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Vincenzo Montella
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Footballer
Desc Neapolitan striker Vincenzo Montella netted 13 crucial goals in 2000-01 and returned to Roma last season after stints at Fulham and Sampdoria. He announced his retirement last July to begin his coaching career in charge of one of Roma’s youth teams


Org Italy National Team
Club as Coach Fiorentina FC
  AC Milan
Club as Player AS Roma

2013 11 02 Retrieve

[Vincenzo Montella responds to being asked about Arsenal preparing a €30m bid for Juan Cuadrado] Why do they only want to buy half of him?

2017 07 13 Retrieve

[Vincenzo Montella was understandably enthused by the news that Gianluigi Donnarumma had signed a contract extension on Tuesday] It’s been a soap opera but the final outcome is the most important thing. Gigio is like a son

2017 07 29 Retrieve

[Vincenzo Montella talks about the pursuit of trying to sign Leonardo Bonucci from Juventus] I was convinced it was achievable, I trusted who told me, while my leaders had a different perception. I sent [sporting director Massimo] Mirabelli at least ten messages a day, with only three words: ‘Good morning, or good night, director: Bonucci’

2017 09 24 Retrieve

[Montella insists AC Milan project should not be written off] We didn’t like the performance. We were insufficient both in determination and quality. We were still in the game even if Samp had several chances in the first half, but we didn’t have mental clarity and we have to figure out why

Nobody put in a good performance. We are still a work in progress. We’ve got a lot of talent in the side, so more work is needed going forward. This is not a project that can be written off already. I was disappointed by the performance and we need to work out why it happened. We were psychologically running on empty. Perhaps, for some, the third game in seven days was a problem, but we need to analyse the situation

2017 10 18 Retrieve

[Under-fire Montella willing to accept ‘exaggerated’ Milan criticism] When things go wrong it’s everyone’s fault, we have to accept the criticism, even when it’s exaggerated. The club made choices for the here and now, but above all for the future. Everything is going to plan aside from a few defeats, which I take responsibility for, but if they hadn’t happened we’d be talking about a balanced situation

I see a higher quality of play all the time, it takes time to do these things and that’s proving to be the case. We have players who can and must grow, it’s a good base to build from

2017 10 20 Retrieve

[Montella urges fans to back struggling Milan players rather than jeer them] I think the disappointment and sense of irritation in the stadium was felt by the team and it was due to the three Serie A defeats rather than the performance itself. We created many chances and didn’t finish them off against a good side.

I urge the fans and the club to stand by us and above all these players, who need to be embraced more than jeered during this difficult time

I see the lads want to do more, they want to prove they belong at Milan and that is creating a psychological block. It is my job to unblock it.

It is a growth process and I am convinced we will get there because most of these players have never worn a jersey like this before and the situation is making them struggle to express themselves

2017 11 19 Retrieve

[Vincenzo Montella claimed the most difficult part of the season is behind AC Milan after his side were beaten 2-1 at leaders Napoli in Serie A on Saturday] I thank the club for giving me this support and confidence. I struggle to look at the table, but from now on we’ll have a simpler fixture list and hopefully this type of performance will see us in good stead.

Our last two defeats were against Juventus and Napoli, so of course they are ahead of us, but despite the results, we were in the games. We showed character, we are growing and it’s a growth process.

As I said, I am proud of the performances against Napoli, Juve, Roma and Inter [four defeats from four], because to get to their level we need patience.

We play every three days, so there is not much time to train. We need results straight away and there is work to be done. We must be more clinical in the final third and have the goalmouth in our minds

We weren’t incisive enough in the final third, but we caused Napoli a lot of problems. I am happy with the performance, the same amount as the anger I feel at losing when playing so well.

I praise the performance, as we showed great character and our passing moves were improving too. When you lose badly, it’s upsetting, and when you lose and deserved more, then that’s upsetting too.

Napoli have so much quality in attack and so many options to combine that if you get pinned back, you do risk conceding a goal. I preferred to attack them, as five in defence would have been too negative. I took a gamble. We also lost Suso before half-time and that forced more changes.

I am truly optimistic, I don’t know why. I feel we have already overcome the worst period of our season - and I see those in front going at a pace they cannot possibly maintain.

2017 11 27 Retrieve

[Sacked Montella hopes Gattuso fares better at AC Milan] Coaching Milan was an honour, working with this group even more so. I thank the fans for their support, [managing director Marco] Fassone and [sporting director Massimiliano] Mirabelli for this opportunity and my staff for supporting me throughout. I hope Rino [Gattuso] takes Milan back where they belong

2017 11 28 Retrieve

[Vincenzo Montella was surprised by AC Milan’s decision to sack him and suspects it was a move instigated by the club’s owners rather than the directors] I was calm and I didn’t suspect anything, I swear. I was ready for training as always, on a normal day like any other.

The timing [surprised me most] - there were other times where it would have been more plausible. This time the team was giving answers, both technically and in terms of temperament

When I arrived at Milanello [Milan’s training base], I was greeted by [Giuseppe] Mangiarano, our secretary general, who came with me to see the [sporting] director. Then [Massimiliano] Mirabelli told me they’d made the decision in the night. I think it was a choice made more by the owners than by the directors.

The players greeted me with great affection. I don’t like goodbyes and it was certainly a bad thing, but everyone - and I mean everyone - was affectionate. Even [Riccardo] Montolivo, who had been out [of the team] for some time, and [Gabriel] Paletta, who, like some others, hadn’t played much [were affectionate].

[Ultimately, Montella believes he has fallen victim to an increase in expectations] The expectations were raised too high. As Milan coach I won 33 games out of 64 [matches], so 50 per cent between the league and the cups. After that I certainly remember the win in the Supercoppa Italiana, the return to Europe and finishing first in the group to go through. These were results Milan had been missing for several years and we all shared in them. There’s no culprit, though. In fact, the group is to be defended because there are no slackers, everyone wanted to grow and follow me

2019 08 19 Retrieve

[Fiorentina coach Vincenzo Montella also admitted his interest in Franck Ribery] I want functional players, if it’s big names, it’s even better. Ribery is all this, I believe it is right for everyone. I am ready to offer a dinner to the management if they can bring a player with a great record

2019 08 22 Retrieve

[Fiorentina manager Vincenzo Montella lauded Franck Ribery as extraordinary after the former Bayern Munich star joined the Serie A side] He is an extraordinary player, he’s eager and we believe he can express himself here. He had his first training session today, but I was the only other one there, so I put my boots on after many years and had a kick-about.

[Having just touched down in Italy, Montella hinted that it’s unlikely Ribery, now 36, will feature quickly] We’ll see over the next few days how he responds to training and he is very determined. But we should take it easy. He was a little rusty, as was I.

2019 08 23 Retrieve

[Fiorentina coach Vincenzo Montella could throw new signing Franck Ribery straight into his squad to face Napoli on Saturday] I want him to be with us because he wants to be a part of the game. I want him to be with us and I hope for a chance for him to play. He joined us because he wants to be still on the first line. He has to be competitive, I know he says he wants to, he works on it and I realised by myself in these first days of training. He doesn’t pull himself out during the sessions. He knows he can get results only through hard work. I am sure he will transmit this mentality to all the squad. But I need to focus on the game. Dreams are great, but we need to keep our feet on the ground in this moment

2019 06 15 Retrieve

[Montella confirmed as Fiorentina’s head coach] I’m very happy. I met Rocco Commisso for the first time in person and his enthusiasm exceeded all my expectations. He conveys a lot of positivity and I’m sure this feeling will spread through to everyone, the team and the fans. Now I can’t wait to not only start the season but also get to work and try to give the new owners and Fiorentina fans the satisfaction they deserve.

2019 09 30 Retrieve

[There was a huge roar from Fiorentina boss and ex-Milan coach Vincenzo Montella at full-time and he praised Ribery’s timeless performance] I took Ribery off because I expected they’d give him a standing ovation. He is always in the game, always decisive, and has capabilities well beyond the norm, even if he doesn’t have the change of pace he had five or six years ago

2019 10 28 Retrieve

[Fiorentina coach Vincenzo Montella decided to substitute Ribery with 10 minutes remaining against Lazio with the 36-year-old visibly unhappy about being withdrawn. Ribery facing lengthy Serie A ban for pushing linesman in Lazio loss] I thought he looked tired, maybe he was angry because he wanted to come off earlier. He’s a champion, I like the adrenaline and passion, he’ll have plenty of time to give his contribution. I was a forward, I know what it was like being substituted

[Montella also expressed his disappointment that Lazio’s winner was allowed to stand and believes VAR should have intervened] I don’t understand when there’s a decisive incident in the final minutes and you have this technology, why not use it? Just take a minute and go look. I said to the referee, if you see it afterwards and think it wasn’t a foul, I’ll buy you a coffee. If you see it and think it was a foul, you can buy me a coffee. We all stood around for four minutes waiting for the VAR to say if he should see it or not. If he’d just gone and looked at it, it would’ve been a minute or two longer, but at least we’d all be sure. He may well have made the same decision that it wasn’t a foul, but at least we’d have the confidence he’d seen it

2019 12 21 Retrieve

[Fiorentina head coach Montella sacked after heavy defeat at home to Roma] The decision was taken following a long and detailed analysis of the team’s performances and results. Given the need to rediscover the necessary grit and determination on the pitch and produce an immediate turnaround, the owners and management decided that a change of coach was the best option. The club would like to thank Vincenzo Montella for his efforts and commitment in recent months and we wish him every success in the next chapter of his career