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Zbigniew Boniek
Gender Male
Ethnic Polish
Job Polish Footballer
  Polish FA President
Desc xxxx


Org Poland National Team
Club as Player xxxx

2009 09 22 Retrieve

[Former Juventus and Roma superstar Zbigniew Boniek has been analysing the situation at Milan and talking, in particular, about the clubs’ two Brazilian strikers Ronaldinho and Pato] Ronaldinho is finished, he does not have the legs and the lungs any more. He can still hurt the opponent with the ball on his feet, but in today’s football you must run and Ronaldinho cannot do so any more. Pato is phenomenal, he’s a player who is growing also from the human side, apart from the technical one. Pato deserves to have guarantees. He sees his space inside the team grow and feels that he can become important for this Milan side

2009 09 24 Retrieve

[Zbigniew Boniek Foresees Close Affair Between Genoa & Juventus] The Rossoblu will face a very strong and organised opponent. It will be tough for them to take maximum points. On the other hand, I also reckon that Juve will not find it easy to get a win at the . I don’t like making predictions and I just want to say that it will be a very close affair between these two teams, who play very good football. Genoa play the most beautiful football in the league. [Gian Piero] Gasperini has managed to turn a squad of players who were deemed ‘average’ a couple of years ago into an amazing unit

2009 10 06 Retrieve

[Zbigniew Boniek Reveals He Was Contacted To Develop Roma Youth Side] I was personally contacted by the club a few months ago. It was an informal meeting, only to talk about things, but we did not reach an agreement. It gave me honour that I was contacted by Roma, but if I were to join the club to develop talent, it would not be for an ‘imaginary’ role. I would like a ‘real’ role, that can help the club. We can only see if in the future, a role like this comes along

2010 02 03 Retrieve

[Zbigniew Boniek has given a critical assessment on the state of play at Juventus] Injuries and the lack of results have been problems, but another is the lack of leaders in the team. Those players are good at talking, but less so on the pitch. Managing certain players will be tough, but Zaccheroni has the experience

[Boniek, who played as a striker at the club between 1982 and 1985, turned his attentions to the boardroom] I think that on a director level there is no strength or clarity which, in the past, distinguished Juventus. As for the pitch, there is not a single player out there who can decide a game

2010 11 04 Retrieve

[Former Poland, Juventus, and Roma superstar Zbigniew Boniek has declared that Sebastien Frey’s injury is a blessing in disguise for Fiorentina, as he believes Artur Boruc is the better goalkeeper] Boruc is undoubtedly stronger than Frey, when he was bought I thought he would be starting. He has personality, he never lets the ball slip and I like the way he conducts himself in goal. He is the Polish international goalkeeper and he has proven himself in the Champions League and was one of the best goalkeepers of the last European championships. After the injury to Frey, with all due respect to Seba, Fiorentina have improved

2011 12 10 Retrieve

[The former Bianconeri attacker says he would like official correspondence from the club as to why he was ejected from their 50 legends, after being replaced by Edgar Davids] This is a question that should be asked at Juventus. I, for my former team, have always had great respect and I remember the day I came home to find a shirt of Juventus and a thank you letter which said I was added to the list of 50 stars. Then I learned from the press that they decided to exclude me from the list. I want to know the ultimate arbiter who changed their mind, and I challenge anyone to say that I said something wrong at Juve

[Boniek has previously spoken in disapproval of former Juve general manager Luciano Moggi, who was charged for his involvement in the Calciopoli scandal, but he believes his criticism of the ex-official is fully justified, and offered his own view as to why he was removed] Yes, I criticised Moggi, but I think I should certainly be applauded. I do not know what to say, someone is probably bothered by the fact that I live in Rome

2018 07 03 Retrieve

[At a media conference with Nawalka on Tuesday, Polish Football Association president Zbigniew Boniek confirmed the 60-year-old’s departure as they turn their attentions to Euro 2020] I can reassure you that I will be guided by experience and intuition when it comes to choosing a new coach. The most important thing is to prepare a team for the European Championship. The task for the new coach is to qualify. Adam Nawalka has left this team stronger than when he started

2018 09 28 Retrieve

[Former Juventus midfielder Zbigniew Boniek said Cristiano Ronaldo is great for the Italian champions and Serie A following his arrival from Real Madrid] Cristiano Ronaldo is a great thing for Serie A. For marketing, merchandising and media rights. In the past, no one was watching Juventus-Frosinone. Now all the world is watching that game. Cristiano Ronaldo is a great thing for Juventus and Serie A. Italian football has to take advantage of it and improving the structures. Cristiano Ronaldo to Italy means Italian league can be attractive. Italy is a serious country where football is very difficult. One of the most difficult. [Ronaldo’s transfer to Juventus] is an advantage for the other clubs too. I really like this transfer