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Zé Roberto
Gender Male
Ethnic Brazilian
Job Brazilian Footballer
Desc The Brazilian was more of a winger by trade, but he worked wonders in most positions he played and, for some, would even make Bayern Munich’s best all-time XI


Org Brazil National Team
Club as Player Bayern Munich

2016 11 29 Retrieve

[while Ze Roberto now has the honour of being the oldest player ever to lift the Brasileirao, he is by no means set on hanging up his boots] I think footballers must live in the moment. This moment does not have to end and it is time to enjoy it. So I am going to enjoy it. I will have time to speak with my family, but after this wonderful afternoon I don’t think it’s the right time to end my career. It is time to celebrate and then I will decide

2017 03 15 Retrieve

[Eternal ex-Real Madrid & Bayern star Ze Roberto still going strong - at 42!] I do not have any vices. I do not drink alcohol, I do not smoke, I eat very well, I sleep well. I have my family, which gives me the best security. I do not have the same speed I had 20 years ago, so I use my experience. If at 41, almost 42, I still play at left-back, one of the most demanding positions, at the level I am playing now I could still be in the Bundesliga, no doubt about it

2018 03 21 Retrieve

[Ze Roberto claims Heynckes definitely leaving at end of season] Recently I had the opportunity to eat with the players and him, but he said to me that he has no desire to continue. He wants to have more time for his wife and family. Had it not been Bayern, he would not have returned anyway. The club means a lot to him.

He fully identifies with the club, hence the respect the players have for him. It’s very important in a team and I understand that they would like to keep him. However, he said to me that he will do it only until the end of the season and then finally stop.

[duo Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben both out of contract at the end of the season] I would extend the contracts with the two eyes closed. Both are still the most creative and unpredictable players at Bayern today. Nevertheless, one has to find young successors and let them mature in the shadow of those two.

2018 11 15 Retrieve

[Ze Roberto says he played until he was 43 - so why can’t Brazil’s ageing stars?] I think the Selecao is going through a period of evolution and are giving opportunities to new players. I think this vision, the mentality Tite has, is really important so that he can build a competitive team and that can fight in the upcoming competitions, because Brazil have so much potential. Right now, it’s all about preparing for the Copa America and I think they are on the right track.

This is a very strong midfield. I think he already has a [combination] in mind but there are many other possibilities to include players with different characteristics. I think it’s up to the coach, to go with the vision that Tite has as he fits all the pieces together so that he forms a highly competitive team that can win titles again.

[And after Miranda said he could go on until World Cup 2022, perhaps Ze can offer some advice] I think if the player takes care of himself then he can go on as long as he wants, at least that’s what allowed me to maintain my level and remain physically able to continue to 43-years-old. I always took good care of myself in my career, I always had the vision to pay special attention to my physical condition and that allowed me to play to a high level much later on in my career. It depends on the performance of the individual, the mentality of the coaching staff, but anything is possible. The squad has players who are professional and take great care of themselves for their career and maybe they can play at high level until they are 40 or older.

2019 06 18 Retrieve

[Former Brazil international Ze Roberto believes Rodrygo Goes has got what it takes to emulate Vinicius Junior at Real Madrid] Vinicius started his career very well in European football. He has a lot of personality and I believe that, when he gains more experience, he will become a significant player in the continent. Rodrygo has everything to follow these steps. He also started very well at Santos and he seems to have a good head, like Vinicius

[When asked if the pair could become two of the world’s best players] It is impossible to predict that today. It is better to wait

[Speaking about his own personal stint with Los Blancos, Ze Roberto looked back with fondness despite the short nature of his time with the club] I have a great affection for Real Madrid because it was the first European team that trusted my potential. Unfortunately, things did not happen as we wanted and I wanted to play a lot to play in the 1998 World Cup, so my time there ended up being short

2019 08 18 Retrieve

[Ze Roberto says Philippe Coutinho can rediscover the best form of his Liverpool days at Bayern Munich] For me, Coutinho is a first-class player. But he has to prove that by returning to the level he showed at Liverpool. But I think Bayern is a club with a perfect atmosphere for him to do it. His greatest strength is his ability to shake up the opposing lines. With his dribbling, but also with his game intelligence, which means that he knows how to use the other players in front of goal, he knows how to set them free. But he has to increase his goal return

[Ze Roberto thinks he has the explanation for his indifferent returns at Barcelona] Because he often only played as a substitute. And he didn’t often play in his best position - coming in from the left or from deep with momentum to attack the goal. And when he was there, he couldn’t bring the necessary intensity on the pitch like he did at Liverpool. But at Bayern, I think he should be able to settle in better

2019 11 28 Retrieve

[The most infamous change Klinsmann made at Bayern was the placement of Buddha statues around the training complex, tying in with his introduction of a quiet room in his attempt to revolutionise life on the campus. That was seen as a step too far by many notable Bavarians, with politicians and religious leaders criticising the statues, while Brazilian midfielder Ze Roberto said they were nothing more than an unnecessary distraction] I already have my faith.