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Andrei Arshavin
Gender Male
Ethnic Russian
Job Russian Footballer
Desc By the time Arshavin left Arsenal, he had become a sad imitation of the player he once was. However, in his first six months with the club, he was truly brilliant. Arshavin’s arrival rescued Arsenal’s season and helped drag them into the top four. Along the way, he scored some remarkable goals, including a four-goal haul at Anfield. He’ll also always be fondly remembered for scoring the winning goal in the 2-1 victory over Barcelona at the Emirates Stadium


Org Russia National Team
Club as Player FC Kairat
  Kuban Krasnodar
  Zenit FC
  Arsenal FC
  Zenit FC

2009 03 03 Retrieve

[New Arsenal Signing Andrey Arshavin Admits To Fitness Worries] Even before the end of the first half I felt as if I had spat my lungs out. It was a hard match for me. In the second half my legs simply refused to serve me. I am not physically strong enough yet to play the whole of the match. But I think with each coming game I play it will be easier in this sense.

[Regarding his new team-mates, the player suggested that he still needs time to be able to click with them] We do not fully understand each other yet. I need to get used to the new kind of football and to my new team-mates before I begin playing my usual way

2009 12 24 Retrieve

[Arsenal’s Andrey Arshavin admits Premier League Is Difficult] I expected before I moved to England, if you are a good player if you play for a big team it is easier. But even if you play against Burnley or Wolverhampton [Wanderers], it is not easy - you don’t have time to turn or do any dribbling, if you get two touches you’re lucky

[The Gunner feels that consistency is key for his side to remain in the hunt for the league title] We have had some chances to be very close to the top but we have not taken them so I am a little disappointed. But now if we win games in hand we are still in the race but at the same time we cannot lose more points

2010 02 10 Retrieve

[Why a weary and wounded Andrey Arshavin could struggle to be Liverpool’s tormentor this time] With my knock at the moment I’m trying my best and after each kick I am feeling pain, but I still train every day. I’ve had a few other injuries.

[It’s also the mental strain of working alongside team-mates that technically just aren’t his equal. He had already cracked after the Manchester United defeat, his frustration spilling over in an interview when he said] Third place is where we stand today, and that is already a great success for Arsenal when you take into account the class of our eleven players. Of course, we try to win every match, but class is class

If Arsenal want to become champions, how can they select Arshavin as centre forward? I am 173cm and it suits me, but next to the big centre-halves of United it is very difficult to fight for the ball, especially in the air

2010 04 02 Retrieve

[Arsenal star Andrey Arshavin admits his season could be over] I pulled my calf muscle and, it seems, tore it. If the scan confirms the initial diagnosis, as seems most likely, I’ll be out for a long time. At best I’ll be back in three weeks, at worst I won’t play again this season at all.

[William] Gallas suffered a similar injury. He was treated for three weeks in England and then three more in France. He only just recovered, played against Barcelona, and is now out of action again. We didn’t play the way we wanted and now I’ve got myself into this mess. I could have easily missed the game because of pain in my groin, but I gave it a go. But fate, it seems, was against me playing Barcelona

Our rivals also have absentees - for example, Wayne Rooney is out. A lot will depend on what happens when Manchester United and Chelsea play each other on Saturday. I hope for a draw. Then we would be trailing by two points and one point, respectively. If Chelsea win it will be one and three. If Manchester United win, making up four points on [Sir Alex] Ferguson’s team would be extremely difficult. And in the long run there is no difference between second place and third

2010 04 21 Retrieve

[Robin Van Persie’s Return Came Too Late To Save Arsenal’s Season] Unfortunately it [Van Persie’s return] is slightly too late to win a trophy. Some of Robin’s shots were difficult to save but Gomes has done it. It helped Tottenham to beat us for the first time in 11 years [in the Premier League]. He had a big impact last season and he has done well before his injury, so he is showing his quality. It would be easier for us [if we had not had the injuries]. I cannot say we would be champions but it would be easier for us

[He admits that it has been frustrating watching his team-mates in action and has targeted the game against Manchester City as a possible return] It was a shame for me. I was watching as my team was losing but it was a shame because I could not help my team-mates. I am recovering and I hope to be back for [Saturday’s home game against] Manchester City. This season has been tough, tight, sometimes it was even difficult for me and my team but in general it was not bad. Hopefully we will win the last three games. We have got a lot of goals at the end of the games, we managed to do some comebacks and we have to use that spirit next season. We can fight again next season

2011 06 11 Retrieve

[Andrei Arshavin on Fabregas’s little gifts] Before leaving on vacation, Fabregas gave little gifts to each player and I asked him, ‘What is this? A parting gift?’ He said nothing. It says there is something behind this silence

2011 09 05 Retrieve

[Andrey Arshavin rues the loss of ‘irreplaceable’ Fabregas & Nasri with Arsenal facing a fight against ‘intimidating’ Manchester clubs and Chelsea] The loss of Fabregas and Nasri is very significant. When sitting on the bench during the Udinese game, I told Bendtner that we have no players who can feed van Persie or use the strong sides of other forwards. Bendtner said that only Xavi could have replaced Cesc. I’m glad I had the opportunity to play with such a great footballer. Some are irreplaceable.

[With Arteta and other players in his position, we will play different football from that of Cesc and Samir period] It’s difficult to say whether Arsenal can fight with the Manchester clubs and Chelsea, but those teams look very intimidating

[Arshavin also praised new colleague Per Mertesacker but admitted to knowing nothing about defender Andre Santos, who joined the club from Fenerbahce] I know Mertesacker, he is a good defender, and he will help us. I don’t know anything about Andre Santos apart from that he is a Brazilian international. We could use another defensive midfielder, but unfortunately the bid for Yann M’Vila [the France and Rennes midfielder] didn’t work out. It will be interesting to play Dortmund in the Champions League. I’ve seen them play against Hamburg, and Gotze is amazing. That will make it a more curious game

2016 02 18 Retrieve

[Quotes on Paul Gascoigne] I liked Paul Gascoigne a lot. He was an extraordinary person both on and outside the pitch. He always remained his own self which in my opinion is of utmost importance in every man’s life

2018 05 02 Retrieve

[The former Arsenal and Russia star feels his playing days are coming to an end but he hopes to stay in the game once he hangs up his boots] I think the end of my career will come very soon, it’s near. I am not yet tired of football, it is my favourite thing in life. I would like to stay within the game. We’ll see how life goes. The thought sometimes frightens me, but that feeling passes and everything is fine for a while, and then I’m frightened again. I think it is a hard point in the life of any footballer, because you have to completely change your life, and you can’t know what is going to come next

2018 05 05 Retrieve

[Andrei Arshavin speaks about his imminent retirement from the game] I think the end of my career will come very soon, it’s near. I am not yet tired of football, it is my favourite thing in life. I would like to stay within the game. We’ll see how life goes. The thought sometimes frightens me, but that feeling passes and everything is fine for a while, and then I’m frightened again. I think it is a hard point in the life of any footballer, because you have to completely change your life, and you can’t know what is going to come next

2019 08 22 Retrieve

[Andrey Arshavin says Unai Emery is not in a good position] It’s difficult to replace a guy who managed the team for more than 20 years. Unai Emery is not in a good position I would say. But I would say the first year was not bad. He is building the team and he needs time. I hope he does well. I think the realistic target is to be in the top four because Manchester City and Liverpool are very strong. They are contenders for the title

[Any visit to Anfield conjures up memories of Arshavin’s most famous outing for the Gunners, with the Russian having netted four times in a thrilling 4-4 draw with the Reds back in April 2009] For me it was a regular game - nothing special. I did not feel anything special before the game. When I came out onto the pitch and was warming up, I thought ‘we will not lose today’. That was the only thing I knew before the game. Of course I could not imagine before that game that I would score four goals. If you look at the stats, it was my best game. But in terms of playing style, I had some other games that were much better

2020 03 31 Retrieve

[Andrey Arshavin says Mesut Ozil is world class, but he has no future at Arsenal] As a player, of course, I respect him. Mesut is a world-class player. But for me personally he slows down the game. I would prefer to use another player. Mikel, as we can see, is the opposite and plays him a lot. He has improved his game at Arsenal but still, in the future, I do not see him there

For me, Arsenal’s squad is not balanced. Offensively-wise they are very good and in attack, they play very pretty football. It’s good to watch. But defensively - even in my period - Arsenal is weak. Sometimes that is down to injuries and sometimes they don’t have enough experience but I don’t know why this doesn’t change

Regarding Arteta, it was a good choice because he has spent time at Arsenal and knows the club well. He worked next to Arsene and can take good experience from him. He also has the respect of the club and players. And since he has taken over at Arsenal they have changed: not too much but in a good way. But it is difficult to predict if Arsenal can finish in the Champions League zone, especially in the time we’re in now

2020 04 01 Retrieve

[Andrey Arshavin makes huge Nicolas Pepe claim and Arsenal wonderkid tipped to star] As a player of course I respect him. Mesut is a world class player.

[Former Arsenal attacker Andrey Arshavin has backed Nicolas Pépé to become] one of the biggest stars in the Premier League. He is very quick and a good finisher. He will be huge

2020 04 05 Retrieve

[Andrei Arshavin believes a lack of tall players in the Arsenal squad puts the club at a distinct disadvantage when compared with their Premier League rivals] The fact that we have lost against our direct rivals this season signifies that we are not very good. We are not very good on set pieces because we don’t have many tall players - every other team has an advantage over us in this area.

[Reflecting on Arsenal’s loss to Chelsea last weekend] They were much stronger than us when it came to physical power. Had we possessed a tall player then things would have been better for us. We had nobody capable of holding on to the ball.

[We played good football against all these top teams but that is not enough]

[Arshavin believes it is down to manager Arsene Wenger to resolve the club’s problemss] What we can change only Arsene Wenger knows. He has been at the club for 13 years and knows the problems better than anyone. All the Arsenal players are behind him - and if he leaves they will all leave. It would be good if the club could sign some great players. It is up to the manager whether he will sign a new striker in January - I have my own ideas but I won’t say what they are