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Name Alex Inglethorpe
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job Liverpool Academy director
  Tottenham Academy director [ex]
Desc xxxx


Club as Coach Liverpool [Academy director]

2016 03 21 Retrieve

[on Harry Kane] Harry was always someone who was going to get better just by the sheer volume of work he was willing to do, and by the mentality he would demonstrate on a daily basis to invest in himself. He had a fantastic desire to improve and would always want to do extra work at the end of a session. He became obsessive about his finishing in all its various forms and would dedicate a huge amount of time to improve these aspects of his game

2016 03 22 Retrieve

[on Harry Kane] I first saw Harry when, as the under-18 coach, I would take the under-14s once a week. Harry would have been 13 at the time, and given that his is a late July birthday, he was still playing catch up with some of the group from a physical perspective. But he was always a promising technician and a very genuine young man with a wonderful desire to improve

2019 02 Retrieve

[Academy director Alex Inglethorpe promised Trent Alexander-Arnold recognition at the club’s youth base if he won a trophy with the senior set-up] If he wins a medal with the club then he can have his name on the door or something, depending on what he wins and how well he plays in that particular final

2019 08 28 Retrieve

[As Alex Inglethorpe, Liverpool’s Academy director, told in May] I don’t care about outcomes, I care about processes

2019 09 06 Retrieve

[Harry Wilson has been challenged by Liverpool academy manager Alex Inglethorpe to prove that he can have a future at Anfield by impressing during a Premier League audition at Bournemouth] Harry had a good, promising season at Derby County and I’m really hoping he can continue that on loan at Bournemouth. Harry has got real ability and he influences games, so I’m interested to see what happens when he gets the opportunity to play regularly in the Premier League. Can he step up another level because he has proven he can do it in the Championship? Hopefully he can carry that on in the Premier League

We thought we would give it a go this year and are probably in a slighter better position with the players that we have on loan [than before]. We were maybe a little bit light on numbers and I think some games we might have to go into where we are a bit younger than we would want and maybe it will be a tough evening for us. But we are prepared to give it as good a go as we possibly can and it’s three great games for the kids to experience something which is close to senior football. There will be a crowd, there will be something riding on the game, they will be playing against senior players that will offer something completely different to U23s football, which is really just an extension of youth-team football

2019 10 14 Retrieve

[Academy manager Alex Inglethorpe billing Curtis Jones as more Adam Lallana than Sadio Mane and Harvey Elliott as a real threat] Caoimhin Kelleher made some good saves at key times and showed real calmness with his feet. It’s just good to see Rhian Brewster back after so long out injured. It will probably take him a bit of time to find his rhythm. When you haven’t played for that length of time it can sometimes take a bit out of you so we need to be patient. Harvey looked a real threat and is someone we were very fortunate to be able to recruit. He’s got an incredible mentality and a lot of potential. At the minute he’s spending the majority of his time at Melwood and he will only benefit from training with the likes of James Milner and Georginio Wijnaldum.

[Inglethorpe added on Dutch defender Ki-Jana Hoever and Merseyside native Jones] I thought Ki-Jana had a mixed evening but he took his goal ever so well and has shown that he’s capable of progressing. Curtis was excellent in possession and looked a real threat. He has been outstanding in the Under-23s games so far this season and having that run of games has helped him. He’s got bigger, stronger and gained more experience. I think Curtis can play in two positions – left of the front three and in midfield, too. He’s possibly more Adam Lallana than Sadio Mane in terms of his approach and capabilities

I’m not saying debuts are easy to come by, because they’re not. When they come along, it’s fantastic for the boys and great for morale, but the truth is that there’s a big difference between playing a cup game like that and being chosen to play for Liverpool regularly in the Premier League or Champions League. What you hope the boys do is take the opportunity they’re given and show the manager that they can be trusted. The staff here have been around the block a few times. They understand that getting a debut is a nice start but there’s an awfully long way to go. I just think the entire club benefits from having a manager who is fearless. That certainly makes my life easier, having a manager who only really plays what he sees. If he sees a young player doing better than an older player, he will play him

2020 03 02 Retrieve

[Liverpool U23s boss Critchley leaves to take Blackpool manager’s job] It’s a bittersweet day in many respects. Obviously losing a person and professional of Neil’s calibre is something that is a disappointment, but at the same time we have great excitement and joy that he has been given this wonderful opportunity.

We see this as a reflection on the Academy as a whole, that it’s an environment where players and coaches have a pathway to progression and self-improvement. Blackpool want Neil because of the work he’s done at Liverpool and it shows to everyone within our system that if you work hard and work smart then rewards are there.

Neil epitomises the best qualities of a modern coach: leadership skills, intelligence, compassion and a hunger for individual and collective improvement. Blackpool are very fortunate to have him and we wish him well. For the U23s we are confident in the remaining coaching talent we have to make sure there is no drop-off in the interim period. This season has proved the importance of the role and, therefore, we will take advantage of having amazing people already in post to take stock and assess what to do next. Myself, Michael Edwards and Jürgen Klopp will work collaboratively on what works best for the future. Pathway is so critical to this club we want to make sure we make the best appointment we can

2020 03 18 Retrieve

[Meet Layton Stewart, Liverpool’s latest young goal machine] OK, a name. Layton Stewart. Look out for him; he can be anything he wants to be

2020 03 31 Retrieve

[Alexander-Arnold would arrive every day knowing what to expect. It was, he has since admitted, ‘sabsolutely horrible – I hated it’. He thought he wasn’t good enough to cope, yet the mental resolve it gave him was vital to his development] If he didn’t like my voice for a while, then multiply that by 60,000 Liverpool fans at a game, and another couple of million watching on TV who are going to be really honest on social media

2020 04 03 Retrieve

[How the Reds are building football’s next generation] We don’t celebrate debuts. We don’t want a player’s best moment in football to be their debut, or winning the FA Youth Cup. If that’s the highlight, then we’ve failed. The question should always be ‘what’s next?’

[An academy salary cap of £40,000 ($47,000) a year has also been implemented, although those who progress rapidly to first-team level can expect to be looked after by the club] It’s the right thing to do. I’ve seen players paid an awful lot when they’re young, and I can’t think of too many examples where they have fulfilled their potential. But I’ve seen players paid enough to live on, wages which kept them humble and hungry, those players, I have quite a long list of the ones who came through.