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Vincent Kompany
Gender Male
Ethnic Belgian
Job Belgian Footballer
  Manchester City Captain
Desc Mr Manchester City few sum up the rise and rise of his football club than Kompany. A three-time title-winner and instrumental in two the Belgian led from the front as the beating heart of some of the best teams we’ve seen. A modern defender with athletic prowess and technical skill to match Kompany will be remembered as one of the finest foreign imports the English game has seen


Org Belgium National Team
Club as Player Anderlecht
  Manchester City

2015 03 28 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany on the banter in English football] It’s ruthless. You come in and as a foreigner, it’s not the same banter. They’ll say, ‘you big head’, and you deal with it. Then I’ll go to [Joe Hart] and say, ‘You giraffe neck’ (laughs). It breaks the ice

2015 08 15 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany ahead of Manchester City-Chelsea] I hope that Eden Hazard gets diarrhea. You can have as many tactical plans as you want, but if Eden starts running it’s chaos. He’s at a level where he decides how good his team are. Messi and Ronaldo are stats animals. If you look at their talent, you can compare Eden to them

2016 03 05 Retrieve

[Belgium and Manchester City defender Vincent Kompany when asked if penalties is ‘the best way to win a final?’ after capturing the English League Cup] No, it’s unfair

2016 03 24 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany pays tribute to Cruyff] Johan Cruyff, true football royalty. I don’t think anyone has ever influenced the game as much as he has done

2016 08 13 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany explains his appearances for Les Diables Rouges will be all the more charitable] I’ve played with the team for 13 years, which is a very long time. When I started, I was 17 years old and wanted to achieve a lot, obviously on the field, but also beyond. I have three children, a happy life, so I can afford to take a decision to help me go further in that direction. In the coming years in the national team I want to give up the total sum I would be entitled to from the national team. I will donate it to charities that are special to me. This will motivate me even more and especially get me more fun moments with our fans and with this fantastic team. All that looking ahead to 2018, and why not further?

2017 02 04 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany posts a congratulatory message on social media praising former team-mate Frank Lampard] I have respected him as an opponent as much as I have enjoyed his presence as a team-mate. His time in Manchester was brief but I got to witness first hand what makes for a true champion. I particularly remember setting up a few drills for myself. It was a dark, windy, rainy, Manchester day and everyone had ran in, as training was finished. I started off my session but here came grandpa, looking to join in. His ability as a player is beyond discussion but what left me inspired here was the relentlessness, commitment and desire to improve from a player who had done it all. Simple things that separate the greats from the masses

2017 12 30 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany speaks after graduating from Alliance Manchester Business School with a MBA Degree] I’ve always felt education is very important and this was instilled into me by my late mother from an early age. It felt like a fitting tribute to my mother to pursue my academic career by studying an MBA. Football is more than a sport. It impacts social issues and is big business. I was able to focus my research on the football industry and how clubs can benefit from home advantage

2018 03 03 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany talks about manager Pep Guardiola] I think the best way he [Guardiola] has ever been described is he is intense and relentless. Whether it’s Wigan, whether it’s Arsenal, it doesn’t really matter in the way we prepare for games. What he gives us is that incredible amount of knowledge he shares, and he is really good at delivering his message as well. We always feel we have an advantage over other teams just because he’s been very precise with the information and what he wants us to do. Working with him is like doing ten years of studying, I compare it with going to university, that’s the level. We never stop learning every single day

2018 09 29 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany announces his plans to organise a testimonial match for August 2019 to help fight against homelessness in Manchester] I’ve received much from Manchester. Over the past decade I’ve been lucky to have witnessed and played a part in Manchester City’s rise as a club and a brand. However, with this spectacular rise, comes a very visible downside: more and more people are left out of and have no access to the benefits of the rapid development, often leaving them no choice but to end up on the streets

2018 10 21 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany says Hart a Man City legend] He was paramount to his team, he made some incredible saves on the line. I can only reiterate how much of a legend he is for this club. It can’t be under-estimated what an impact he’s had on helping to build this place and make it what it’s become today.

You see his talent shine through in a goal where he’s used to playing an important part. I want him to do well and he looks like he’s happy. That’s the main thing

[Hart was a prominent leader in the City dressing room during his time in Manchester and Kompany stressed the importance of his character to the teams he plays for] You take away what you see on the pitch, his ability to stop goals - Joe is a winner. He’s always been a massive personality and voice. Having him in your team makes a difference by his presence. That’s the side that people have never really gotten to understand. In a team like he’s in today, you can see the lads fighting for each other, a togetherness. Hes’s able to lift that team

2019 05 13 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany’s flagrant disregard for his manager’s instructions comes to light after City’s crucial win at Leicester] I said, ‘no shoot Vinnie, no shoot’!

2019 06 25 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany has targeted silverware in his first season with Anderlecht, but acknowledged he has ‘everything to prove’ as he embarks on his first coaching job] The idea of ​​becoming a player-manager has grown gradually. The chance was too big for me not to go in and I think this was the right time to make this decision. Returning only as a player was not an option, but as a player-manager. I have everything to prove. As a manager, I have not yet proved anything, but I am confident that this story can and will succeed. I want to be a champion with Anderlecht. Let that be clear - I didn’t come here to be second. I can’t and won’t say that. I can start something incredible here. People who know me a little know well enough that I would not start something like this without a plan.

[Anderlecht finished sixth in the Belgian First Division last season] There are huge talents around here and I am looking forward to working with them. There are more talents at Anderlecht today than when I started. Much more. We finished sixth last year, so we have to get better than five other teams in one season. But my opinion is that with a few changes we can get there. I’m convinced of that.

If Anderlecht had become champions last year, or even second, then this story would not have happened. Or months of negotiation would have preceded. There is no better time to jump in than now. No one would have been open to a change in mentality. I understand that there is a lot of work, but I am really looking forward to starting. I have learned a lot in recent years and I now have the opportunity to make my mark here. I am proud that I have that opportunity

I believe I told Guardiola the day before the FA Cup final that it would be my last game at City. I wanted to thank him for everything he taught me. The farewell was emotional. Working with Guardiola was as if I was suddenly in college. He explains everything in such a clear way and I learned a lot from him. I am not yet a Guardiola, let that be clear. But I think I am a good student. Let City be City under Pep, which is an awesome club. I think they will win the Champions League eventually, soon hopefully, and behind Pep there is Mikel Arteta who has a lot of knowledge, who is probably the right man to look at. I will just build my career and be as driven as Pep has been or the best managers have been that I know. Will I be as good? We’ll see

2019 06 25b Retrieve

[Former Manchester City team-mate Vincent Kompany says Frank Lampard is ‘a natural match’ for Chelsea in their search for a new head coach] Sign him up. He is the man! Not only is Frank a great guy but someone who I learned so much from at a stage in my career. He was a bit older when he joined Manchester City and Frank was an incredible professional. What he brought at the time, he stepped the level up for everyone else so I know the impact of Frank Lampard on a team and I’m trying to have the same impact when it comes as an older player for Anderlecht. He’s up there with the most intelligent players so it’s a natural match with Chelsea, I completely support him.

: 2019 07 28 Vincent Kompany’s start to life as player-manager at Anderlecht did not go as planned as his side were beaten 2-1 at home to minnows Oostende.

2019 08 23 Retrieve

[Man City idol Vincent Kompany enduring hellish start to life as Anderlecht’s player-manager] I was left not only impressed, but also intrigued by this sign of confidence in me. I want to share my knowledge with the next purple generations. With that, I will also put a bit of Manchester in the heart of Belgium

2019 09 10 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany admits that he could have left Manchester City much sooner] I could have ended up at another club, and out of four league titles you could have maybe turned it into eight, depending on which club you go to, and how successful it is. It’s a competitive club, City. It’s not like you can sit down for a year and wait around for what happens. Every transfer window, every six months, you are competing with the rest of the world. Anyone better in the world, they have the responsibility to get to improve the team, and so nobody gives you the gift of staying at City for 11 years, you have to earn it for 11 years. Doing this, while being impeded by your body, my mother would have been proud of me

[He is rightly proud of all that he achieved, with the club left in a much better shape than when he arrived] I know I played a role in shaping the culture of the club, and probably the future of the club, and that means a lot. There aren’t many clubs where you can do it like this. It was a special journey. The owners came in, and they were owners who give you time to build, the perfect type of owners for the club. So many come in and say they’re going to pile money in, be successful, but never achieve it. That ownership group came in and said they were going to build a plan and vision, and can anyone doubt they did that? Not everything was bad when I arrived, we had to change some of the players to become a winning team, but it was a great club with a fantastic history, and I think that’s the thing I tried to keep sharing

[Among the more memorable experiences that Kompany took in during his time with City are Sergio Aguero’s dramatic title winner in 2012 and his own stunning effort against Leicester which helped to seal another crown in 2019] Typical City fashion would have been to lose the game [against QPR] and blow it. That’s what typical City meant in those days. Now typical City is defined by the Kun Aguero moment, you don’t give up, you come back and win games. Was my goal against Leicester more important? His goal was more important! Mine, well, looked better, which I never thought I’d have on him! But his was crucial. He did do his best to wait until that time, because he had the worst 93 minutes of his career, and I would have had a word to say about this after the game if he didn’t score, but that’s the beauty of his job! One second can always turn it around

2019 09 11 Retrieve

[Former Manchester City star Vincent Kompany has named Virgil van Dijk as the best centre-back he’s seen in the Premier League ahead of the likes of John Terry and Rio Ferdinand] I would bring it back to Virgil van Dijk, he’s not been on the scene as long as Terry, Ferdinand who have been around for a long time but the signs he’s shown in the last few years. He’s shown if he had been around longer he’d have been at the top for a long time. The Liverpool before Van Dijk and after are a completely different setup. I’ll give him that one

2019 09 11b Retrieve

[Manchester City legend Vincent Kompany will miss his own testimonial match on Wednesday night due to a hamstring injury] Unfortunately, I won’t be starting tonight or playing. For me not to play this game - the irony has not escaped anyone. It’s typical of me, I’ve got a slight hamstring injury so I couldn’t risk it tonight but there’s a lot of awesome players. It’s a celebration to say goodbye and I don’t have to be on the pitch. It’s for an unbelievable cause. It’s unfortunate that Leroy Sane is out with a knee injury, because I would have put him on Gary Neville. My goal was to put the fastest winger I could find on Gary Neville’s side! Unless he goes and hides at centre-back, we’ll see

[Kompany had wanted Yaya Toure to turn out too] Of course I asked Yaya but he’s in China at the moment and his club are very serious about going up and he said he couldn’t make it, he had to be there

[Sergio Aguero, David Silva and Mario Balotelli are among the Man City stars taking to the pitch at the Etihad. Kompany joked] Mario Balotelli should be coming but as you know with Mario everything could still go wrong

2019 09 11c Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany became the perfect captain to control an ego-crazy dressing room as it evolved from a top-four challenger into a title winner for the first time in 34 years] I think I walked through the door being humble still. I was a leader from the first day but being a legend, you can’t predict those things. Now I am a much calmer leader. In my first year at City, if I saw something wrong then I had to act. I was pushing, pushing, pushing constantly, fronting people and if I needed conflict I would until we got it right. From the first day I have always put the team before my own good. There were many players who were bigger players than myself or were promised a better future or earning more money than I was. There was a core, including Joe Hart and Nigel de Jong, in the early days we were really holding a lot together, making sure the club was bigger than any individual. That looks normal now, it wasn’t the case back then. I think as a group of players, we had a big impact in shaping the culture from the inside

[United stars like Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes will soak up a night of pantomime boos to support Kompany and the event, which has already raised more than £300,000 for a Manchester homeless charity] It is about celebrating the 11 years I have been able to build into this with some of the players. I have got Craig Bellamy, he shaped my ideas about the club without a lot of people knowing it. I think Mario is coming, he should be but with Mario everything can go wrong. I remember looking up to so many players [at other clubs]. The first years at City we were getting consistently beaten. And then we turned the tables and we were going to Old Trafford [and winning]

[A six-hour meeting with Anderlecht director of football Frank Arnesen - where he spelt out his philosophy - convinced the Belgian club to give him his first opportunity in management] I am a City fan, I am not saying farewell. I am here as an ex-player, here as a fan and we are supporting a great cause. I spent 15 years with Anderlecht and 11 with City and I think it sums me up on who I want to be as a person. I put a lot of effort into helping this club be successful. There is the same idea behind me being at Anderlecht - consistency, loyalty, building a process and achieving. It has been the story of my life

2019 09 11d Retrieve

[Manchester City have announced Vincent Kompany is to be honoured with a sculpture outside the Etihad Stadium] It is an incredible honour to be recognised by this special club in this way. The journey that we went on together throughout my 11 years in Manchester changed my life and I am delighted to have played my small part in altering the course of this club’s history during that time. To establish a permanent, physical connection with a place that will forever mean so much to me is truly humbling and I will always be grateful to [owner] Sheikh Mansour, [chairman] Khaldoon Al Mubarak and all those associated with City for their unwavering support and kindness

2019 09 12 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany has no doubts about the quality of former Manchester City team-mate John Stones and says the defender just needs to add consistency to his game] I’ve always said John is one of the most talented defenders, he’s got such a bright future. He’s already achieved a lot, let’s not forget that. He’s not a young defender anymore that hasn’t got any experience. He’s a multiple Premier League-winning central defender that is growing and the one thing I wish for him is consistency - consistency of games and consistency of fitness - and then he will show the world how good he is. By the end of it, if City can win a Champions League or something, all of a sudden he’ll mentioned in a completely different category

[And with Laporte set for such a long spell on the sidelines, it presents an opportunity for Stones to cement his place in the side, but Kompany insists he does not have anything to worry about] Honestly I don’t think we should look at it in that way. He just has to get himself on the pitch, be himself and he’ll be fine. I’ve not seen signs of weakness I need to be worried about. He’s just a top class defender. If now he gets to play games, things will sort themselves out, no doubt

[Laporte’s injury at the back leaves City short of options, but Kompany said they only had four top centre-backs because of his persistent injury problems] Three world-class centre backs is awesome by any standard. In the past we had the luxury of four. I’ve not seen many teams have four top, top centre backs. It wasn’t normal. It only happened because of circumstance. ‘OK, Vinny could break down, so we’ll bring in another one’. You saw throughout the season that no matter which pairing played, it was always solid

2019 09 13 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany thinks that his former club Manchester City and rivals Liverpool will dominate the landscape in the Premier League for a long time] My opinion is that, at the moment, it’s very difficult for the other clubs to compete because Liverpool and City are well-oiled machines. Each player knows what to do. I think these guys are there to stay and the other ones will have to improve fast or otherwise that gap will remain. It seems that even if they don’t have a great day, it’s still a comfortable game and there aren’t many teams in recent history who’ve been able to have comfortable games in the Premier League. These two teams have been so good at nullifying the danger from the other teams, I don’t see the other teams being able to do that yet. Man City and Liverpool have a huge volume of games which you can expect them to win and that gives them a massive advantage when it comes to overall league tables

[What will worry the teams in the chasing pack is that he doesn’t see it coming from outside, as the Belgium international thinks that only complacency can derail the two clubs] All I’m saying is it’s the reality of these two teams. I think anybody could recognise they’re ahead, but nothing is granted or given. If any of them drop their attention for one bit, the tables can turn, but I just don’t see any cracks

2019 11 11 Retrieve

[Jose Mourinho has claimed the Premier League title race is already over following Liverpool’s 3-1 win over Manchester City on Sunday] In this case, if you look at the last decade or so, there have been numerous times where Liverpool were top of the league and there were numerous times where City were behind as well

2019 11 12 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany says Manchester City don’t need to sign another defender] I don’t think they need to sign another defender. We always struggle at Anfield. I said that on Super Sunday, you’re fighting 25 years of not winning at Anfield and that’s difficult, it’s two games in one game - you’re playing a great team and you’re fighting history. Flip it around and the same will happen for Liverpool - they will fight the history of not winning the league for 30 years. That should be to City’s advantage I still think. As to the defence, the best way for City to defend in the past has been to attack. They have no reason to change that. As soon as they start reconnecting with the best performances, I’m convinced that we can see a sustainable amount of wins

[Kompany admits he is still baffled as to why Fabinho’s opening goal was not chalked off and a penalty awarded to the Blues after Trent Alexander-Arnold handled inside his own box] The incident happens and I’m confused. That’s the problem. I’m confused. I’m thinking ‘Okay, I’m not the expert in everything’. Then I look to my right at Jose Mourinho, Roy Keane and Graham Souness. We’re all confused. Surely that says something about the process? The fact that this could still be for debate when there’s a VAR system that is meant to make football simpler and fairer. [The] goal happens 20 seconds later. My feeling remains that although Liverpool were great, and both teams tried to play the way they are known to play, I felt this first decision was so important to get right

2019 11 12b Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany admits to having had second thoughts about walking away from Manchester City, with Sergio Aguero and David Silva among those who tried to talk him into staying] I’d already decided to move to Anderlecht - but it still flashed through my mind. One thing is for sure, winning is addictive

The biggest compliment I’ve ever had was from David. He tried to convince me not to leave City. Sergio did the same. To have big players like that asking me to stay was absolutely the best thing

The wheel of change is powerful, you can’t stop it. You might be able to slow it down a bit - but it took everything I had to keep it at bay. That’s why I decided when I did to get out from under that wheel. That’s how I thought about it. I had no idea if Pep felt the same, or if he’d have been happy for me to carry on playing beyond that season. It was this ongoing fight to prove myself as being worthy of a place in the City team that led me to my conclusion - ‘I’m going to have to leave’.

2019 11 14 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany says Bernardo Silva is a Manchester City legend in the making] I think everyone looks at Bernardo as a top player. He’s still so young, having only turned 24 during this amazing season. I believe he’s at the start of something very special for City. He’s been at the club for two seasons and everything he has done so far has been tremendous. He’s going to go from strength to strength. When you look at Bernardo, you can recognise all the signs of a future City legend, depending on whether he decides to stay for that long or not. It’s all in his hands.

What makes him a special player, and not just a gifted player, is he’s such a positive guy. It’s very natural to him. I also call him a leader. I’ve told him that and he laughs at me when I say it. There are so many different types of leadership. His natural ability to be positive all the time, and to influence the group by being like that, makes such a difference.

He’ll come to training, or the dressing room, always ready for action. He trains at 100 per cent and he does it with a smile. It’s infectious. That’s a very important quality to have as a leader. When he’s on the pitch, he’s one of the most talented players and yet he always works as hard, if not harder, than anyone else. That’s another side of leadership. He might laugh at me but maybe that’s the next step for him to realise what he needs to do to be in the highest category of leader one day.

[Kompany claims Silva could one day be considered one of the finest talents in world football] Bernardo is an artist as well. his positive energy and personality turns into creativity when he is on the pitch. He’s like a kid. He plays more football than anyone I know. He plays football in the dressing room. I’m not saying that senior pros lose that but sometimes you start to look after your own body in different ways which can mean you don’t always get as much joy out of the extra football you play. All the extra bits ‘mess with your programme’ but he doesn’t care. His ability and creativity make him do stuff that not many people can do, if I’m being honest.

He’s walking in the footsteps of some unbelievable players at the club such as David Silva, Samir Nasri in terms of the sort of player he is. If he can carry on like he was when I was playing alongside him at City, there’s a chance for him to be on a par with the greats of this club. Could he one day win the Ballon d’Or? Of course. He could achieve anything but the problem for Bernardo is that he’s so humble. He’ll always drop a couple of places in the contenders’ list just because of that. There will always be guys that are better at self-promotion and have better PR machines around them

2019 11 16 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany says he has learned more from moments of adversity than at any other time in his life] Every chapter in my life has started with a setback and a struggle. But there has been success or glory at the end. That doesn’t come by doubting yourself. It doesn’t come by giving up in difficult circumstances. Quite the opposite. It’s learning and staying calm in adversity. There is such a beautiful side to adversity.

I don’t struggle with enduring adversity. I embrace it. The beautiful side to adversity is you will never learn as much as when you get your arse kicked. It’s the best moment to learn. If you’re able to stare it in the face - rather than shedding tears or closing your eyes - you can try and solve the problems. And if you have a problem-solving mind, what can stop you?

My mum and dad instilled this in me. My mum was a [white Belgian] union leader fighting for the rights of the deprived. Justice was crucial to her. And when we talk about justice, we need to remember my dad fought the regime of Mobutu [Sese Seko - former president of Zaire, now known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo]. My dad protested in the streets of Kinshasa which saw him lose lots of his fellow students. He had to go to a labour camp for fighting for what he believed in

So what right do I have to sit quiet? My world is easy in comparison. I just try to do the right thing. If you draw the comparison with the project at Anderlecht, I feel it’s the right path to follow. I’ve analysed and cross-checked and made sure the plan is entirely achievable. So, from that moment, nothing will change my mind. I won’t compromise

2019 12 23 Retrieve

[Kompany: Talk of replacing Guardiola at Man City is ludicrous] I am not thinking about that. If I was in a deciding position at City now, [then] I would do everything I can to keep Pep [Guardiola] for as long as I can. He is truly the best. To say anyone will ever come near, it is speculating in a ludicrous way

My ambition is right now to be successful with a project and deliver that successfully. After that, everything else we will see. I spend 99 per cent of my day just making sure what I do now is successful

[Kompany took in 360 appearances for City across an 11-year spell and claims to be taking many of the lessons he learned during his playing days into management] I learn from the mistakes of others and the things they do well. Then I come back and I feel I am ready, despite not being ready. That is the belief that has got me through so many comebacks. I shouldn’t have been able to really, with all the setbacks, have the career I have had. Especially in this competitive Manchester City squad. It is purely down to the mind-set

2020 01 13 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany says Man City still have all to play for] I never say it’s [the Premier League title race] over with City. It’s impossible to say. But it is not in the hands of Manchester City and that’s unfortunate but there is so many things to look forward to. Look at historically how City have been performing in cups and how the Champions League is still a massive target for the club. There is no reason to be disappointed about this season, there’s still all to play for.

When you have such a manager of the status of Pep Guardiola. It is a matter of cycles. Players left and players came in, it takes time. Even if you had a machine for two years, it’s just cycles more than big changes or big signs to why they haven’t kept up with Liverpool. We just need a new cycle

2020 02 22 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany on inequality] As the child of a migrant, you quickly learn about inequality. My parents told me: ‘You will have to work twice as hard as kids from other backgrounds.’ I thought: ‘OK, if I work twice as hard, I will be twice as good’

2020 04 11 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany and Anderlecht set for training sessions after Pro League cancellation] Players who do not feel reassured can continue to work at home. But each player present at Neerpede will observe the safety distances and the coaches will direct the exercises while respecting the social distance

It will be mainly physical training, but also with a ball. All the equipment used will be disinfected, before and after each session. Players will not have access to the dressing room, everyone will change and shower at home

2020 05 11 Retrieve

[Former Manchester City star Vincent Kompany says Liverpool star Virgil van Dijk is the best ever Premier League centre-back] I would bring it back to Virgil van Dijk. It’s a weird one because he hasn’t been on the scene for as long as these names we mentioned - John Terry, Rio Ferdinand, these guys were there for a long, long time. But the signs he showed in his last few years, just makes it so obvious that if he would’ve been at the top, top level before that he would’ve been already further as well. From what I’ve seen in terms of having an impact on a team and a defender is never about himself, it’s about his communication with other guys and how you make your team more solid. The Liverpool before Van Dijk and the one after him, it’s a completely different setup and I’ll give him that one because of that

2020 05 23 Retrieve

[Manchester City legend Vincent Kompany has reiterated his claim that Virgil van Dijk is the best centre-half to have graced the Premier League] It’s a weird one because he hasn’t been on the scene for as long as these names we mentioned - John Terry, Rio Ferdinand, these guys were there for a long, long time. But the signs he showed in his last few years, just makes it so obvious that if he would’ve been at the top, top level before that he would’ve been already further as well

The reason why I said it is because Liverpool were a great team before Virgil van Dijk and yet they were always vulnerable. I never felt that supremacy that they showed this year. It’s very difficult to have a player that has such a big impact at a big club. He brought back old-school defending with a modern twist and I respect that. What he does is simple but so effective which I respect

[He added on the Reds’ wait during coronavirus-enforced lockdown] I can imagine, and I can actually empathise. How bad is your luck, right? But we need to hope that the rightful winner will get everything he deserves