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Name Andre-Pierre Gignac
Gender Male
Ethnic French
Job French Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org France National Team
Club as Player Tigres

2014 12 14 Retrieve

[Andre-Pierre Gignac on Zlatan Ibrahimovic] The ‘great’ will return. I have little hope of staying top scorer. When he’s back, I’m dead

2016 09 17 Retrieve

[France’s Andre-Pierre Gignac says he is still haunted by his UEFA EURO 2016 final miss] The first week afterwards was very tough. It will haunt me for the rest of my career. I thought of the joy of my team-mates, had I scored that goal in the 92nd minute. It was very difficult. Footballers or former players can understand it

2017 04 26 Retrieve

[Despite being located in South America for the last couple of years, Andre-Pierre Gignac watched Barcelona’s come-back against Paris Saint-Germain and couldn’t hide his feelings regarding the final result, as well as towards the French giants] I just hate Paris Saint-Germain, I’d rather die than sign for them. Even if PSG offered me ten times more money, I wouldn’t leave. You have no idea how I screamed at the sixth Barcelona goal in the Champions League - my wife was scared!

[Discussing his former coach at Marseille, Marcelo Bielsa, and the French national coach Didier Deschamps, he couldn’t avoid mentioning his current boss, Ricardo Ferretti] Ferretti is just as passionate as Bielsa and Deschamps, but ‘Tuca’ [Ferretti] is closer [to us]. He is in contact with the players, he jokes and Bielsa is not like that, football is everything for him. They have the same passion, but not the same way of working. Ferretti has supported me in my career and has had a lot patience with me. With each coach I learned something: Deschamps taught me the winning mentality; Bielsa the tactical; Ferretti brought everything in harmony and gave me discipline

[Talking about the motives behind his decision to join Tigres, the 31-year-old striker highlighted the fact that when he arrived in Mexico he felt like he fell in love with it] I had a good feeling from the beginning. When I discussed the move with the Tigres’ board, I felt something different. I came from a gypsy culture in France, which helped.

2017 05 30 Retrieve

[Gignac sends Twitter rant to reporter who made violence allegations] You’re a ***** liar, if I’d hit you you’d still be on the floor of the stadium, believe me. What do you want? To make people mad? Do you want to get famous? More followers on Twitter? You can’t understand a players’ sadness and anger after losing a final? You were behind me, following me, shouting at me like a product, an animal. For what? For ‘my pains’ you told me.

What did you want? Insults? A bad reaction? Oh, no. I know. You wanted an exclusive to grow as a journalist. I’m not a product, nobody tells me what I have to do or say, certainly not a journalist. What a shame I didn’t toss the bottle at you! A journalist like you is an embarrassment for the profession. I’m not perfect and I have a lot of flaws, and if I have to leave Mexico because of the press, I’ll go. I’m tired of hearing lies

2019 09 06 Retrieve

[Andre-Pierre Gignac says Karim Benzema is the best real No 9 in the world] In Toulouse, I was 23 years old and a rival [to the league’s best strikers]. I finished seven goals ahead of Karim Benzema, who was going to sign for Real Madrid at the time. It’s good for me because Karim remains the best ‘real’ number 9 in the world