrieve

[Ugo Ehiogu is determined to help Boro finish their league campaign with a flourish] You would like to be greedy and have a higher league position than 15th to go with the UEFA Cup final. We have to be content with our position but we are still aiming to get as many points as possible. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions as well as performances this season. I think on the day in the big games the team and the players have performed. You look at it on a long-term basis and you are looking for a little bit more stability and your form doesn’t dip as big and players are able to recover from European games quicker

[Ehiogu admitted the Everton defeat, when Boro fielded eight Academy graduates and named 11 in the squad, left him wondering what might have been] We felt quite comfortable against Everton and if you look at possession we probably had most of it. I thought all of the action was in their half and final third and everyone is very disappointed because we’ve come away with nothing. They had a couple of efforts from the edge of the penalty area and a couple of free-kicks on the edge of the box. Take away that and they had nothing. You look where they are in the league and it just makes you think really how things could have been so different for us. But I thought the kids that came in applied themselves quite well. It’s a learning curve for them and they can hold their heads up quite high

2013 08 28 Retrieve

[Since hanging up my boots one of my passions has been taking my first steps into elite coaching] with experiences at both club and international level - and it has been somewhat eye opening. It is clear from looking at the results of the England teams over the summer in the Under 20 and Under 21 tournaments that there is a problem with the game in this country. One of the main issues is that England do not have a DNA which outlines how they play. This is not a new thing. I played for England at U21 and senior levels and did not know how England were supposed to play, other than to pass and move

2013 08 28b Retrieve

[There was no definitive style or way of how we were going to play] I believe what English international football needs, certainly at development level, is a Head coach to direct and steer how England teams are going to play, and then that dictates the type of players we choose to recruit.

2013 08 28c Retrieve

[In my role as assistant U16 coach at Tottenham, there is a clear DNA outlined at the club] through out the academy ages. That DNA is laid out and passed down from Tim Sherwood, Head of Football Development, John McDermott, Head of Academy, and the wonderfully experienced Chris Ramsey, who is Senior Professional Phase Coach. The way that Tottenham teams play is clear and all the coaches know what is expected of them. The emphasis is on technique at a very early age and the idea is to try and produce players who can progress into the first team, or go on and make a living in the game.

2013 08 28d Retrieve

[At international level, generally speaking, I think the players need to improve technically and apply themselves better, during training and games] This requires, adaptable forward thinking coaches. The whole English mentality needs to change, so we take friendlies and tournaments as serious as the other successful countries. England have not won a tournament game at U20 level going back 16 years, this is not a recent or new issue at this level . A plan of how you want England teams to play. Spain have a DNA, Germany have a DNA and many other countries have a DNA, England, for such a prominent nation don’t, or have stagnated and been left behind

2013 08 28e Retrieve

[Players should want to go to World Cup tournaments, and friendly games without being cajoled or convinced to go] Clubs have a major role in accepting this and have to be more accommodating in letting players go. Until we change some of these facets in our game, including our mentality, then international football performances and results will not get any better

2013 08 28f Retrieve

[Looking at the Spanish side that won the U21 tournament] they had David De Gea in goal, Manchester United’s first choice keeper. Yes, there are more experienced players in front of him, but you can’t knock the fact that a lot of other countries put a big importance on international youth football and tournaments than we do

2013 08 28g Retrieve

[I was fortunate enough to be asked to go to the U20 World Cup as part of the England coaching team] I had never met Peter Taylor before, but had heard and seen good things. The tournament experience helped confirm how I believe the game should be played. The atmosphere you create within the group on a tour like that is important. It can set the tone for performances on the pitch and things were spot on in that sense. While In Turkey there were a lot of football conversations, Sir Trevor Brooking, Dan Ashworth, Peter Taylor and various scouts. For me, we need to be BRAVE, better technically as coaches and players, and set a way and style of playing to make players better. If you come to watch games at Tottenham, in particular at development level you will notice how we try and play, in a certain way with a certain style

2013 08 28h Retrieve

[My hope is to see an England team that tries to play flowing interchangeable football] that can mix it with the best teams through physique and technique. its the way forward. Centre halves stepping into midfield because a hole appears then one of the midfielders can drop in and allow the centre half to go and play, eventually rotating back into position. First team level is always different because you are not trying to develop players, it is the sharp end and its about getting results.

2013 08 28i Retrieve

[But when you are getting players up to that level to get into the first team then they have had a philosophy in place for the last three or four years] There will be defeats along the way, maybe even heavy, but the big picture must surely be envisaged, that its about the long haul and development. I have been coach in a game ending 7-3. Normally you would be thinking, ‘how has that happened?’ But too much emphasis is put on results when you are developing

2013 08 28j Retrieve

[It is more important about how they play] If you are asking them to do things and be more expressive then there are going to be mistakes and you have to allow for that. At Spurs winning a Youth game by being safe, unimaginative, and technically poor, doesn’t sit well at all. I am interested in how many of that team will progress into the Tottenham first team, or have a career in football in another first team.

2013 08 28k Retrieve

[Results cannot be the only aim at developmental ages] You have to think about how players are playing and are you helping to mould and develop the player that can can adapt to any situation and style of playing

2013 08 28l Retrieve

[As a player I worked with a lot of very good coaches and managers] Steve Harrison at Villa and Middlesbrough is someone who had a big influence on me and was a very good defensive coach in my career. Steve McClaren was very good as was Brian Little, I have also been lucky to have played under Terry Venables and Ron Atkinson, some big characters in the game, so its inevitable you pick up bits from all of them, then you have to find a way that sits well with you. I think I have found that

2013 08 28m Retrieve

[Outside of coaching, I am developing a mentoring programme for young players] We are looking to work with players from around 14 upwards, trying to convey the risks that are out there. It is the sort of issues that people don’t like to talk about. Stuff like talking about girls, cars, money, agents, decisions that every player/person should be better informed to make. Our aim is to get the message across, but getting it across in a way that is not going to bore them sat in a classroom. I was fortunate that I had two parents at home who were quite strict and taught me a lot of my values that stand me well today. The programme is in the finishing stages but we hope to trial it at a club’s academy to see how it works and how it can be improved and then hopefully rolled out across the country

2013 08 28n Retrieve

[Away from football I have an interest in a record label called Dirty Hit] There are three of us involved, me, my advisor and a friend of his. I’ve always loved the way music can touch individuals, be it through hip hop, dance, pop, jazz, whatever. The label has many promising musicians, including The 1975. My involvement has got slightly less as other things have come up. I enjoy attending meetings and looking at the books and going to the gigs

2013 08 28o Retrieve

[When you meet the young guys in these bands you see how hard they work, i liken it to being an apprentice in football] back in the day.They manage their own sets, moving all their instruments, there are no roadies and they are on the road every night for weeks in a ford transit van or people carriers, Not exactly rock n roll

Its unglamorous, and hard work and the endeavour that I like. In the beginning there are similarities between young bands and footballers, but if and when they do make it then their lives go in different directions

2013 08 28p Retrieve

[Listening to the 1975 single Chocolate, its apparent that this song is special] which is why they have been tipped to do great things. I am looking forward to their album coming out in September, and the guys enjoying their American experience soon after

2016 11 19 Retrieve

[Ugo Ehiogu, ex-Villa centre back, and now part of Tottenham Hotspur’s youth set-up, said he last spoke to Atkinson in June] He was a very understanding man. When I first came to Villa he took me under his wing, explained things to me and filled me with confidence

[Ehiogu has backed the on-going investigation into the circumstances of Atkinson’s death, and the use of force by police] I don’t know many details about his death. I still hope it will be looked into as to how - and the use of force has to be looked into, because a very valuable member of the community has been lost

2017 04 20 Tweet

[Tottenham’s Ugo Ehiogu hospitalised after collapsing] We can confirm that Ugo Ehiogu is currently in hospital after collapsing at our Training Centre earlier today. Our Under-23’s coach received immediate treatment on site from our medical staff before being transferred to hospital by ambulance

2017 04 21 Retrieve

[Ugo Ehiogu - Former Aston Villa & England defender dies, aged 44] It is with immense sadness that we announce the passing of Ugo Ehiogu, our Under-23 coach. Ugo received immediate treatment after suffering a cardiac arrest at the Training Centre yesterday before being transferred to hospital, where he passed away in the early hours of this morning