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Name Wilfried Zaha
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer


Club as Player Crystal Palace
  Manchester United

2019 07 06 Retrieve

[Wilfried Zaha has hit out at the sad and annoying speculation surrounding him at present, with a big-money transfer to Arsenal continuing to be mooted] It’s sad and annoying how anyone will just open their mouth and speak on things or situations they know absolutely nothing about. The only thing that’s on my mind right now is trying to win [AFCON]

[when asked if he would like to play for the Gunners] I don’t know. We’ll see in the future

2019 10 09 Retrieve

[Wilfried Zaha has backed Ivory Coast international team-mate Nicolas Pepe to develop into a star at Arsenal] I have got nothing but faith in him, I’ve got confidence that he will produce the same thing that he did before because we both play for Ivory Coast and I’ve seen the talent he’s got, but not everyone sees it. I see the social media, I see everything and it’s a thing where he needs time. He’s come from another league, he’s young. There’s this price tag that he has not put on himself, people have put that on him because of his performances, so you’ve got to give him time for him to reproduce that, it’s not going to come like that

2019 10 19 Retrieve

[Wilfried Zaha admitted his performances at the start of the season weren’t good enough, a fact he accepted was down to disappointment of remaining with Roy Hodgson’s side] I had to put my head down and play my football. I would have been hindering my own progress by moaning and not wanting to perform properly. I have too much respect for my manager, the fans and my teammates to treat them that way. It was a thing where ‘OK, this hasn’t happened but I’ve got to get on with it’. I’ve got to prove every time that I’m the top player I claim to be so I had to get over that quickly. Obviously my head was a bit all over the place at the beginning of the season but I had to nail down and just get on with it because the team deserved that

2019 12 17 Retrieve

[Crystal Palace’s Wilfried Zaha reflects on Brighton draw] I was just so overjoyed, I was glad I managed to get the goal for the team because we worked so hard. We’ve got a good run going so I’m glad we can carry it on. Each goal is massive really because this is a big game. Over time there have been more important goals but I feel like every game, every goal I can get in a game is important so I’m glad I could get one today. I’m just glad we managed to get back in it, really. If you can’t win it, don’t lose. I’m glad we managed to get that point at least. We didn’t have the best first-half because we basically didn’t get anything but in the second-half, we pushed on, we pressed them and I feel that we deserved a point at least. We barely had the ball, so even having attacks, we were too tired to do anything. So props to them, they did their job to be honest in the first-half. We had to do something second-half

2020 03 14 Tweet

[Wilfried Zaha urges fans to keep safe amid coronavirus fears] Make sure you and your loved ones are safe in this period we are going through. The game we all love will be back soon