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Alex Scott
Gender Female
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc Few have been in more demand in recent times than former England international Alex Scott. She first made her name as a pundit on Sky Sports before also beginning to work with the BBC. She gained national fame when appearing as a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing, opening up opportunities on the One Show and Sport Relief, while also sitting alongside Chris Kamara on the Goals on Sunday sofa


Org England Women National Team
Club as Player Arsenal Ladies
  Boston Breakers

2016 08 13 Retrieve

[Arsenal Ladies and England Alex Scott reveals the secrets of her physical success in Women’s Health and hints that she might call time on her career soon] They (her brother and his friends) didn’t go soft on me because I was a girl or smaller and I had to fight for my place, which paid off because I was scouted at eight to play for Arsenal. But when I played for Boston Breakers in my early twenties, I really stepped up my training, which meant running drills until you’re sick. I’ve adopted that mentality: every day I do weights and core in the gym in the morning, and train on the field in the afternoon. And I’m strict with my diet - I include protein in every meal and snack. I’m so proud of my body and what it’s let me achieve, but I will probably hang up my boots in the near future. I want to retire on a high

2016 05 14 Retrieve

[Alex Scott previewed Arsenal’s FA Women’s Cup final against Chelsea with] I feel like I’m so blessed to have achieved the things I have done in my career and it isn’t over yet - I’m still hungry - but for me, walking out at Wembley in an Arsenal shirt, will be a very special day

2016 11 26 Retrieve

[Alex Scott ​reflects on her experience visiting Papua New Guinea for the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup] We all know it has been a challenge to host a World Cup here but there have been so many positive stories to come out of this. Seeing PNG score their first-ever goal gave us all goosebumps. Things like that remind you how beautiful football is and how you can use it so many ways to inspire

2019 10 12 Retrieve

[How much does Alex Scott earn?] People assume I went for the money but it wasn’t that, it was so I could improve in a way that wasn’t possible here. Now though you can develop your game by staying in England, you don’t have to go to America or Sweden any more. I was never motivated by money. I wanted to be an FA Cup finalist, I wanted to walk up the steps at Wembley. I wanted to win the league. I still only ever want to win trophies. No matter what happens to our game, money won’t be a motivation for me

2019 10 12b Retrieve

[Alex Scott has received a huge amount of abuse due to her gender since appearing as a pundit for men’s football games] Twitter is there for everyone to see. I think I get it (sexist abuse) every single day now. I went through a stage over Christmas when it got hard to handle. At the time I was, ‘right, I’m going to come off Twitter and move away from social media’. But then I thought that it has been my strong presence on social media that’s allowed me to connect with fans and that by coming off Twitter I was allowing them to win. So that’s when I put out a tweet saying, ‘actually, I’m not going anywhere and I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing’.

2019 10 12c Retrieve

[She has frequently spoken out about her difficult upbringing in London, and said in 2013] The enjoyment of playing football gave me a positive pathway but I could have taken a very different path. Football made me want to train and stay disciplined. It kept me away from things like drugs. Young people are faced with the temptation to stray all the time

Football was my way out and my career has taken me all over the world. I feel I am so lucky that I want to give back through football