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Name Andrei Kartapolov
Gender Male
Ethnic Russian
Job Russian Politician
  Russian Deputy Minister of Defense
  Russian Deputy Minister
Desc xxxx


Political Party United Russia

2018 09 20 Retrieve

[Putin’s Ideology Being Established in the Armed Forces] There is an urgent need to counter the lies and slander that targeted Russia … All this changes the political consciousness of society, which in modern conditions can lead to very serious consequences. The example of some of our neighboring countries is clearly seen

Our ideology should be based, firstly, on the history of the Motherland and its people, and secondly, on historical and cultural traditions

What is happening now in Syria can be considered another act of war for control over the Lord’s crèche. The Revival of the Russian state, as we see, continues through the revival of the Orthodox faith

The ideology that is now emerging before our eyes will first be tested in the army. If, later, it will be in demand by the state, we will be happy [to see that].

2018 11 11 Retrieve

[Russia’s Next Weapon is a church] The new church will be one more example of the people’s unity around the idea of patriotism, love, and devotion to our Motherland

2019 06 21 Retrieve

Internet projects of the American special services, such as … Metal Gear and RuNet Echo are aimed at direct manipulation of the public consciousness, especially among the youth