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Name Adrian Mutu
Gender Male
Ethnic Romarian
Job Romarian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Romaria National Team
Club as Player Chelsea FC
  Fiorentina FC


Wife Alexandra Dinu
Girlfriend Moran Atias
  Kitty Cepraga

2003 11 06 Retrieve

[There were suggestions that Mutu elbowed Sinisa Mihajlovic just before the spitting incident] It was humiliating to be spat at but I didn’t react as I put the team before any personal vendetta. He has a very poor sense of humour. Some exchanges were made but he couldn’t take it, so he got violent. It was unprovoked and he started it

2004 07 12 Retrieve

[Less than a year after that explosive start and a little over a month since Jose Mourinho had arrived to replace Ranieri, Adrian Mutu found himself subject to a doping test that found cocaine in his blood] Chelsea believe the club’s social responsibility to its fans, players, employees and other stakeholders in football regarding drugs was more important than the major financial considerations to the company

2004 07 12
Less than a year after that explosive start and a little over a month since Jose Mourinho had arrived to replace Ranieri, Mutu found himself subject to a doping test. Nothing unusual for a professional footballer, except this was not carried out by anti-doping authorities, but by Chelsea. The club had grown suspicious after a dip in his form on the pitch and increasingly unreliable behaviour off it. It came back negative. But another, carried out by the usual authorities two months later, showed cocaine in Mutu’s system. He was banned for seven months and summarily sacked

2015 08 01 Retrieve

[Adrian Mutu on former Juventus colleague Zlatan Ibrahimovic] Zlatan’s the best. We used to sleep in the same room before games. One night, he woke up. Ibra told me, ‘Adi, wake up! I had a nightmare. I dreamed Ronaldo was better than me!’ He only went back to sleep after I told him, ‘No, Zlatan, no! You are the best in the world! Calm down!

2020 03 28 Retrieve

[Former Inter forward Adrian Mutu told about a regretful Panenka penalty against Angelo Peruzzi in training and why he couldn’t park close to the training ground] I arrived at Inter in December; I was around 20 years old. There were Ronaldo, [Roberto] Baggio, [Ivan] Zamorano, [Javier] Zanetti, [Alvaro] Recoba, [Christian] Panucci, [Christian] Vieri, [Angelo] Peruzzi, [Laurent] Blanc, [Luigi] Di Biagio, [Clarence] Seedorf, [Ivan] Cordoba, and they were all my idols. I shared the dressing room with them. I admired and appreciated them. We were given a penalty kick during a training match once. I was in a team with Baggio and asked him if I could take it. I lobbed Peruzzi and hit the bar. At that moment, the ‘bear’ Peruzzi gets up and starts chasing me. I had to run all the way to the third pitch, and I didn’t come back until I knew he was gone

Some time after my arrival at Inter, they gave me a car. I was on the highway and I heard Veiri coming from behind. He had a Ferrari. He looked at me, laughed and drove off. I arrived at Pinetina 15 minutes later. I wanted to park but he told me that you could only park your Ferrari or Lamborghini there. I had to go to the third parking lot and walked all the way. When I returned to my house, I called my agent to ask him about the first salary, because they only wanted Ferrari and Lamborghini there

2020 04 01 Retrieve

[Later that month Mutu was sacked by Chelsea after he failed a drugs test. A routine test, carried out at Chelsea’s Cobham training ground, showed the striker had cocaine in his system] We want to make clear that Chelsea has a zero tolerance policy towards drugs. This applies to both performance-enhancing drugs or so-called ‘recreational’ drugs. They have no place at our club or in sport

2020 04 01b Retrieve

[Things came to a head when Mutu reported for international duty in October after missing three weeks of action for Chelsea due to injury] Mourinho said I was injured but it’s not true. I have been in good condition for five days and he knew that. I don’t care about being fined. I want everyone to know that the national team is the most important thing for me. I’ll play against the Czech Republic at any risk. Such a match is so important for the national team that I cannot miss it

[Mutu had a lot of questions to answer over his involvement with drugs] I am not hooked on drugs. I categorically deny this. The only reason I took what I took was because I wanted to improve my sexual performance. It may be funny but it is true. I did not take cocaine. I took something to make me feel good

[He showed his compassionate side in 2013 when he revealed plans to adopt a baby rescued from a Chinese sewage pipe] I couldn’t figure out how to carry on living, how to eat my breakfast, when I saw this story on TV. He’s a special child. When I saw the baby I said: ‘I must adopt him, he has been sent to me by God’. Just look at this poor little fellow. He made such a strong impression on me. I told my wife we have to help him, we have to do everything we can. I never thought I would adopt a baby, I had no plan concerning that, but I just know I have to help this one

[He attributed his calmness to his time in Florence, a tranquil setting far removed from the distractions he found unavoidable in London] Florence is home for me. People here love me and I have forgotten about the cocaine and my sad time in London. Recently my agent Alessandro Moggi presented me with some offers from Premiership clubs, but without meaning any offence, I would not go back to London if they paid me a fortune in gold

I’ve got nothing against English people - they are very nice and they are crazy for football - and the Premier League is clearly a great competition, but nowhere is as good as Florence for me

2020 04 16 Retrieve

[Adrian Mutu reveals his biggest regret in football was losing to Rangers in Uefa Cup semi-final] If I could replay one single game from the whole of my career, it would be the second leg of the semi-final against Rangers in the UEFA Cup.

In the final moments of the game, I had a great chance to score with a header, but I put too much power on it and the ball didn’t go in. We ended up losing on penalties and I often think of that moment. I am convinced we would have won the UEFA Cup if we had got to the Final that year. Maybe one day I can make up for it because it would be my dream to manage Fiorentina in the future

2020 06 11 Retrieve

[In an unprecedented legal action, Chelsea have pursued Adrian Mutu for millions of pounds in compensation for more than a decade since. In October 2018, the European Court of Human Rights - Mutu’s final recourse to appeal - confirmed that the Romanian owed his former club - and, ultimately, their Russian multibillionaire owner Roman Abramovich - £15.2m] We are exercising our legal remedies to recover the amounts owed to us and we will continue to do so

2020 06 11b Retrieve

[Leicester’s Ian Walker never stood a chance. The shot, all bludgeoned power and fizzing swerve, streaked past his stretching fingers and into the bottom corner. Blackburn’s Brad Friedel was the next victim, left floundering as the ball was ushered around him and rolled into the empty net. ‘He has the predatory skills to rival Ruud van Nistelrooy, with something of the finesse of Thierry Henry,’ reported the Guardian] I can’t believe that was 17 years ago. In my first year at Chelsea I worked with Claudio Ranieri, a great coach, who wanted me in the squad. Without those personal problems, things would have been different

2020 06 11c Retrieve

[In October 2018, the European Court of Human Rights - Mutu’s final recourse to appeal - confirmed that the Romanian owed his former club - and, ultimately, their Russian multibillionaire owner Roman Abramovich - £15.2m. Some 20 months on, neither Chelsea nor Mutu are offering any update on their dispute] It is something I don’t want to speak about

[In January, he was appointed as coach of his country’s under-21 side] I think I’m the right person because I know what happens when a player has problems with indiscipline. I’ve passed through hard moments and I came back stronger. If one of my players happens to make a mistake I will tell them to learn from it and not to repeat it. I came back and I played better than before, proving to everyone that the young players who have made a mistake must be helped, not judged and destroyed

[And what of Mutu’s own future?] My ambitions as a coach cannot be lower than the ones I had as a footballer. I always wanted to be better and better. I want to get to coach at least at the same level I played at, and my dream is to be the head coach of the Romanian national team

2020 06 11d Retrieve

[Adrian Mutu on Ianis Hagi] He is a player who hits the ball with both feet just as well and has an extraordinary vision on the field. I’m sure he’ll have a great career