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Name Zico
Gender Male
Ethnic Brazilian
Job Brazilian Footballer
Desc Zico is former Brazil great and current Kashima Antlers technical director


Org Brazil National Team
  Kashima Antlers
Club as Coach Fenerbahce
Club as Player Flamengo FC

2017 05 23 Retrieve

[Zico on Vinicius Junior who just officially a Real Madrid player. The 16-year-old had moved from Flamengo for 45 million euros] We’ve got to be careful with him because there are big expectations of him and that could affect him. He’s 16, everyone’s putting pressure on him, saying that he has to play. Yes, that’s good in certain conditions, but we have to be calm and not think that he has to do the same as what he produced in the under-20 side. We can’t put him under pressure

If the boy plays with the first-team and is of an age to play at a younger level, so he needs to play with the same desire in the reserves. He can’t think that he’s already a professional. That happened with me and I played with the same desire in the second string. Rafinha, Thomas, Lorran, Muralha and Adryan were a few who fell away because of that. They were promoted very quickly and when they went back to the second team they didn’t know how to control themselves. You need to have a good head and be careful

2017 12 30 Retrieve

[Zico gives his thoughts on the current national team under the management of coach Tite] We know how difficult it is to win a championship [World Cup], but Brazil are prepared. I have faith that Brazil will reach the final because, aside from being a great team, they are on the correct path. You see a squad where there are no complaints such as: ‘That was unfair, the other player was supposed to play, etc’. In previous World Cups, you used to see these kinds of things. You don’t see this in Tite’s squad because the staff are very well prepared, they are involved, they go to lots of matches, they watch the players, they value the Brazil-based players and this motivates competition. I’m happy with what’s going on concerning the Brazil national team. The draw Brazil had … everybody who goes to a World Cup must know that there’s no easy group. Obviously, Brazil are at a higher level in comparison to Switzerland, Serbia, and Costa Rica. But Brazil still have to pay attention, be serious above all things, and respectful so that they can beat these opponents

2019 01 05 Retrieve

[Zico compares Lionel Messi with Diego Maradona and Pele] (Lionel) Messi is close to Maradona. That means, in my opinion, he can’t be compared to Pele. I still consider Maradona in front of Messi. With Pele, no. Pele has all the qualities and characteristic that a football player has to have. When God created him [Pele], he put every quality a footballer needs; speed, strength, impulse, technique, kicking ability, heading, dribbling – all of it, everything that a player might have. [Messi has] almost everything, but he doesn’t have the World Cup titles that Pele has. This [means] a lot