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Victor Wanyama
Gender Male
Ethnic Kenyan
Job Kenyan Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Kenya National Team
Club as Player Montreal Impact
  Tottenham Hotspur

2016 08 27 Retrieve

[Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Victor Wanyama talks about growing up in Nairobi, Kenya] I was distracted by football, it was important for me because it passed my time and made sure that I did not get involved in other things. The pitches were not great and you’d hit your toe and there would be blood everywhere. But you just continued. They were the surfaces we had at the time and it was fun

2019 06 22 Retrieve

[Tottenham midfielder Victor Wanyama has hailed Mauricio Pochettino] Pochettino is a great coach who works very hard in every training [session]. He has a constant desire to succeed and win all matches, which is reflected in the players through his help. He has his own way of dealing with each player, advising us on and off the pitch continuously and taking care of everyone to get even more out of every player on the pitch. I always look forward to working with him and taking advantage of his advice to develop and perform in the stadium in the best way possible.

Spurs’s season ultimately ended in disappointment as they reached the final of the Champions League only to lose 2-0 to Liverpool in the final, but Wanyama is already looking ahead to the next campaign’s goals. Last season it was different for us to play in our new stadium and make it to the final of the Champions League. We have lived through hard times and good times and will enter next season with greater aspirations.

[Wanyama’s development was taken to another level after joining Spurs from Southampton three years ago] For me it was a difficult season and I was tired for a long time because of injury. I was hoping to help the team more but it did not work out well. The African Championship is a good opportunity to regain my level and prepare my fitness fully before the holiday and then prepare for the new season, which will be a new personal challenge

2020 03 03 Retrieve

[Tottenham midfielder Victor Wanyama has joined the Montreal Impact after falling out of favour at the north London club] I’m really happy to join an exciting club like the Montreal Impact. MLS continues to grow every season and I’m looking forward to bringing further awareness to this team, city and league across Africa

When I spoke to Thierry and he told me he wanted me to join him in Montreal, I didn’t have to think twice. He has always been a player that I’ve admired, and I am really happy to get the opportunity to work with him and to play a part that can ensure that the Montreal Impact have an improved season and hopefully reach the ultimate stages of the competitions in which we compete

I think the Saputo family and the management team in Montreal have a great plan in place and I am hoping I can make a great contribution to the success of this project

2020 04 14 Retrieve

[Wanyama lifts lid on Spurs exit after being ‘pssed off’ at being left out of Champions League final]</b> I was frustrated and when I came back from injury I didn’t get enough chances to play and enjoy my football. When I came back, the club should have trusted me and given me more chances to play again. I was fit and training well. I never argued with Pochettino but I wanted to speak to him. I went to his office but he was busy. I saw his assistant Jesus [Perez]. He told me be to be patient, that my chance would come blah, blah, blah. I didn’t go to see them again. That’s why I left the club. I’m a football player and I wanted to play football. I love Spurs, but I love playing football more

[Wanyama added on his frustration at being left out of Pochettino’s line-up for the Champions League final] I was really, really p
ssed off not to start that game. And even more p*ssed off because we didn’t win. I tried to encourage those who played. We went back to the hotel after the game. I couldn’t sleep at all. The situation was going around in my head. My brother Mariga was also on the bench in a Champions League final for Inter Milan against Bayern Munich [in 2010]. He had to sit on the bench for the full game, so he could relate and understood what I was going through.

[Wanyama ultimately decided that MLS was the best place for him to continue his career, after being convinced of Montreal’s project by their new coach Thierry Henry] He explained that he had a young team and he wanted someone with experience to help take the team to the next level. The club sold me their ambition and ideas. I liked it

2020 04 18 Retrieve

[Victor Wanyama recalls scoring against Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League during his days at Celtic in an exclusive interview with The Athletic] I scored our first goal and I’ve never experienced such a celebration of fans in my life. I felt they were all rushing towards me and ready to fall on me. The support was so strong that I felt I had the strength and power of three players. Really. The singer Rod Stewart came in the dressing room afterwards. He had been crying with emotion

2020 05 22 Retrieve

[Victor Wanyama has revealed Sadio Mane felt as though his Southampton team-mates did not want to pass to him or see him score goals] We were like a family under one father [Mauricio] Pochettino, but Mane and I forged a bigger brotherhood bond. [Morgan] Schneiderlin was also a great friend. At one point, Mane approached me and told me, ‘Hi man, these guys do not want to pass the ball to me, can the two of us play closely? They don’t want me to score’. I reluctantly agreed and anytime I got the ball I would pass it to him though. I wanted to treat him right since he is a good and nice guy

[Wanyama said of his struggles to get out of north London] [Spurs] started to delay a lot of things, even Celtic, among many other teams, wanted to sign me but the club was taking me in circles until the deals collapsed, and the transfer windows closed