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Name Wayne Rooney
Gender Male
Nationality UK
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
  Manchester United Captain
Desc We all knew he was going to be special from the moment he stunned David Seaman from distance as a 16-year-old, ending Arsenal’s 30-match unbeaten run. A move to Manchester United followed, where he won five Premier League titles, eclipsed Sir Bobby Charlton to become the club’s all-time leading goalscorer, and formed one of the most fearsome strike forces ever seen alongside Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez. A modern great


Org England National Team
Club as Player DC United
  Manchester United


Agent Paul Stretford
Coach Alex Fergusson
Teammate Ryan Giggs

2013 11 05 Retrieve

[Wayne Rooney on Paul Scholes] The best I’ve played with – no question. His touch, passing, vision, composure is outstanding. I try to copy him

2015 08 20 Retrieve

[Wayne Rooney on Thierry Henry] From the ages of ten to 16, watching him the Premier League was amazing and he scored all different types of goals – free-kicks, volleys, left foot, right foot. He was entertaining. He’s probably the best centre-forward, I think, to play in the Premier League

2015 10 06 Retrieve

[On a BBC documentary, Manchester United and England captain Wayne Rooney was asked who was the best player he played with for England] I’d have to say Stevie [was the best]. For me he’s an incredible player, an incredible leader. He helped me a lot during my early days with England

2016 04 02 Retrieve

[Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney revealed his son wants an England shirt … with Jamie Vardy on the back] My lad has asked me to get him an England kit with Vardy on the back!

2016 09 03 Retrieve

[England captain Wayne Rooney announces his plans to retire from international football after Russia 2018] Realistically I know myself, Russia will be my last opportunity to do anything with England, so I’m going to try to enjoy these two years and hopefully I can end my time playing for England on a high. I’ve had a fantastic international career so far, played a lot of games and I’ve enjoyed every minute, but as some point if it’s going to come to an end, whether it’s two or four years’ time, I’m not old, I’m 30 years of age and come Russia, I feel that will be the time for me to say goodbye to international football

2016 09 24 Retrieve

[Wayne Rooney responds to his critics] I listen to my coaches and my team-mates, the people around me, and I don’t really listen to what a lot of people out there are saying because a lot of it is rubbish. I have to focus, work hard, of course, and I’ve done that throughout my career. I’ve worked hard and tried to do my best for the team. That’s football, I think. We don’t win in three games and, of course, everyone is going to talk about it

2017 01 28 Retrieve

[Wayne Rooney reflects about what it’s like to score a goal in the Premier League] It’s an amazing feeling. It’s like you’re playing football underwater and you score the goal and it’s like you come up for air and you can hear the crowd, the atmosphere for that four or five seconds

2017 05 27 Retrieve

[Wayne Rooney revealed that he has received several offers from other clubs] There are lots of offers on the table, both in England and abroad, and that’s what I have to decide on. I’ve got some decisions to make now over the next few weeks, so I will talk with my family and then I’ll decide. I think I have to make a decision in terms of a football decision, and that’s what I’ll do, I’ll do that the next few weeks with my family while I’m away, and as soon as I know what’s going on, I’m sure you will

2017 07 15 Retrieve

[Wayne Rooney tells a secret of his, while he was playing for Manchester United] It feels great [to be back]. To be honest, I’ve kept it quiet for the last 13 years, but I’ve actually been wearing Everton pyjamas at home with my kids. I had to keep that a bit quiet!

2017 08 12 Retrieve

[Wayne Rooney believes his Manchester United goalscoring record will be hard to beat] You never know, if they get someone like Lionel Messi or Ronaldo the record might get broken! But I think that in football now, players don’t really tend to stay at clubs for that long. The only way I can see it being broken is if someone stays for the same period of time that I did. It is fantastic to have left that mark behind. It is a great legacy to have left. I left United with great memories. It was a successful time for the club and it was great for me. I loved it there. I loved working with the players but it was the right time for me to move on and I feel I have certainly made the right decision in coming here

2017 08 26 Retrieve

[Wayne Rooney announces his retirement from international football] It was great that Gareth Southgate called me this week to tell me he wanted me back in the England squad for the upcoming matches. I really appreciated that. However, having already thought long and hard, I told Gareth that I had now decided to retire for good from international football. It is a really tough decision and one I have discussed with my family, my manager at Everton and those closest to me. Playing for England has always been special to me. Every time I was selected as a player or captain was a real privilege and I thank everyone who helped me. But I believe now is the time to bow out. Hopefully the exciting players Gareth is bringing through can take that ambition further and I hope everyone will get behind the team. One day the dream will come true and I look forward to being there as a fan - or in any capacity

2018 02 15 Tweet

[Wayne Rooney shares news of the healthy arrival of his fourth child, Cass Mac Rooney] 5-a-side team complete! Welcome to the world Cass

2018 11 03 Retrieve

[Wayne Rooney speaks about life in the USA playing for DC United] As captain, I put the music on that I want rather than their music all the time and I don’t think it is bad. It is a bit of James Bay, Ed Sheeran, Mumford and Sons, it is quite chilled out really. I think I would be the perfect room-mate! It is something quite different that I have not done before but that’s part of it and it’s not a big deal for me

2018 11 17 Retrieve

[Wayne Rooney discussing why England’s Golden Generation failed to perform at a major tournament] We had some great established players: David Beckham, Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Paul Scholes, Rio Ferdinand, John Terry… why didn’t it work? I’ve no idea. We tried to be successful. We maybe never had the squad, we had the startling 11 which was very good but going into the tournament we maybe never had that back-up. But I think we had a great team, we were unlucky on a couple of occasions, going out on penalties

2018 12 22 Retrieve

[Wayne Rooney felt the atmosphere around Manchester United had already changed in the short time since Jose Mourinho was replaced by Solskjaer] I thought I’d give him [Ole Gunnar Solskjaer] a message of congratulations, my feelings of how it’s been from speaking to some players and what I felt needs to change. First of all it was just get the lads enjoying playing football. I think that’s what the lads wanted, that’s what they were after and he’s definitely the guy to make them do that

I stay in touch with a lot of people at the club, speak to them quite a lot - certainly this week - and I think, to be a successful football club, you need everything to be right

You need the staff at the training ground to be right, the groundsman whoever that is, they need to feel happy and that rubs off, that rubs off on the players and I think that relationship between some of the staff and some of the players obviously wasn’t great

But I think also bringing Ole in, bringing [Sir Alex Ferguson’s former assistant manager] Mike Phelan in, that already has changed. I think the staff down at the training ground are smiling, they’re happy and that rubs off on the players

2019 06 Retrieve

[Rooney has made it clear he wishes to go into management after he retires] I’m taking the steps to get my badges completed and when I finish playing I’ll see what opportunities come up. There’s already offers which have been made, but at the minute I’m still a player and I want to enjoy playing, and then I’ll see which offers are right when I do finish

2019 09 14 Retrieve

I watch [England] with excitement and happiness when they are winning. You look at our team ten years ago and arguably we had the best group of players in world football. Rio Ferdinand, John Terry, Ashley Cole, Steven Gerrard, Paul Scholes, Frank Lampard, David Beckham, myself, Michael Owen - our team then, if we had a Pep Guardiola with that group of players, we’d have won everything, no doubt about it