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Name Yerry Mina
Gender Male
Ethnic Colombian
Job Colombian Footballer


Org Colombia National Team
Club as Player Everton
  Barcelona FC
  Deportivo Pasto

2018 01 20 Retrieve

[Yerry Mina talks about meeting Lionel Messi for the first time] It’s special for me [to play with Messi]. For me, he’s the best player in the world. The first impression I got from him was one of humility. I was sat on the bench [on Friday] and he came over with Luis Suarez from training, it was really special when he came to welcome me - it made my hair stand on end

2018 08 11 Retrieve

[Yerry Mina completes his deadline day move to Everton] It’s important that the Club wants to fight for something. I’m delighted to be here

2018 12 09 Retrieve

[Yerry Mina reveals tales of poverty-stricken childhood and heart-warming speech he made to mother at the age of 14] My mother was crying. I said ‘Listen, mum, I am going to build a house for you one day. I am also going to make sure you will be fed from the hand of God’. My mum started to cry again. She said, ‘Don’t worry, Mina, I am also doing my best to try to keep you’

From that day, wherever I travel in the world to play my football, my motivation before I go out on the field I always say it is my mum’s dinner or - like in a few weeks’ time - Gabriel Jesus’s mum’s dinner. Either the striker’s mum’s dinner or mine

To be strong physically and mentally on the field I say to myself I am going out to earn my mum’s dinner. It comes from them, from that childhood, the time when things were tough. It’s not an easy place to grow up and I look back and am motivated to serve as an example to kids growing up the same way

2020 04 30 Retrieve

[Yerry Mina says Ancelotti’s calmness helping Everton players through coronavirus lockdown] He’s a coach from whom I have learned an awful lot in the short time he’s been with us, and I hope to continue to do that. He is always full of charisma and giving off a positive vibe, which really helps you to perform well.

The last time I spoke with him it was just the same as ever.’ve been speaking a lot with Davide [Ancelotti], the manager’s assistant, during this situation, but a while ago at the start of this pandemic I spoke with the gaffer and it was a very good conversation. As we all know the manager is just top quality

It’s the calmness he has in situations where we might be under extreme pressure. He ensures that everyone around him stays calm, too. He keeps his head and thinks in those moments. He is the boss