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Uttama Savanayana
Gender Male
Ethnic Thai
Job Thai Politician
  Leader of Phalang Pracharat
  Thai Minister of Industry
  Thai Minister of Finance
Desc xxxx


Political Party Phalang Pracharat


Coparty Kobsak Pootrakool
  Wichian Chavalit


University University of Massachusetts at Amherst


University of Massachusetts at Amherst Uttama Savanayana holds a doctorate in management

2018 09 30 Retrieve

[Dr Uttama would not say if the party would nominate Mr Prayut for the post of prime minister] It depends on what the party members would say. It’s a long way off. Palang Pracharath Party is not connected to the military. The party is being born through the gathering of like-minded people who want to see changes, to see Thailand being able to move from past obstacles and problems that have really seriously affected our country

2018 09 29 Retrieve

[Mr Uttama told the media after the meeting he had no plan to resign as industry minister] I definitely won’t exploit time and state resources to take advantage of others and we’re ready for scrutiny. When the right time comes, we guarantee we’ll wear only one hat – Palang Pracharath’s

2018 10 04
Uttama Savanayana submit to the Election Commission (EC) paperwork to formalise the Palang Pracharath party registration document. These include the list of 923 party co-founders, party regulations, and its registered capital of more than 2 million baht.

2018 10 22 Retrieve

[Unswayed by public concerns over conflicts of interest as Uttama Savanayana plan to run in the next election while still holding cabinet positions] Everybody has the right to criticise but let society decide what is what. I was invited to come listen to the group, so I came. It doesn’t matter whether we came as ministers or in whichever role. We intend listening to every group. How we will use the information [gathered today] is a matter of the future

2018 11 24
PPRP leader Uttama Savanayana helps Dejnattawit Teriyapirom try on a Palang Pracharath jacket after the former Pheu Thai member switched sides at the party’s head office in Bangkok

2018 11 24 Retrieve

[Mr Uttama said the entry of several Pheu Thai members was not the result of threats involving court cases against them or any other reasons] They have joined us because we have the same ideology

2018 11 25 Retrieve

[PPRP not shaken by EC’s cash handout investigation] It’s not a problem because I am confident the cash handout is intended to help low-income earners, the elderly and retirees

2018 12 15 Retrieve

[Mr Uttama Savanayana, Thai Minister of Industry, said at a seminar called ‘Asean SEZs: A New Era of World Investment’] The SEZ [special economic zones] project will improve and develop to serve the economic expansion in Asean countries. Asean should synchronise all industrial zones to be a single production base, and many SEZs in this region can support the Asean economy. All members should collaborate and support each other to develop industrial value chains, digital aspects and innovation to reduce inequality issues in the region

2018 12 16 Retrieve

[Uttama Savanayana is shrugging off the allegation that the military government was using the handouts to raise the profile of its allied political party] We are not just giving away stuff. We are helping them to improve themselves, creating new opportunities for themselves and their families. You need to be able to lift them up enough so they have the strength to change

[They allege that the election has been rigged in its favour, and that constituency boundaries have been redrawn to coerce politicians to cross over from the former ruling Pheu Thai Party] These are seasoned politicians. They make their decisions. They all want to win in their districts and so they have to evaluate where their best chances lie… If they don’t think you are their best bet, they won’t come, no matter who you are. I think everybody likes to have stability, which our party stresses.

[Citing the past decade or so of political turmoil - punctuated by two military coups, massive street protests and violent confrontations] We want stability and we have a clear strategy to get things done. A number of us have been working on moving Thailand forward on the strategies and more importantly, on the implementation. So we have results to show. [His party, he said, was not] selling dreams. We have shown what has been accomplished and what will come next if we have the opportunity to lead the country again in the future government

[for Dr Uttama, it would be ideal if Mr Prayut gets to keep his job] I think that Thailand needs a strong and capable leader… during this period of reform and transformation of Thailand. And I think that Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha is suitable for that

[Dr Uttama said the kingdom of Thailand cannot afford any more ‘politics for politics’ sake’] What this party hopes is that we will have politics that will positively create an environment for the sustainable development of Thailand. That type of politics, rather than disruptive politics

2019 03 25 Retrieve

We have stated from the beginning that any party that gets the most votes is able to form a government

2019 05 08 Retrieve

[Phalang Pracharat came second with 115 seats] We will coordinate with other parties who share our ideology and are interested in forming a government together

2019 10 03 Retrieve

[1,000-baht cash giveaway] We will monitor the scheme for a certain period to consider whether a second phase should be implemented, as well as what type of measure it would be