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Name Bruno Xavier
Gender Male
Ethnic Brazilian
Job Brazilian Footballer
  Brazilian Captain
Desc xxxx


Org Brazil Beach Soccer National Team
Club as Player xxxx

2017 05 13 Retrieve

[Bruno Xavier after leading his country to their fifth FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup title in the Bahamas on Sunday, ending an eight-year drought for the South American nation] We are more than a group of players, of men, we are a team that gave life to the idea of winning this title to honour the name of our country. We are Brazil, we are five-time champions of the world, I am very happy that we can take that conquest back to our country

2019 05 09 Retrieve

[Bruno Xavier says Brazil’s biggest rival is Brazil] When I was a kid, there was a beach soccer pitch in front of our home. Every day, me and my brothers would get up at six o’clock and go and play. I’d play until ten to seven, get a really quick shower, and rush to get to school for seven

Because I was the youngest of four brothers, they would say to me, ‘The only way you’re playing with us is if you go in goal’. So, I’d play in goal with my brothers, and then outfield with my friends.

I began to enjoy playing in goal and I had ability. I would play futsal, football in goal. My dad was the coach of [an 11-a-side] team, and I began to play for them. It was an amateur team, but I started to receive offers from the professional clubs in Espirito Santo. But at 1.79m, I knew I was too small.

Then I got asked to be the third-choice goalkeeper for a beach soccer team. One day we had only ten players for a training match – seven outfield players and three goalkeepers. I asked the coach if I could play outfield and he said, ‘Bruno, I’m not letting you mess up my work.’ But I pleaded with him and in the end, he gave in.

Duda, who played for Brazil at the time, was watching and said to me, ‘What on earth are you doing in goal? Next year you’re playing outfield alongside me.’ Before I knew it, I was playing as an outfield player in Italy and for the Seleção.

[Bruno became the ninth player to score 200 goals for Brazil as they rounded off their cruise into November’s FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup] I’m not the type of guy who’s bothered about landmarks, records. I absolutely love what I do. I love beach soccer. I love playing, inspiring youngsters, bringing happiness to fans. But I really liked the [commemorative] shirt they gave me, because it’s good to be part of beach soccer history

With the utmost humility, our biggest adversary is Brazil. We know that whatever crisis we encounter in a game, we are good players, we have trained very hard, and we can overcome it. Nobody trains harder than us. We have a top coach who’s very intelligent. We know that we can beat any team

The biggest shock in the beach soccer world right now is that Iran will not play at the World Cup. They have great individuals, they won [the Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup] in Dubai, but I believe they went into the qualifiers thinking they were too good and ended up losing.

We discuss this a lot. We’re good, but we’re good because we’re humble, we work really hard, and we understand that every one of us will have difficulties on the pitch.

As long as we put this into practice, Brazil are unbeatable

[That’s not to say that Bruno Xavier believes there’s a lack of talent outside Brazil] There are a lot of incredible players nowadays. Ozu [Moreira] of Japan. He’s really strong physically, a great finisher, and decisive. Jordan [Santos] of Portugal, who’s very complete. Be Martins, [Gabriele] Gori, [Dmitrii] Shishin.

Llorenc [Gomez], the best player in the world. He’s a great finisher, scores spectacular bicycle-kicks. He’s really hard to stop.

Dejan Stankovic sees the game like only few can. He’s very intelligent, has already won the Golden Ball at the World Cup. He creates a lot of goals and is a finisher. He would fit into any team. Switzerland also have [Noel] Ott, who’s another top player.

But Brazil have the best team. With the utmost humility, and all the respect to the other national teams, Brazil’s biggest rival is Brazil

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