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Name Vincent Kompany
Gender Male
Ethnic Belgian
Job Belgian Footballer
  Manchester City Captain
Desc Mr Manchester City few sum up the rise and rise of his football club than Kompany. A three-time title-winner and instrumental in two the Belgian led from the front as the beating heart of some of the best teams we’ve seen. A modern defender with athletic prowess and technical skill to match Kompany will be remembered as one of the finest foreign imports the English game has seen


Org Belgium National Team
Club as Player Anderlecht
  Manchester City

2015 03 28 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany on the banter in English football] It’s ruthless. You come in and as a foreigner, it’s not the same banter. They’ll say, ‘you big head’, and you deal with it. Then I’ll go to [Joe Hart] and say, ‘You giraffe neck’ (laughs). It breaks the ice

2015 08 15 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany ahead of Manchester City-Chelsea] I hope that Eden Hazard gets diarrhea. You can have as many tactical plans as you want, but if Eden starts running it’s chaos. He’s at a level where he decides how good his team are. Messi and Ronaldo are stats animals. If you look at their talent, you can compare Eden to them

2016 03 05 Retrieve

[Belgium and Manchester City defender Vincent Kompany when asked if penalties is ‘the best way to win a final?’ after capturing the English League Cup] No, it’s unfair

2016 03 24 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany pays tribute to Cruyff] Johan Cruyff, true football royalty. I don’t think anyone has ever influenced the game as much as he has done

2016 08 13 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany explains his appearances for Les Diables Rouges will be all the more charitable] I’ve played with the team for 13 years, which is a very long time. When I started, I was 17 years old and wanted to achieve a lot, obviously on the field, but also beyond. I have three children, a happy life, so I can afford to take a decision to help me go further in that direction. In the coming years in the national team I want to give up the total sum I would be entitled to from the national team. I will donate it to charities that are special to me. This will motivate me even more and especially get me more fun moments with our fans and with this fantastic team. All that looking ahead to 2018, and why not further?

2017 02 04 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany posts a congratulatory message on social media praising former team-mate Frank Lampard] I have respected him as an opponent as much as I have enjoyed his presence as a team-mate. His time in Manchester was brief but I got to witness first hand what makes for a true champion. I particularly remember setting up a few drills for myself. It was a dark, windy, rainy, Manchester day and everyone had ran in, as training was finished. I started off my session but here came grandpa, looking to join in. His ability as a player is beyond discussion but what left me inspired here was the relentlessness, commitment and desire to improve from a player who had done it all. Simple things that separate the greats from the masses

2017 12 30 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany speaks after graduating from Alliance Manchester Business School with a MBA Degree] I’ve always felt education is very important and this was instilled into me by my late mother from an early age. It felt like a fitting tribute to my mother to pursue my academic career by studying an MBA. Football is more than a sport. It impacts social issues and is big business. I was able to focus my research on the football industry and how clubs can benefit from home advantage

2018 03 03 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany talks about manager Pep Guardiola] I think the best way he [Guardiola] has ever been described is he is intense and relentless. Whether it’s Wigan, whether it’s Arsenal, it doesn’t really matter in the way we prepare for games. What he gives us is that incredible amount of knowledge he shares, and he is really good at delivering his message as well. We always feel we have an advantage over other teams just because he’s been very precise with the information and what he wants us to do. Working with him is like doing ten years of studying, I compare it with going to university, that’s the level. We never stop learning every single day

2018 09 29 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany announces his plans to organise a testimonial match for August 2019 to help fight against homelessness in Manchester] I’ve received much from Manchester. Over the past decade I’ve been lucky to have witnessed and played a part in Manchester City’s rise as a club and a brand. However, with this spectacular rise, comes a very visible downside: more and more people are left out of and have no access to the benefits of the rapid development, often leaving them no choice but to end up on the streets

2018 10 21 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany says Hart a Man City legend] He was paramount to his team, he made some incredible saves on the line. I can only reiterate how much of a legend he is for this club. It can’t be under-estimated what an impact he’s had on helping to build this place and make it what it’s become today.

You see his talent shine through in a goal where he’s used to playing an important part. I want him to do well and he looks like he’s happy. That’s the main thing

[Hart was a prominent leader in the City dressing room during his time in Manchester and Kompany stressed the importance of his character to the teams he plays for] You take away what you see on the pitch, his ability to stop goals - Joe is a winner. He’s always been a massive personality and voice. Having him in your team makes a difference by his presence. That’s the side that people have never really gotten to understand. In a team like he’s in today, you can see the lads fighting for each other, a togetherness. Hes’s able to lift that team

2019 05 13 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany’s flagrant disregard for his manager’s instructions comes to light after City’s crucial win at Leicester] I said, ‘no shoot Vinnie, no shoot’!

2019 11 11 Retrieve

[Jose Mourinho has claimed the Premier League title race is already over following Liverpool’s 3-1 win over Manchester City on Sunday] In this case, if you look at the last decade or so, there have been numerous times where Liverpool were top of the league and there were numerous times where City were behind as well

2020 02 22 Retrieve

[Vincent Kompany on inequality] As the child of a migrant, you quickly learn about inequality. My parents told me: ‘You will have to work twice as hard as kids from other backgrounds.’ I thought: ‘OK, if I work twice as hard, I will be twice as good’