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Name Yannick Bolasie
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc Another exciting purchase, Bolasie arrived from Crystal Palace for £27m in 2016 with a reputation as one of the fastest and trickiest wingers in the Premier League. He initially impressed, forming a partnership with Romelu Lukaku, but his form dipped before a cruel season-ending injury ruled him out for over a year. Now on loan at Sporting Lisbon, he can leave Everton for £4.5m this summer


Club as Player Everton FC
  Crystal Palace

2017 01 21 Retrieve

[Yannick Bolasie praises former Crystal Palace team-mate Wilfried Zaha] I do think the penny has dropped for him and, as a player - development-wise, I think with the right coach, the guy’s got ability of someone like Neymar. I’d go that far. Neymar’s at Barça, so it’s hard to compare…but the ability he’s got, it’s up there

2019 06 29 Retrieve

[Yannick Bolasie concerned about Afcon impact on Everton career] Logically, if I really wanted to think [about it], I’d just put my career first and say I’m going back to Everton. I feel myself, I’m back sharp, and I’d go and do a full preseason, which I haven’t had in two years and which makes the difference to anyone’s season. For me, it’s not a case of coming here to try and turn myself [around]. I want to play at the Africa Cup of Nations to the best of my ability, but I’m also taking [the tournament] as preparation for pre-season going into the next season

think I’ve been on top form this season. [but] my season has probably been stretched out because of the Afcon. You think: ‘I’ve got to go to the Afcon,’ and it’s just the wheels spinning, spinning, spinning. You need a little bit of a break. I don’t make any excuse, it is what it is. I’ve come to perform for my country, my heart’s in it, and I always want to do that. I enjoy doing it, and I’ve come

I always like a challenge. I think everything I’ve done has been a challenge in my football career, it’s never been straightforward.

2020 02 27 Retrieve

[Yari Verschaeren has also improved with his left foot, as showcased on the final day of the 2018-19 campaign as a deep cross with his weaker foot enabled on-loan Everton winger Yannick Bolasie to head home against KV Oostende] I immediately noticed Yari. In the first few days I thought he was a younger brother of Eden Hazard. Then I started calling him Eden. He has a lot of potential. He makes me think a little bit of Eden Hazard. He is very handy and he can turn quickly and play very quickly

2020 05 24 Retrieve

[Former Crystal Palace team-mate Yannick Bolasie Wilfried Zaha has ‘a Neymar kind of ability’] I think I would have taught him some things, to be honest, some little things he would have taken from my book. When I said Wilf has a Neymar kind of ability, people were like: ‘Nah, nah, nah,’ but then they started looking and saying: ‘Actually, he does. Every season for me, he’s come out and proved he’s got better. Just in different types of ways. He’s setting up teammates, setting up people to score, he’s releasing passes quicker than I’ve seen him release passes before. I’m seeing an improvement in his whole game, he’s not just this dribbler that everyone thinks he is; he can see a pass and a through ball.

Since then [meeting], we’ve had a close bond. I know his brothers. From then, it’s just been a family thing: they check in on me sometimes, I check in on them and for me to see where he’s at today is what I expected. It is what I expected, but then for things to actually take place, that’s a different type of feeling. I’m very happy for him and what he’s doing and when I watch Palace and see him play and I feel: ‘Hmm, you could have done this there,’ I do tell him. Because I do feel like I’ve got that relationship with him. Not to try and coach him but to tell him: ‘Maybe you could have let that shot go a little bit earlier, you didn’t need to do that.’ Or whatever. I do feel like I’ve got that relationship with him and I can tell him that kind of thing. It was great playing with Wilf and also credit to Palace for bringing him through and having the confidence in him after that move to bring him back home and you can see what he’s doing now - it’s unbelievable stuff