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Alen Stajcic
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job Australia Head Coach [ex]
Desc Alen Stajcic, a man supposedly responsible for toxic team culture in a previous gig, has turned a young and oft-maligned team into one that now competes hard, playing both for each other and with belief


Org xxxx
Club as Player Central Coast Mariners
  Australia Women National Team [ex]

2017 12 02 Retrieve

[Alen Stajcic praises star forward Samantha Kerr after her superb performances throughout 2017] The amount of attention she has received in the past few months has gone from zero to 100 in terms of publicity and in the media. To come out and still perform shows how much she has matured as a person and shows her sporting quality. She is really becoming one of the superstars of Australian sport

2018 07 28 Retrieve

[Alen Stajcic speaks after his side defeated Brazil 3-1 in the Tournament of Nations] The last time we played them they [Brazil] walked off pretty unhappy having been beaten by ‘little old Australia’, the country that doesn’t really play football, beating the football powerhouse

2019 06 03 Retrieve

[In their statement on Friday, the FFA stressed that Heather Reid’s comments at the time of Stajcic’s sacking didn’t impact their decision to part ways with the coach] FFA by this statement wishes to make clear that Alen Stajcic’s contract was not terminated on the basis that he had breached his contract or had engaged in any misconduct. Any inference that has been drawn about these being reasons for Alen’s contract termination is wrong. FFA acknowledges that some of the speculation about the termination of Alen’s contract was caused by statements made by one of its directors, Heather Reid. These statements were not made on behalf of FFA and did not reflect the decision of the Board or the reasons why it made that decision

2019 11 14 Retrieve

[The transformation of Australia’s Sam Kerr: From wild winger to best No.9 in women’s football] The first time we all saw Sam Kerr play we all thought she was something special. A gifted mover, mobile, athletic and the ability to beat opponents with ease - and most importantly the desire to run with the ball and not fear trying to be unpredictable or creative

2020 01 14 Retrieve

[Stajcic rewards Lewis Miller with senior contract] Lewis has shown a lot of promise this season and has shown great poise since coming into the side, so it’s great that we can reward him with a new contract

He’s a very talented footballer, and he continues to grow and mature - he has potentially a very exciting future ahead of him and our job here is to help him develop to his full potential

It’s great to see the Mariners giving boys like Lewis, Sammy [Silvera], Gianni [Stensness] a real chance to show what they can do as a core value at this club is to discover and allow really talented boys to flourish in a professional environment