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Willem van Hanegem
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Dutch National Team
Club as Player Feyenoord

2010 06 10 Retrieve

[Dutch legend Willem van Hanegem epitomised the rivalry between the Netherlands and [West] Germany probably more than any other player over the past 60 years. Van Hanegem had lost his father, two brothers and a sister during World War II, two of them as a direct hit from German bombing raids on the Netherlands. Prior to the 1974 World Cup final between the two countries, van Hanegem ordered his team-mates to ‘stuff the Germans’ while after the 2-1 defeat he tearfully stated] I didn’t give a damn as long as we humiliated them. They murdered my father, sister and two brothers. I am full of angst. I hate them

2011 11 15 Retrieve

[GERMANY 2-1 THE NETHERLANDS, JULY 7 1974] I didn’t give a damn about the score, 1-0 was enough, as long as we could humiliate them. I hate them. They murdered my family. My father, my brother and several family members. Each time I faced Germany, I was angst-filled

2012 05 29 Retrieve

[Van Hanegem also wrote that Dirk Kuyt is not good enough to represent the country] He works hard, but many other also do, and he’s not a real winger

2012 06 27 Retrieve

[Van Hanegem says Van Marwijk should stay on as Netherlands coach] Bert should continue. It would help f*** all if Van Marwijk quit as national team coach. He should say farewell to a few of the players [rather than go himself], He has to sit down with players such as [Rafael] van der Vaart, [Wesley] Sneijder and Robin [van Persie] and tell them how he wants things to pan out. He should also try to get [Arjen] Robben and [Klaas-Jan] Huntelaar on board. These five players are crucial for the team and for the development of the younger players. This team still has a bright future ahead. I wouldn’t have any fear ahead of the qualifiers for the 2014 World Cup with this group of players

2013 03 25 Retrieve

[Retired Netherlands international Willem van Hanegem believes Rafael van der Vaart and Wesley Sneijder are too preoccupied with themselves] Guys like Sneijder and Van der Vaart, who are awfully good players, are still too preoccupied with themselves. With all respect to Van der Vaart and Sneijder, if they are at their best in 2014, then they will play their usual. But they must fight to remain at the top and play well with each other. They put themselves under pressure, because they are afraid of the upcoming youth

I heard [former Netherlands coach Rene] van der Gijp say on television that Boetius is too young. How stupid can you be? Young players should participate in the training and in my opinion, even a little bit in matches. Boetius is a boy who you could have made good use of against Estonia, with him, the football becomes better. Let him do more

2013 10 11 Retrieve

[Van Hanegem says Van Gaal has lost his mind] Van Gaal is deranged. How can you make that claim? It is good that he will leave again after the World Cup. I see our teams play and it’s a festival of colossal mistakes, which has nothing to do with good football. Do you see that in the Champions League?

We’re struggling to even have three teams in Europe. They’re only looking to cover their own backside. Make top five, upper half of the table, qualify for European football. Comments like that. After Feyenoord’s second and third finishes in recent seasons, the squad remained the same, so why not say that you want to challenge for the title? If you play for Feyenoord, Ajax and PSV, you need to get involved for the national title. Fortunately, [Feyenoord coach] Ronald Koeman now realises that as well, but he has yet to convince the players

2015 03 14 Retrieve

[Van Hanegem says Van Gaal mistreating Manchester United stars] What I hate to see is how Van Gaal is treating Ryan Giggs. Louis has more attention for the other geezer next to him. But Louis forgets that we are talking here about Ryan Giggs. Louis has played for Telstar, FC Antwerp and Sparta Rotterdam. Giggs was a giant as a player. He deserves more respect than this.

Falcao has proven over the past few years that he is one of the best strikers in the world. But at United he is being treated as if he was signed from an old fourth division club. Sometimes he’s allowed to play a few minutes, sometimes he is allowed to start, other times he sits 90 minutes on the bench, or even worse, in the stands. I can see there are more players not happy at United. Di Maria was one of the most important links in the chain at Real Madrid. In the World Cup he was the best player in the Argentina side. But at United he hasn’t been able to pass a ball over more than 25 yards most times

2015 09 04 Retrieve

[Van Hanegem says Memphis looks like he could join the Amish] I don’t care that he comes to Oranje with a hat and a scarf. What he does outside of the pitch is his own business. But with a couple of supsenders and a beard, he could easily join the Amish people in America and sit on a wagon

[The former Netherlands star was also critical of Memphis’ United teammate Daley Blind, who was seen on camera covering his mouth as he talked with his teammates] What is he talking about behind his hand?. I think he has other things to worry about at the moment. But apparantly he thinks that is important

2015 09 07 Retrieve

[Netherlands legend Willem van Hanegem has once again hit out at Memphis Depay for his personal appearance, comparing the Dutch youngster to James Bond villain Auric Goldfinger] There are a few players at Oranje that only think about theirselves. Take Memphis for instance. He’s just like Goldfinger with his golden shoes. But what is the use of that for Netherlands? He just lay on the ground, it makes you feel despondent

All these players look like they are contesting a bodybuilders match. Back in the day you had players who were ripped, now they only look pumped up. That’s a big difference

2016 11 21 Retrieve

[Former Feyenoord and Netherlands star Willem van Hanegem on Kasper Dolberg] He is going to play at the biggest clubs in the world. It would not surprise me if they come and get him in the winter