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Abu Hafez Al-Hakim
Gender Male
Ethnic Malay
Job MARA Patani spokesman
Desc xxxx


Org Barisan Revolusi Nasional [BRN]

2019 02 04 Retrieve

[On Sunday, Udomchai defended his actions. He said his side was ready to talk, but the Kuala Lumpur trip was meant for a meeting with Abdul Rahim only and not with any specific group] All were just his excuses

2019 05 17 Retrieve

[Sukree Hari, the chief negotiator for MARA Patani, posted a short letter announcing his plans to step down from negotiations] He expressed his intention to resign because of health reasons a few months ago. Two years ago, Ustaz Ahmad Chuwo temporarily replaced him for a few months because of health reasons

2019 07 17 Retrieve

We have to wait for the names suggested by BRN. Sukree Hari has to attend an upcoming meeting and express his views. … If he is determined not to lead the MARA Patani dialogue panel, BRN [Barisan Revolusi Nasional] will have to name his successor

2019 08 19 Retrieve

[The demands reportedly voiced by Fakir on Friday - the release of all people detained over suspected links to the insurgency, and a transparent investigation into abuses by security forces - were among those presented to the Thai government in 2013, during a round of peace talks under the government of Yingluck Shinawatra] These demands were proposed to the Yingluck administration by the BRN, during the tenure of Hassan Toyib as the BRN’s peace-talks leader. They would have talked, if only the Thai government accepted those