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Name Yeo Moriba
Spelling Yeo Mathias Moriba
Gender Male
Ethnic French
Desc Madame Yeo Mathias Moriba is the mother of the Pogba brothers


Son Paul Pogba

2019 07 29 Retrieve

I always tell them that they can achieve anything, but be careful, because life is complicated. As long as i’m alive, i’ll be here to guide them

2019 07 30 Retrieve

[xxxx] I was born in Guinea and grew up there. I played a lot of different sports. But eventually, I chose football. We created a football team. And I was the captain of our women’s team. Maybe this was genetically passed to my children, I don’t know. But my three children have the same passion for football

2019 08 03 Retrieve

[Yeo Moriba, mother of the Pogba brothers, features in the latest episode of FIFA Digital’s Sheroes series] The three of them were always together, until they got separated. Paul went to Le Havre and the twins went to Spain. One weekend I would go and visit Paul, and the next weekend I’d visit the twins. Every time I left them I would give them this advice: ‘You left your country to reach a goal, so do your best to reach this goal’