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Name Branislav Ivanovic
Gender Male
Ethnic Serbian
Job Serbian Footballer
Desc Has an argument to be the best right-back in the league’s history: Tougher and stronger than most, with a tremendous appetite to attack - chipping in with 34 goals and 34 assists in his time in London. A threat in the opposition’s penalty area and with the positional nous at the back due to his versatility to play inside at centre-back. Everything you would want and more from a right-back


Org Serbia National Team
Club as Player Zenit St Petersburg
  Chelsea FC


Agent Vlado Borozan

2009 01 29 Retrieve

[Chelsea’s Ivanovic To Decide Future Tomorrow] Tomorrow is the decisive day

2017 02 01 Retrieve

[It was Chelsea’s £30 million flop, Andriy Shevchenko, who helped him through those tough early months as he soon got to grips with life in London and the Premier League] I can’t forget what Andriy did. He really helped me. He tried to give me confidence. He told me about the style of play in England, what I had to do as a defender and where I could improve

2017 02 01b Retrieve

[Ivanovic leaves Chelsea to join Zenit] I can say I’m very happy to come here, and to be at a big club like Zenit, I hope together we’ll have success. I had a very big hope to come back to Russia and to play here. I am motivated and I think that I can play for many more seasons at the top level. I can say that I am excited to be here and everything went smoothly. I am happy just to play. I am happy in the centre or on the right. That’s probably a question for the manager but I am happy to play in any position

2018 11 26 Retrieve

[Ivanovic refuses to rule out Barcelona move] I am pleased with everything at Zenit. But in football, you never know what will happen tomorrow. Now I’m giving everything to Zenit and preparing for the next game

2019 09 26 Retrieve

[Ivanovic says Chelsea can be the best again, but they need Abramovich back at Stamford Bridge] This is a new Chelsea team. The club didn’t have the perfect season last year, but still finished third.

Chelsea need Roman Abramovich back. That’s the most important thing for all the fans. We want to see him at Stamford Bridge, then Chelsea will be among the best teams in Europe once again.

He’s been one of the most important people in my career, and I appreciate everything he’s done for me. Whenever I had a difficult moment at Chelsea, he always believed in me. I owe him a lot.

[His former manager Jose Mourinho later referred to him as one of the club’s best ever signings, a compliment he took with pleasure] When the greatest manager in Chelsea history, and one of the best managers ever, says that, it means a lot. I’m lucky I had the opportunity to work with him. Chelsea was the best part of my career and a massive part of my life. I was so happy in London and am proud to have been there for such a long time

[Ivanovic understood his struggles – and thinks the culture shock played a part in the frosty relationship between manager and fanbase] I’m not saying he struggled because he was a new manager in a new country, but it’s so difficult to learn, adapt and understand English football. Everyone who comes to England has difficulties at the start. It’s hard for the players to adapt and react to a new coach, too

2019 11 30 Retrieve

[Branislav Ivanovic reflects on getting to befriend one of his idols in Andriy Shevchenko] When I was young I was part of the Sheva generation. He was one of my idols, one of my favourite players. When I came to Chelsea, met him and saw what a good person he is, I was obsessed with him. Because of the language, he was next to me all the time. I learned everything from him, every training session and even off the pitch. He couldn’t play on that level in England and when I arrived he was already near the end of his career. I was so happy to have an opportunity in life to be his friend