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Name Vicente del Bosque
Gender Male
Ethnic Spanish
Job Spanish Football Coach
Desc On 24 June 2003, less than 48 hours after they had won La Liga title on the final day of the season, Real Madrid dismissed Vicente del Bosque. They had lost none of their last six games and just three all season, smashing Malaga, Atletico Madrid and Athletic Bilbao in May and June to be crowned Spanish champions ahead of surprise contenders Real Sociedad


Org Spain National Team
Club as Coach Real Madrid
2003 06 24
Less than 48 hours after they had won La Liga title on the final day of the season, Real Madrid dismissed Vicente del Bosque.

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[Vicente del Bosque on David Villa] Villa is a boy with a lot of poise in front of goal

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[Quote on Roberto Carlos] Roberto Carlos can cover the entire [left] wing all on his own

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[Vicente del Bosque on his Spain squad heading into UEFA EURO 2016] The list is not perfect, we are sure that there are players who deserve to be here by their great season, but I leave it clear that I have no sympathy when choosing. I am fully confident that we have the best group. Now we must prepare in the best way. There are 11 or 12 that were not in Brazil, which speaks well of the renewal we are having and what we want is to adapt. We have no obligation to be champion, but we dream that we could

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[Vicente del Bosque on Silvio Gazzaniga’s FIFA World Cup trophy] It is curious because when Silvio Gazzaniga died I was at Las Rozas looking at a picture of both of us with the trophy in 2010. He was so old when we took the picture and a member of RFEF press staff told me he was just died. I felt so sad

He built the most important and interesting trophy there has ever been. What this trophy means is something absolutely symbolic, especially to us Spanish; we have been true football lovers for a long time but we never were able to win the World Cup before

It was weird for us - with a huge football tradition. It wasn’t normal. But having this trophy in the hands is something unique. When I had the trophy for the first time in my hands I felt like we finally accomplished our mission after a lot of years; I think it is going to be very difficult for another Spanish team to win and we all are proud after being the first ones to avoid quarter-final damnation in a lot of decades and the first ones to win it.

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[Less than 48 hours after they had won La Liga title on the final day of the season, Real Madrid dismissed Vicente del Bosque. Ever the gentleman, he held his tongue and shunned media attention at the time, but later admitted he cried at the club’s decision] I understand that sometimes it’s necessary to change the ground a little, but instead of affection they gave me a beating

[Before the Euro 2012 tournament, ten years after his second Champions League triumph with Real Madrid, when asked about his team’s chances of retaining their crown, he replied almost quaintly] The important thing is not to lose a sense of modesty, that they continue being good guys and if they continue like that, everything can get better

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[Real Madrid Coach Vicente del Bosque on Nicolas Anelka time at Madrid] I think he is confused and that he lives in a world of his own

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[Legendary Spanish boss Vicente del Bosque says he wouldn’t sign Neymar for Real Madrid or Barcelona after PSG transfer battle] I think it would have been good for the Spanish league if he had come back but if I was a coach of a club I wouldn’t have brought him back. Whilst I’ll say he is a brilliant player, I don’t think very highly of him for other reasons. With Barcelona he did not behave well, in fact he behaved badly, very badly. If you surveyed Barcelona fans I’m sure that more than half of them wouldn’t want him back. There’s a reason for that

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[Legendary Spanish boss Vicente del Bosque slams Brazilian star Neymar as he angles for Barcelona return] He is a difficult boy. For me it is not a good example. And for the record, for me he is great as a player. If you ask me to tell you the top five in the world, he is safe on my list. But in the field he tries to cheat, he pretends a lot. And also, how did he leave Barcelona…

[Del Bosque believes the Barcelona hierarchy shouldn’t let his popularity influence a transfer] It is the clubs that must decide who to sign and who not. You should not pay attention to what the players say, for that there are already sports directors and technical secretaries. It is very difficult for a footballer to speak ill of another footballer who has been his partner. I don’t remember almost anyone who has

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[On the importance of the defensive midfielder, whose statistics do not seem eye-catching on-paper] If you watch the game, you probably won’t notice Busquets. But if you closely watch Busquets, you would be able to see the entire game