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Name Wojciech Szczesny
Gender Male
Ethnic Polish
Job Polish Footballer
Desc Few goalkeepers have displayed such command of their penalty box as young as Szczesny. He is a prodigious talent, and if his progress continues at this rate he has a chance of being remembered as Arsenal’s greatest stopper


Org Poland National Team
Club as Player Arsenal FC

2017 05 20 Retrieve

[goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny reveals he has a big career decision to make this summer] The one thing I want to do is make sure I don’t stay still. I was quite still for five years – sometimes I played better, sometimes worse, sometimes phenomenal, sometimes rubbish. You take steps forwards and backwards. It is not very good for your head if you go up and down and up and down. I want to try to keep going up, with my quality and with my decisions that I make. I am 27, the best I have ever been, I still have room to improve and I want to make sure that room doesn’t stay empty. I want to go into that room. It feels like a big moment

2018 02 10 Retrieve

[Wojciech Szczesny reveals the unique experience of working alongside Gianluigi Buffon] It’s incredible [working with Buffon], I arrived here knowing that he was into his last year or two and I told myself it was an experience that could only come around once in a lifetime. I expected to meet an outstanding goalkeeper, but he’s also an incredible man. Buffon is the big leader of the team, a great friend for everybody. He’s a person we all love. He helps everybody and everybody helps him. He’s an amazing person, and I don’t need to say anything about him as a goalkeeper because we all know everything. It’s a fantastic life experience and I hope that he can carry on [playing], but only for another year!

2019 09 07 Retrieve

[Wojciech Szczesny jokes about his brushes with goalkeeping greatness] Recently I said that when I was back-up at Roma, it was to the best goalkeeper in the world, Alisson, who’s now at Liverpool. Now at Juve my substitute is one of the greatest players in history. The conclusions are that I’m probably the best in the world and in history