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Usain Bolt
Gender Male
Ethnic Jamaican
Job Jamaican Sprinter
Desc Usain Bolt is Jamaican Sprinter and the fastest human in the world. He is an eight-time Olympic sprint champion

2011 06 11 Retrieve

[Usain Bolt on Manchester United’s dream] I really want to try soccer after I retire, because I’ve watched football over the years and I think I could be a good contender. I’m really looking forward to it and yes, I definitely think I’m good enough to play for Manchester United

2013 08 31 Retrieve

[Usain Bolt on who will win next year’s FIFA World Cup] A lot of teams have figured out how to win against Spain. I’m impressed by Brazil. They have a young team and can win it at home

2013 09 29 Retrieve

[Usain Bolt on Gareth Bale] I think Gareth is probably the fastest player in the world at the moment, but I will help him with his sprinting if he wants. It is not just about how fast you can accelerate, but also when you have the football at your feet, about balance while you are sprinting as well. I helped Ronaldo with his sprinting in a training session and look what he has go on to achieve since then. I have a lot of respect for Real Madrid and if they and Gareth want my help, I am happy to fly in and take a private training session with Gareth. I hear that he has been clocking speeds close to me, but it is about technique as well. I know I could make him an even better player than he already is

2016 01 23 Retrieve

[Jamaican sprinter and avid Manchester United supporter Usain Bolt] I think I would be pretty good because I am fit, I am quick, I can control the ball and I understand all of the play. Well, looking at how Van Gaal is, I don’t think I would ever want to be coached by him so I think I will put that on pause until we get a new coach

2017 08 05 Retrieve

[Usain Bolt jokes about waiting for a call from Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho to join the club] I’m always talking about football. I’m waiting on a call from Jose Mourinho. It’s taking forever. I think he’s going to wait until the last day. That’s why he’s waiting

2017 10 21 Retrieve

[Usain Bolt tells who he would pick to win The Best FIFA Men’s Player award] I would go for Cristiano Ronaldo. All three are amazing players but in the last year Cristiano won La Liga, the Champions League again and finished top scorer for the fifth season. His ability to stay at the top year after year is very impressive

2018 01 29 Retrieve

[Bolt asks Beckham for chance with Miami MLS team] On a serious note, though, if you need a striker, I’m the guy. If you need goals, I’m the guy. I got you

2018 08 25 Retrieve

[Usain Bolt speaks in a press conference as he embarks on a with Central Coast Mariners] I daydream. I daydream all the time about just big things. One of my biggest things has always been to play for Manchester United, so I think that could be one of my biggest dreams. You can’t get any bigger than that. Even if it’s just for five games or one game, it would be a dream come true because, as I’ve said, I’m a massive fan. This is a start and I’m really appreciative of everything the Mariners have done. They’ve given me an opportunity to make my mark, to start here, and I’m very happy and I want to thank you guys for that. I look forward to scoring as many goals and to bringing home the trophy

2018 09 01 Retrieve

[Usain Bolt on making his professional football debut for Australian A-League side Central Coast Mariners] It was good. It was what I expected. The crowd gave me plenty of motivation. I think my fitness is much better than the first week since I came here. I’m grateful to the Mariners for giving me the chance

2018 10 13 Retrieve

[Usain Bolt speaking to Fox Sports after bagging a brace in his second trial match with A-League’s Central Coast Mariners] It was my first proper game with the first team. I’m just happy I got the chance and I’m proud of myself. It was a big deal. I think scoring a goal in your first proper match, it’s a big deal. Your first start and scoring two goals, it was a good feeling. This is what I worked towards, I tried to improve myself, I tried to get better, and I’m on the way to doing that

2018 11 02
Olympic legend Usain Bolt’s trial period at Australian A-League side Central Coast Mariners comes to an end

2018 11 17 Retrieve

[Usain Bolt reacts to criticism as he looks to make it as a professional footballer] I’ve talked to Paul Pogba and Raheem Sterling and they are happy to see me trying, they say ‘come on, you can do it’. They support me, so I’m not going to worry about some simple players saying some things about me because I have high-level players knowing this is a dream and what I want to do. This is not about the money. This is a dream, and I want to try and see how good I can be

2019 01 26 Retrieve

[Usain Bolt says his dreams of having a career in professional football is over] It was a good experience. I really enjoyed just being in a team and it was different from track and field and it was fun while it lasted

2019 06 13 Retrieve

[Usain Bolt says Manchester United should be building their team around Paul Pogba, rather than letting him leave] Pogba is a friend of mine and I am a massive fan of his and I think they need to build a team around him. When you watch him at Juventus and when he plays for France, he is outstanding because he has good strikers and people to play and run off the ball which he needs as a great passer. It doesn’t matter how somebody cuts his hair, as long as he comes on the field, he shows up. If you build the team around him and give him strikers who understand how he plays then he is going to do great.

[Bolt would welcome his arrival, believing that Griezmann and Pogba could be the recipe for success that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer requires] Listen, it’s all over the place. It would be a proper signing because him and Pogba play very well together, play for the same country. You never know. People will say whatever. Until it happens, I won’t get my hopes up. We just have to wait. We signed Daniel James. I don’t know how to look at that. He is quick. We have to watch and see how the rest of the season turns out

[Bolt is happy to see the defensive football of the Mourinho era gone from United] Watching Manchester United from the Fergie [Sir Alex Ferguson] days we were always an attacking team, no matter what was going on. Even if we didn’t put a good side out, they were always attacking. For us to be a defensive team was never going to work. For me, I wouldn’t say I am happy that he left, but I am happy with the style of football we are playing now

[On next season] It depends on who we sign this summer. I think we did okay last season but everyone got injured and even when they came back it was downhill from there. I think this year we can be in better shape, with a few new players, we should be fine. We need to be patient and believe, believe is our motto, so we just have to believe

2019 06 17 Retrieve

[Usain Bolt’s foray into football fell short of a professional contract, the sprinter clearly learnt a thing or two during his trial with Australian side Central Coast Mariners] Paul Pogba is a friend of mine and I am a massive fan of his and I think they need to build a team around him. When you watch him at Juventus and when he plays for France, he is outstanding because he has good strikers and people to play and run off the ball which he needs as a great passer. It doesn’t matter how somebody cuts his hair, as long as he comes on the field, he shows up. If you build the team around him and give him strikers who understand how he plays then he is going to do great

2019 09 21 Retrieve

[Usain Bolt has said he hopes that Manchester United can build their team around Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford in the coming years] Paul Pogba is a world-class player and Marcus Rashford is getting closer and closer to this category. I hope we can build a team around them to get back to the top. The season has not started very well, but we will find our pace and return to the Champions League next year. Anyway, I remain a fan of Manchester United

[Bolt believes the trio are all worthy winners, but admitted he’ll be rooting for Juventus star and former United winger Ronaldo to claim the prize] These are three wonderful players. Ronaldo and Messi won the prize [the Ballon d’Or] five times each. For his part, Van Dijk has just won the UEFA prize and in light of his performances for Liverpool last season, his time may have come. But as a supporter of Manchester United, I would surely vote for Ronaldo!

[The 33-year-old enjoyed a brief stint with Australian side Central Coast Mariners in 2018, but he was not offered a full-time contract by the club upon the completion of his trial period] I love playing football but at my age and with my other obligations, I could not devote the necessary time to this new career. I will nevertheless continue to perform at gala and charity matches, such as Soccer Aid.

2019 09 21b Retrieve

[When asked which three players would make ideal team-mates in a relay race] Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe and Gareth Bale. Mbappe is a great player. He has speed, skill and can finish. He is still young but could play in any team in the world. There are a lot of exciting young players - Mbappe, Neymar, Jadon Sancho. It will be interesting to see how the former Ajax players Mattthijs de Ligt and Frenkie de Jong do at their new clubs, as well as Eden Hazard at Real. I am friends with Raheem Sterling, Paul Pogba and Leon Bailey and hope they can keep playing well

Raheem is really, really good. Working with Pep has developed his game even further. I think he is hitting peak form now and he is still only 24 years old. The only problem is that he wears Manchester blue, not red!

[The 33-year-old was also asked to pick a favourite between Juve star Ronaldo and fellow five-time Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi] Both of them! I hear a lot of people have this debate but both of them are footballing geniuses. I have always been a big Ronaldo fan and I admire the way he has been successful in different leagues - England, Spain and now Italy

2019 09 21c Retrieve

[Usain Bolt shares his thoughts on The Best FIFA Men’s Player finalists] All three are wonderful players. I think Messi and Ronaldo have won this award five times each. Van Dijk just won the UEFA Award and based on the success of Liverpool last season it may be his turn. As a Manchester United fan, I would probably vote for Ronaldo!