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Walter Sabatini
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Bologna Director
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx
Club as Coach Bologna [Club Director]
  Intermilan [sporting director]

2019 07 18 Retrieve

[Former Inter sporting director Walter Sabatini claims that Mauro Icardi should ‘find a boyfriend’ for his agent and wife Wanda Nara] If Icardi was my player, I’d find a boyfriend for Wanda so that she stepped away from Mauro, who’s a wonderful lad and a loving father

With Sinisa Mihajlovic, I wanted to take on the world immediately and irreverently. Now it’ll take longer, but not by much. He’ll pull through. ‘Resilience’ is the key word. I’ve often come up against things with resilience too. I’ve never made pacts with the devil, only with myself, perhaps because I myself am the devil. I’ve been in contact with the afterlife: like the doctors said, I died twice in the 40 days I was comatose. I made myself heard. I also negotiated with God, with politeness but also fury. I felt ready for heaven, but he didn’t give me the keys

[Sabatini also revealed the reaction of striker Mattia Destro when he heard the news of his coach’s battle with leukaemia] I was surprised by Destro’s reaction: he’s never been so intellectually open. He was edgier before. He cried when he heard Sinisa’s name: it meant Mihajlovic had really entered his heart

[Sabatini also addressed rumours that former Southampton striker Manolo Gabbiadini would re-join Bologna this summer] To tell you the truth, Sinisa asked us not to spend money on a new striker because he’s counting on Destro and he wants us to invest in a midfielder. If I had a lot of money, I’d sign Neymar. I want the fans to have fun: football is something wonderful

2019 07 13 Retrieve

[Bologna coach Mihajlovic vows to fight leukaemia following diagnosis] Sinisa will hold Bologna in his hands, and Bologna will hold Sinisa, until the end of his contract. Whatever happens in the coming days, Mihajlovic will remain the coach of Bologna

2019 11 02 Retrieve

[Walter Sabatini says The Zlatan Ibrahimovic roadshow could yet be making a fresh stop in Bologna] ahimovic wants to come to us because of the relationship he has with Sinisa [Mihajlovic, Bologna’s coach]. It is not impossible, it can be done and if it should happen it would be a matter of affection between them. Ibra would like to help Mihajlovic. I can say that we will do everything to make this madness happen

2019 12 10 Retrieve

[Ibrahimovic not joining Bologna as Napoli and Milan links strengthen] Ibrahimovic will not be coming to Bologna. He has made other choices

2020 02 11 Retrieve

[Walter Sabatini says Riccardo Orsolini worth at least €70 million amid Juventus interest] In the negotiation process, we talked to Juventus about a possible buy-back option, but it was never written down, so it remained only verbal. At the moment, it is unthinkable that he could be sold for the figures that have been mentioned in the media. We would discuss it with Juventus to ensure that everyone was happy with the situation. We are a strong club and, if the player were to leave, we would require compensation. In any case, we’re not thinking about his departure at the moment and he is not on the market

I give Orsolini a value of not less than €70 million. I repeat that he will not leave. He is followed by the national team like so many others and I think good news is coming to Coverciano [Italy’s headquarters]. I hope he can go to the European Championship, but [Italy coach Roberto] Mancini doesn’t need my advice

2020 05 17 Retrieve

[Mihajlovic claimed Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s next move will be to either return to Sweden or join Bologna] It’s something that could only develop via their friendship and mutual admiration. A transfer operation involving Ibrahimovic is not something Bologna could aspire to. He’d certainly raise the level of everyone around him, so of course it’d be wonderful, but I can’t say I believe it’ll happen.

[Bologna’s Japan international Takehiro Tomiyasu, on the other hand, has been linked with a move out of the club] We won’t be selling him because the figure paid would not be sufficient to reflect what a great player he is. Right now nobody is capable of fully evaluating what Tomiyasu is and can become