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Wayne Richardson
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2020 02 10 Retrieve

[Odion Ighalo is taking part in double daily fitness sessions with performance coach Wayne Richardson] He’s come totally professional, totally prepared. He’s not come off the cuff or anything. He knows what he wants and what he wants to do

He was doing his pre-season, he had just started that out in China. So it is a case of not wanting to load him up with too much, too soon. You have got to remember he is on the back of a whirlwind with Man Utd. He has come in and it has all been about mobility, flexibility and trying really basic things in his first week. Now we’re looking to load him up and look at his intensity as well. He was in pretty decent shape when he came across, he was doing stuff anyway before he came over

We’re not the people who he has to impress. We just basically have that support mechanism for players. They [United] will gauge where he is at, obviously he has got to go for all his testing, but we are just giving him that pre-season.

We can always tell from the moment a player comes through the door about where their mindset is. This guy has walked through the door, he is ready to work, he is an athlete. When he goes out there he has got the weight of Manchester United on his shoulders in terms of the shirt. I don’t think that will faze him. He’s a good, honest professional athlete who knows what he has to do to get to where he needs to be

2020 03 23 Retrieve

[Why injury misery awaits Premier League clubs] When they finally return to full training you’re talking about a month really to build up to being anywhere near match fit. They’re all at home working on programmes but they’ll have to be tested when they go back. Then they will start with agility work and then there’s going to have to be small games like a mini pre-season. We’ve never seen anything like this before, for me it’s sad. But there’s no other way around it. For the normal footballer who likes routine they don’t know what they’re going to do when they get back. That’s the difficulty for any professional athlete, not knowing what’s going to happen

What we’re looking at now with the work the players are doing is gym-based and fitness but nothing replicates match sharpness, and players lose that quite quickly. Probably over a period of two to three weeks when it starts to drop off. The concern will be when they get back that there’s potential for a lot of injuries. If you look at a team like Liverpool, who play with a high press, that requires a lot of change in direction, change of speed, linear and lateral type running. That’s something they’re not getting in their back garden and fitness levels can drop off very quickly

I’ve had a lot of requests to go to players’ homes but I need to be careful of that because I don’t know who they’ve been in contact with. It’s a tricky situation, you want to help but everyone needs to be careful

2020 03 27 Retrieve

[The training secret key to Ighalo’s early Man Utd success] From the moment he stepped through the door I knew he was a different breed. I see a lot of players who come in with an agenda of what they want but he knew exactly what his targets were going to be and where he wanted to be. I had regular contact with United because they wanted to know what he was doing. I sent them GPS trackings, analysis reports and they were surprised with the level Ighalo was at. Without those two weeks I don’t think he would have been in contention for the games that he has already played in

He is a different option to what Solskjaer currently has at the club. When he arrived we spoke about how he was going to be playing a lot with his back to goal. We knew that’s what his role would be so we went through scenarios. I brought in a non-league footballer who roughed him up a bit. Grabbed hold of him. He had to hold the ball and put his foot on it and you can see how that paid off when he came on against City, it’s things like this we worked on